Angel Cookie's Kind Challenge is a limited-time event where players complete missions by only using Angel Cookie. The challenge is present as players are not allowed to use other cookie to achieve high scores, coins, and others. The event ran for the second time from June 5 to June 11. This is the first time an event featuring a specific Cookie was released twice (the first event was released in March 2015) and the second time such an event gave Ingredients as prizes for completing challenges. The ingredients given by the second challenge are those required to evolve Angel Cookie's Holy Feather. A newsletter was released along with the second challenge, encouraging players to evolve their Angel Cookie's Holy Feather into Angel Cookie's Rainbow Feather.

Similar to Brave Cookie's Brave Challenge, players can use any pet and treasure combination. Boosts are allowed except for Cookie Relay. Missions cannot be completed in Ghost Pirate's Island of Coins.

In a nutshell... Edit

There are 40 missions to complete, but many of them can be completed in a single run. Most of the challenges are an accumulation of the previous challenge, which means if players achieve 25M score in one run, they are able to entitle all the rewards prior to the 25M score, including 500K, 1M, 5M, 8M, 10M, 14M, 17M, and 20M score rewards. Therefore, to summarize, here are ten missions that player can focus on to achieve everything.

Pet Treasures Boosts
Mr. Fa-Sol-La-Si Boatman's Burning Gold SwordWonder DonutGold Medal of Luxury Double Coins

Episode 1 is an inevitably ultimate place for coin producing, there are many alternatives of reaching Coin 00120,000. Some of them are Coin Scale, coin flower treasures, and also coin bonus treasures. In the alternative shown above, Mr. Fa-Sol-La-Si will help you reaching the last stage and third mystery box. Treasures will avoid using coin flower in case you don't have. However, it will help you reach 3 fall in holes, saved by Wonder Donut. You'll also reach at least two Bonus Times, but if you're lucky you might have your third or fourth.

Pet Treasures Boosts
Magic Pod Supremely Yummy Monster MuffinWonder DonutHeavenly Sweet Donuts Fast Start

Episode 2 consists of three goals, reaching three Bonus Times with Magic Pod and 6 revives with treasures. Revives are important feature because it will help Angel Cookie dies in seventh stage.

Pet Treasures Boosts
Spotlight Fan Supremely Yummy Monster MuffinSupremely Yummy Monster MuffinWonder Donut Energy Drains 25% Slower

Episode 3 are focused on reaching the sixth stage, and it's extremely easy if you combine it with random boost "Energy Drains 25% Slower". The pet and treasures will allows you doing so much mistakes of hitting obstacles and falling into holes, which will re-assure you will get your 6 revives or 3 fall into holes.

Pet Treasures Boosts
Foxy Bead Supremely Yummy Monster MuffinSupremely Yummy Monster MuffinExtra Topping Nightsky Crepe Energy Drains 25% Slower

Episode 4 will close all remaining goals you haven't reached: reaching seventh stage and 70M points. The boost and Supremely Yummy Monster Muffin will help you on making energy drains slower while the Extra Topping Nightsky Crepe will give you points bonus. An alternative to the Crepe is Rainbow Black Hole Drink. You can also rather using 15% Points Bonus but ensuring all treasures are slowing the energy drain.

List of Mission GoalsEdit

Mission Goal Reward
300K pts achieved Shiny Snail's Shell
500K pts achieved 1 Fast Start
1M pts achieved MP 100
1.5M pts achieved 3 Double XP
2M pts achieved 1 Cookie Relay
4M pts achieved Coin 001 4000
7M pts achieved 4 Power Jellies Boost
10M pts achieved 4 Energy Boost
15M pts achieved Coin 001 5000
20M pts achieved 5 Double XP
30M pts achieved 2 Fast Start
45M pts achieved 5 Energy Boost
70M pts achieved MP 500
1000 Coins collected 3 Double XP
2000 Coins collected 3 Energy Boost
3000 Coins collected Coin 001 4000
5000 Coins collected 1 Cookie Relay
7000 Coins collected 5 Power Jellies Boosts
10000 Coins collected Coin 001 5000
12000 Coins collected 2 Fast Starts
16000 Coins collected 5 Double XPs
20000 Coins collected MP 400
Fall into a hole 3 times 3 Double XPs
Collect 3 Mystery Boxes Coin 001 4500
Revive 2 times 1 Cookie Relay
Revive 6 times Coin 001 6000
Fall into holes 3 times 3 Energy Boosts
Enter Bonus Time 3 times 5 Power Jellies Boosts
Reach Stage 5 in Episode 1 Coin 001 3000
Reach Stage 7 in Episode 1 Coin 001 5000
Reach Stage 9 in Episode 1 5 Double XPs
Reach Stage 11 in Episode 1 MP 200
Reach Stage 5 in Episode 2 Coin 001 6000
Reach Stage 6 in Episode 2 1 Cookie Relay
Reach Stage 7 in Episode 2 MP 300
Reach Stage 4 in Episode 3 3 Double XP
Reach Stage 5 in Episode 3 Coin 001 7000
Reach Stage 6 in Episode 3 MP 500 Magic Powders
Reach Stage 5 in Episode 4 Coin 001 6000
Reach Stage 6 in Episode 4 2 Fast Starts
Reach Stage 7 in Episode 4 MP 500

For finishing certain amount of mission goals above, you will get the bonuses below. Mission goals can be cleared in any order.

Bonus Mission Goal Reward
8 Missions CookieRunCrystal 10
16 Missions Glistening Rainbow Shard
24 Missions Moonlight Evening Primrose
32 Missions CookieRunCrystal 10
40 Missions CookieRunCrystal 10

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