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Quote1.png Let's get the scene, ASAP! Quote2.png
―Almond Cookie

Almond Cookie is an Epic Cookie released on March 17th, 2021. He is a Support Cookie who is automatically sent to the Rear of the team unless there are already two Cookies occupying it.

He has a Bond with Latte Cookie and Cream Puff Cookie called On a Graduation Day.

His unique Cookie Decor is the Almond St. 8, Phone Booth, located in the Parfaedia Fantasy set.


Pristine coat. Perfect shirt. Combed hair. He always starts his day fresh, prim, and proper. But it never lasts long...After being dispatched to spells gone awry from alley to alley, it looks as if Almond Cookie has been on the job for days on end without a single break. If it isn't an enchanted grimoire moving on its own, it's some magical cauldron spewing Jellies without pause. Despite the chaos on the scene, the veteran detective solves each case by the book with pinpoint precision. The almonds in his dough give him a hardy, rough and tough crisp that can withstand just about anything thrown at him, but he's overworked to the point that his dough no longer contains the rich scent of almonds. "Can't even get a coffee break," he sighs as another magical mishap needs his attention. With his coat fluttering in the wind, Almond Cookie looks upon his city and vows to keep going at it until he can finally relax with a decent coffee.


Almond Handcuffs
Cookie0517 skill.png Uses magical handcuffs to apprehend the enemy with the lowest max HP and apply the Damage Link Debuff, which disperses a portion of damage the apprehended enemy receives between up to five linked enemies (cannot be applied to summoned creatures). Cannot be interrupted.
Damage Link: ()%

Duration: 3.0 sec



  • I need a clean-up team here, stat.


  • Let's start from the beginning.


  • I'm on my break... What's up?
  • Another incident? Welp, I'm heading out.
  • A magical incident, eh? Let's go.
  • My handcuffs are inescapable, pal.
  • Was that dispatch? No...? Phew...
  • Detective Almond Cookie, Magical Emergency Handling.
  • Preserve the scene until I get there!
  • Magic City... Never a dull moment.
  • You're coming with me.
  • So where's the scene?
  • I don't remember the last time I had a proper lunch.

Selection Menu

  • No one can escape my almond handcuffs.
  • I need a clean-up team here, stat.
  • Why are wizards always so curious...
  • Another incident? Where?!
  • Can't go soft because of these incidents...
  • Let's get the scene, ASAP!
  • Wizards love knowledge... You'll learn what that means.
  • Another incident? And I was just about to eat lunch...
  • Let me finish this coffee first...
  • You're under arrest for improper use of magic.


  • This'll be quick.
  • On-scene and ready!
  • Let's stay calm!
  • I'm not too late, am I?
  • On the double!

Level Up

  • The alarm?! Time to move out!
  • I'm gonna grab some coffee.
  • Magical incidents need to be cleaned up quick.
  • Wonder if I'll get some sleep tonight...
  • I'm gonna grab some grub.
  • Maybe now I'll have time for lunch...
  • Behind the scenes, there're many hard-working Cookies.
  • Let's take a quick breather...


  • You have the right to remain silent!


  • I'm getting too old for this...
  • I need a vacation...
  • All that running around served well.
  • Trust is vital in the field, partner.
  • My wits are all I need.


  • Scene's clean. Time to roll out!
  • Well ain't this a competent team?
  • Good work, all.


  • I'm all outta coffee.
  • Ain't got time for this...
  • We gotta tighten this ship up.


  • We need to get it done quick.


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