Last updated: July 21st, 2016
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This guide was originally created during Cookie Run: New World era. It is apparent that the guide stated in most of the sections are outdated.
Wrath of the Dragon splash screen
Oh hello there! I see you've just downloaded Cookie Run to your device!

Let me tell you something. Cookie Run is not just a game you can casually play. It will take a very long time and a solid determination to dominate you from the rest of the players! Everyone starts from the beginning like you too, and it took quite some time to rank up. Since you're new here, let's get started. You may want to read the article Cookie Run first before delving into the game much further.

What is Cookie Run? Edit

Main article: Cookie Run
If you already know about this, then you can just skip to the next section.
Brave Cookie
Cookie Run is a platformer game made by Devsisters in Korea. Released January 23, 2014, it was once the most played LINE game around the world (Especially in Asian countries like Japan, Thailand, and Indonesia) before being replaced by another LINE game. Speaking of LINE, Cookie Run is a social game made specifically for LINE, a social chatting platform from Japan. It functions similar to Facebook, which allows the game to identify which of your friends are also playing, and puts them into the leaderboard. This game depends heavily on friends, so it's a good thing to add people here.

Besides LINE, Cookie Run also has its version in KakaoTalk, which is limited to Korea only. There, the game is much more advanced and updated, measuring up to 5 months more advanced than our version in LINE, so don't be surprised that players can get content that haven't even come to the game yet. It's most probably the Kakao version of the game. For now, we'll focus on the LINE version, which is why you and I are here.

You'll also need to know that Cookie Run has undergone several major changes from Season 1 to Season 5 (current). Each time a season changes, all of the strategies needs to be revamped, as one can render the older ones obsolete. It also raises the standard of the score. Each of the new releases may be possible for users to break the highest record possible. For example, when Vampire Cookie came out on Season 3, the highest record set raised from 60 million to 75 million.

There are three things that affects gameplay.


Main article: Cookies

Cookies are the character that you are going to play. Their ability can be ranked from C to L. Just focus on S and L-rank cookies. Don't bother looking at the others, well, except Buttercream Choco Cookie.


Main article: Pets

Pets are the creature that accompany you during your run. Aww, How cute! Their ability can also be ranked from C to L. Again, just focus on the S-rank pet, and forget the rest. To get them, you'll need 20 crystals to get just ONE S-rank pet. What? Too expensive? We'll tell you how to get easy crystals for you later in this section.


Main article: Treasures

Now this is the main attraction of the game. Treasures are the three tools that you can equip during your run. Although its effects are not too huge, this could be a game changer. At first, you can only have one slot of treasure, but as time goes by, more can be unlocked.

Their ability, as usual, can be ranked from C to S. Just focus on the S-ranked treasure to help you run your best. There are also Power+ treasures that can help you gain items everyday. Sweet, right?

Treasures are the place for you to spend majority of your crystals in.

There are also two currencies that will affect you as you develop your account, so pay attention.


Main article: Coin

Coins are the main currency of the game. You can use coins to spend on upgrades like upgrading Cookies, Health, Jellies, Pets, and Treasures. You can also use them to buy boosts like Double XP, Cookie Relay, and even Random Boost, which we will discuss later too in the guide. You can easily collect them in-game and in rewards.


Main article: Crystal
Crystal 001

Now this is the valuable currency in the game. Like all freemium games, Crystals are the currency that you can't get in-game easily. The only way to get it is by logging in everyday and completing events. We will discuss in generating more crystals again later in this guide. With our guide, you can get at least 20 crystals per day! Feeling excited? Hope you do!

There are also lots of other stuff like Magic Powder and Mystic Gems, but let's discuss it on another day.

Now let's get to the cash-free guide to dominate Cookie Run!

Chapter 1: Help! I'm new! What to do? Edit

Hey! I see you just got yourself a new account, played the tutorial, and you are ready to roll! At the very beginning you will see you have Coin 001 10,000 and CookieRunCrystal 1 only. Doesn't sound much right? Here's what you should first do:

Add as many friends!

Main article: Add Your LINE ID here!

Leaderboards feeling empty? Worry not! You can add as many people here in our forum for you to compete on scores. You can also leave your LINE ID too in the forum.

In addition to all of the LINE ID in the forum, you should add people who NEVER played Cookie Run before. Add up to 50 people, as they will be useful in the next two steps.

Send them lives!

Cookie Run Season 1 Home

The leaderboard, back in Season 1

Now your leaderboard is filled with people! Congrats! That's your target objective to beat later on! For now, let's send them lives so that they can send lives back to you. It's ok. They are very dedicated people too, and they will gladly accept lives for you so you don't need to feel bothersome to send them. You can send them lives by tapping the mail icon on the right of each player on the leaderboard in the main lobby. Be sure to send all!

Invite Friends
Above your Cookies and Pet in the main lobby there is a button called "Invite Event". Click that, and invite as many friends as you can, providing that you have already add them and they have never played before. You will receive a lot of stuff, including a Free Extra Rare Egg (that usually costs you CookieRunCrystal 20, free Zombie Cookie, free Gold Drop pet, a free and powerful Muay Thai Cookie, and you will get another CookieRunCrystal 100!

Log into the game for the first time and you'll obtain 100 crystals for free! However, this is only 27th July 2016, so do log in soon!

Your Crystal Count should be CookieRunCrystal 101 right now (201 if you start playing the game before 27th July), so make sure you save it up first for 2 cookies, which are Adventurer Cookie and Angel Cookie!

If you don't have many friends to invite, invite these accounts here. Since there have been many complaints that the Ghost IDs have been mostly filled up, here is another option: Add random IDs in the Disney Tsum Tsum wiki, or you can come up with some random LINE IDs before you add those random people and send them an invitation to play Cookie Run. Of course, that might annoy people, but 1 season usually lasts for 6 months or more, so they will forget all about it before you feel like you are annoying those random people again.

Buy Adventurer Cookie

Adventurer Cookie

Realistically speaking, Adventurer Cookie is a very easy cookie to unlock: Just add 200 friends and you'll be able to buy him with coins! However, for those who are playing using a guest account or who do not want to add strangers, Adventurer Cookie is your best coin-farming cookie in the new season! Why? His Hidden Ruins have been revamped to become Coin Ruins, where there are coins everywhere in the ruins! Sounds like a good deal, right? He will take CookieRunCrystal 119 away.

Buy Angel Cookie

Angel Cookie

Angel Cookie is also a very important cookie, especially for beginners. Not because of its ability to attract items in game, but the main focus here is its treasure, Angel Cookie's Holy Feather, which can attract items in game using other cookie as well! This is by far the most popular treasure for everyone, from beginners to veterans alike. That treasure is also a huge game changer in score, allowing you to compete against higher scoring folk. Unless you want to wait to reach Level 30, you should also buy it with crystals. It'll take CookieRunCrystal 99 of your crystals away.

The objective here is to upgrade Angel Cookie to level 8, but you don't have the coins yet to upgrade it to get its treasure.

Play a game
Just play a game using any cookie that you have bought. While familiarizing with the game, your objective here is to get 180,000 points, which is fairly easy. Once you completed a game, you should have unlocked several cookies to be purchased through coins. Now you can move to the next step.

Buy Buttercream Choco Cookie

Buttercream Choco Cookie

He will multiply the amount of coins for you to farm coins later on. The objective here is not to instantly give you setups to generate the most points, but let's start with the basics. You will need coins to purchase stronger cookies, so we focus first on coin generating setup. You can easily buy him for Coin 001 13,500, which I'm pretty sure you have that much coins as of right now.

Let's start farming coins!

Cookie Relay Pet Treasures Random Boost
Adventurer Cookie Buttercream Choco Cookie Gold Drop None Boost12

Now, let's start with what we have! Now what is a relay? A relay cookie is a cookie that will help you continue the run when the main cookie went down. You can select the relay on the Cookie select screen on the upper left corner. You can purchase this for Coin 001 3,000 (One time use). Since Buttercream Choco Cookie will grant back 25% of the coins collected in game, it was worth the investment.

Now, on the bottom right side of the set-up page, there is an item that lets you roll for a Random Boost. A random boost is an extra ability for you to play during that run. It functions only once per run, and it's a wager. Initially, you can purchase a random boost for Coin 001 1,200, but if you don't want the boost, you can re-buy and exchange the boost for Coin 001 600. Re-buy until you get Double Coins at hand.

Once you're set, click play, and play away. Play on Episode 1. Don't go anywhere yet!

You're playing first as Adventurer Cookie. Since this is your early attempt, try to familiarize with the game and avoid hitting obstacles and fall into holes (unless they are marked with a yellow light). Hitting obstacles costs you 40 health points, and falling into holes instantly ends the game. While playing, you will see coins appearing everywhere, so be sure to take them, especially the Gold coins, which is worth 10 coins, and the GIANT coins, which is worth a whopping 100 coins. Ignore the rest of the jellies and just take coins for now.

Also don't forget. Gold Drop's coin is also worth 100 coins, so don't ever miss that coin!

At the end, the energy runs out, and you will have to summon your relay cookie, the Buttercream Choco Cookie. He has no in-game ability, unlike Adventurer Cookie, but you should collect more coins in front of you. Run until he is also exhausted or until you've fallen into a hole. Although his role is to give you coin bonus (5% to 25%), his run can give you slightly more coins.

Once you're done, you'll see your score, coins, and XP. Don't bother about your score. What you should focus on are the coins. These are your ticket to purchase stronger cookies thereafter and dominate the game, so be patient.

Before moving on, here's some things you should remember everyday.

Receive Lives from Friends

Mail Box

The Mailbox is also the place for you to receive lives.

Have you done what I told you to send them lives? Chances are, they are sending them back to you already! Be sure to check out regularly on the bottom right of the leaderboard. You will see a mail icon with a heart that tells you how many lives you can claim. Click there and click "Send and Receive All" at the top of the page. You will then be sending lives back to them and receive yours. See how this works? It started off a chain reaction, where you can get more hearts from them later on in the game! Just make sure you don't do it frequently, as you are only able to send them 1 lives every hour per person. Leave it be, and check it out again in 1 hour or 1 day.

Open your Gifts Lucky Draw

Main Article: Gift Points

Gift Points are another way to reward you for playing, by spending your coins, by sending lives, invites, et cetera. For every 100 Gift Points, you will get a chance to open one of the five presents offered. You can start by tapping the gift progress bar in the bottom of the leaderboard. Select Gifts Lucky Draw, pick one present, and you will get your reward. From your invites and sending lives, you can get TONS of Gift Points for you to collect and open some more Gifts Lucky Draw. You can receive rewards from just coins to free pets and cookies! Be sure to check back once you collected enough points to open up again!

Just remember that statistically, every 100 Gifts Lucky Draws, it is estimated that you can get Coin 001 200,000, so it's a pretty good short cut to gain additional coins!

In summary...
Wow. You've gone a pretty good way to start the game! Way to go! I assure you, this is the best way to level up fast in Cookie Run. Before leaving Chapter 1, make sure to do these daily:

  • Send and receive your friends lives
  • Farm Coins
  • Open Gifts Lucky Draw (every GP 100 collected)

Okay! Great! You've settled the game and ready to embark on Chapter 2!

Chapter 2: Increasing your Coin Value per play! Edit

You're set to generate coins, but oh no, you can only generate that much coins, do you? Wish you can collect more? Now here's some of the things you should spend those coins you get to. You can do it in any order, but you should read the function of each, and you can choose on your own which you would like to do first.

Remember that you will need extensive time to farm those coins. It's for your own good to run faster.

Upgrade Buttercream Choco Cookie to Lv8
Your relay Cookie starts with 5% Coin bonus. That's not a huge multiplier though. We can increase this, however, by upgrading him. You should focus on him first, since his upgrade cost is relatively low, compared to Angel Cookie and Adventurer Cookie. Once you've upgraded him to his maximum level, you'll receive a free treasure, Buttercream Choco Cookie's Butter. Hey! Extra 3% Coin! You should equip this instantly in your treasure equip page.

Upgrade your health!

Main article: Energy Boost
Upgrade Screen

The upgrade screen allows you to upgrade your Health, Jelly, Bonus Time, as well as equipping Cookie Relay and buying Random Boost.

Health allows you to run further, making the cookie last longer in game. There are 60 levels offered for you to use, and you're starting at level 1. Upgrade as necessary. I would advise you to upgrade until you can reach the final stage of episode 1. You will know you've reached the final stage when you hear the theme song change. In addition, you will unlock the second stage, the Primeval Jungle! Congrats! From there, you should spend your coins on other places. It's your call, but you can upgrade your energy to Lv60 if you like. It's a long-term investment after all.

Upgrade your Bonus Time!

Main article: Bonus Time

Bonus Time is also a great way to get additional coins. Upgrading it will make your Bonus Time journey longer. There are 60 levels, but you should upgrade it to level 30, as upgrades above level 30 is just increasing the score multiplier in Bonus Time. You don't need that for now.

You should not upgrade your jelly unless you're bored with the blue small bean and wanted a different color or shape. I wouldn't advise you to upgrade above level 20 for now.

Upgrade Angel Cookie to Lv8
Again, we know what our objective here is. We wanted the treasure, Angel Cookie's Holy Feather, which you can use with your Adventurer Cookie to attract more coins during the game. It will also be used later in your scoring later on, so keep this intact!

Upgrade your Angel Cookie's Holy Feather to at least +8
Angel Cookie's Holy Feather
This is the most time-consuming upgrade between all the rest of the guide, as you are going to upgrade a S-rank TREASURE, which is notorious for the chance of failure in upgrading. You can go to the treasure page, and select "Upgrade Treasure" in the middle. There, pick the Holy Feather, and upgrade away. Don't use your crystal AT ALL for this upgrade, even if you failed to upgrade it. The first three upgrades will guarantee you 100% chance of upgrade, but once you start to upgrade it to +4, you will experience failure in upgrades. You will lose your coins earned and have to retry. You are only awarded GP 40 in exchange, but that doesn't really count that much. Keep upgrading until you reached at least +8. If you're feeling lucky, you can just straight away upgrade it to +9, but do not, I repeat, DO NOT use your crystal to upgrade, even though it gives you 100% chance of upgrading. Just keep the crystal for yourself for now.
At the end, once you reached enough diameter for the magnetic aura to pull coins to your cookie, you will get many more coins per run. I promise.

Upgrade Adventurer Cookie to Lv8
Upgrading him will make him descend into the Hidden (Coin) Ruins more often, which gives you more coins per run. You can either replace Buttercream's treasure, or you can buy another cheap cookie (such as Bright Cookie) to unlock the second slot for your treasure so that you can equip more than one treasure!

Upgrade Gold Drop to Lv8
Your pet will generate 100 coins every set interval. Upgrading Gold Drop will decrease the time needed for Gold Drop to generate the next 100 coins. Fully upgrading him will grant you another treasure, the Gold Drop's Pure Gold Bar. This is definitely a much better version of Buttercream Choco's treasure. You should equip this, as it will help you get extra 6% Coin bonus every run. Adventurer Cookie's treasure, Adventurer Cookie's Cinnamon Rope provides a 7% coin bonus (that you can upgrade to 9% with coins), so you may want to use that instead of Gold Drop's treasure once you have fully upgraded him (which will get expensive, the first upgrade costing 32 000 and the last costing 59 000).

So at the end, with two treasure slots open, your set-up should be either one of these:

Cookie Relay Pet Treasures Random Boost
Adventurer Cookie
Level 8
Buttercream Choco Cookie
Level 8
Gold Drop
Level 8
Gold Drop's Pure Gold BarAngel Cookie's Holy Feather+6 Boost12

If you're ambitious enough and reached Level 25 and unlocked the third slot, you can just use Adventurer Cookie's treasure, and get an extra coin bonus!

Cookie Relay Pet Treasures Random Boost
Adventurer Cookie
Level 8
Buttercream Choco Cookie
Level 8
Gold Drop
Level 8
Adventurer Cookie's Cinnamon RopeGold Drop's Pure Gold BarAngel Cookie's Holy Feather+6 Boost12

If you've achieved this setup, then you're good to go! Your hard work has paid off, and in case you need additional coins, you can just return to this setup. You can save this combination in your "Original Combi", located in the Cookies, Pets, or Treasure page.

Summing it up: Upgrade your Health to Max (And progressively your Jelly and Bonus Time upgrades)

Health Lv60

Now you've got your coin-generating setup ready, you can use it to grab as much coins as you can and upgrade your health to Lv60. This will ensure longevity of your run, enabling you to get some high scores in the future! Clearly, the most important variable in the game is your health, so be sure to fully upgrade it.

From here on you are ready to enter the third chapter. During your progress on Chapter 3 later, you can start upgrading your Jelly Upgrades and continue the upgrades on your Bonus Time. If you can't do it fast, don't rush. You can take it slow, or take it fast. All in all it's your call, but you won't be able to achieve a very good score until you've finished the third chapter anyway.

I suggest you upgrade your Jelly Upgrades to Level 20 for now, as the upgrades beyond it are quite incrementally expensive.

In summary...
By the end of the chapter, you should have increased your coin collection per game pretty significantly compared to what you had at the end of Chapter 1. Now you can farm coins way easier and get a lot more. But the game hasn't ended there yet. Before moving on, make sure to occasionally do these things:

  • Upgrade your Health to Maximum
  • Upgrade your Bonus Time to Maximum
  • Upgrade your Jelly to Maximum

Now let's get to the fun part!

Chapter 3: Exploring the Random Variable Edit

Welcome to the third chapter of the guide, where you will be exploring things that will be different for each of you players. It's pretty hard from this point on as what you get, depending on your luck, will have different approaches. Listen, Cookie Run is a game that pretty much depends on chances, so whatever you get, it will either move you forward or let you stay back until you get enough crystals to do it again. I've warned you from the first chapter. Please do keep your crystals. They are very useful on several thing: Pets and Treasures.

From here on, I assume you already had your coin farming set-up ready to go when you don't have enough coins to move forward. But let me introduce you to ONE more way to gain coins.

Enter Ghost Pirate's Island of Coins

Ghost Pirate's Island of Coins Loading

Ghost Pirate's Island of Coins

Here is one more episode for you to try. You can access it once you completed 30 episode achievements in Primeval Jungle, in which I assume you have already unlocked during your way in Chapter 2. The task is easy. You can go to the upper right side of the leaderboard panel and you can see various achievements you can unlock. This is fairly easy, even for new players, so please do give a try. You can also win lots of rewards in the process.

Once you managed to complete 30 episodes achievement in Primeval Jungle, it's time to enter the Special Episode.

Main article: Ghost Pirate's Island of Coins

Hey, you're in! Welcome to the first and only special episode in the game! This is a special episode where players can only find coins (and Mystery Boxes) in the whole stage. You don't compete on points, but on how many coins per play. That's why the leaderboard score is so low. There are also twists:

  • Huge Collision Damage. Players take twice as much damage than usual.
  • Magnetic Aura, Cookie Relay, and Boost Items are disabled.
  • Cookie and Pet Abilities are disabled. All cookies become the same. (With the exception of the cookie's health)

Therefore, the only customization available while playing on this Episode is your combination of treasures. You can choose whatever accompanying pet you have, and it will follow you, but it won't help you.

You can use your treasures that gives you coin bonus, as it will also increase your score. Don't use your Angel Cookie's Holy Feather, as it will have no effect.

Next thing that you need to know is that you will need keys to play a game, not hearts. It cannot be replenished by inviting friends, but you can convert 20 lives into a key (although only 5 times a day). To make it worse, you can only store a maximum amount of 3 keys (excluding additional bonus keys). But it's fine. You will have your keys back every 20 minutes if it's less than 3 so you can play and compete more.

Now let's play. Be sure NOT to crash at all, and collect all giant and gold coins in your way. If you think you can't reach it, then don't take it. You don't want to get additional 100 coins for the sake of losing 80 energy (instead of 40). At the end, you will notice that the coins collected in the game will add up to the coins in your bank. It's a pretty effective way to farm coins, as you can get pretty high amount of coins in such a short time, while at the same time, compete in the leaderboards. Don't forget to level up your energy too.

Once you're done, you can come back any time to play and collect coins in Ghost Pirate's Island of Coins. Let's move on.

Unlock Dragon's Valley

Main article: Dragon's Valley

Let's open up the third episode in the game. All you have to do is to complete 60 episode achievements in Primeval Jungle, and you've unlocked Dragon's Valley! It is harder than the previous episode. It's a challenge to survive, since it only have 8 stages. But all the stages are very long compared to the previous episodes, and without Magnetic Aura, it is extremely challenging. Do give it a chance if you like :)

Buy Adventurer Cookie
He is a fairly easy to get, and you should have gotten him as he is the best coin farming cookie as of the current season. Please do, and you can now use him to grind for one additional Mystery Box as a perk aside from him being a fantastic coin farmer! Mystery Boxes are the flying boxes seen in every episode in the game. There are always three of them in each episode, and you can get one more mystery box from Adventurer Cookie. You can get various ingredients from it. It may seem irrelevant for now, but you will need him later in this chapter.

Find a Benchmark for your Future Combination

Main article: Try My Friend's Combination

Before opening up the random variable, we should take a peek at your friend's combination. In each episode, you can take a peek at your friend's highest score combination by clicking "Friends" in the bottom part of the leaderboard. If you added your friends or strangers, you can see their combination of Cookies, Pets, and Treasures to achieve their scores. Take note of the top three combinations, and move on.

Alternatively, you can also take note of the best combinations on YouTube that can generate lots of points and coins, and work your way to get all their set-ups from here on.

Side Note: If you want our recommendations of what combinations to get, Akrie has an article to get the best combination in Cookie Run's Popularity Contest.

Open up Pets

Main article: Pets

Alright. Here is our first pathway. Depending on what you get, it will affect your progress, so be sure to hold on to your luck. Now you probably only have Gold Drop and Drop of Choco in your Pet library. We want more to be able to compete with others. First, let me explain first how you get pets in this game.

Pets are unique. You can only hatch them through crystals, or buy in a Flash Sale for CookieRunCrystal 99, which I don't recommend buying. You can invest your crystals on these three eggs:

Egg Description
Common Egg
Common Egg (CookieRunCrystal 1)
  • High chance of getting a C-grade Pet
  • Low chance of getting a B-grade Pet
  • Low chance of getting Coins
Rare Egg HD
Rare Egg (CookieRunCrystal 10)
  • High chance of getting a B-grade Pet
  • Low chance of getting an A-grade Pet
  • Low chance of getting coins
Extra Rare Egg HD
Extra Rare Egg (CookieRunCrystal 20)
  • High chance of getting an A-grade Pet
  • Low chance of getting an S-grade Pet
Lucky Draw Egg (Gifts Lucky Draw)
  • Chance of getting all C- to A-grade Pets, except Witty Dumbbell for some reason.

Of course, we will be looking at the S-grade pets for the record, as the lower-grade pets is not too reliable for competitions and are only there to serve the purpose of making S-grade Pets hard to obtain. There are LOTS of S-grade pets that is ready for you, so getting a specific S-grade Pet is much more harder.

You may see that there's a Pets Lucky Draw egg. Yes, you can use it to gain additional Pets crystal-free. To do it, you need to win the egg on Gifts Lucky Draw, which you can get for every GP 100 obtained. This will ease you up to free up chances to get other pets in the process.

Alright, so it really depend on chances of what pet you are going to get. It's a high wager because you are spending crystals on it. Well, there's a way to narrow the chances. If you upgrade your pet to Level 8, you WILL NOT get the same Pet again. So whatever pet you are having right now, you will want to upgrade it to Level 8 to narrow the chances of getting the Pet that you wanted.

Back to the hatching, you will want to hatch the Extra Rare Egg. It's expensive, but that's the only way to get the S-grade Pets. As described in the table above, there's a high chance that your first new pet would be an A-rank Pet. If that's so, upgrade it to Level 8 before hatching it again. Well, there's only 5 hatchable A-grade Pet, but there's more than 30+ S-grade Pets to collect. At best, you may want to get rid of your chances of getting the A-grade Pets by collecting all of them and fully upgrade them. Once you fully upgrade them, your next hatch will ALWAYS be an S-grade Pet.

Now, if you have an S-grade Pet, make sure to fully upgrade them as well to avoid getting the same Pet again. Hey! It costs you CookieRunCrystal 20 crystals, so DON'T waste your crystals for something that you have already owned!

Here's the list of Pets that can help you in your point-generating career. You can literally use any of the S-grade Pet to help you, but the list here are just some of our recommendations.

Pet Description
Enchanted Locket
Enchanted Locket
  • Helps you endure throughout the whole stage as it can give you 15 energy every fixed seconds. With a good slower energy drain treasures, many veteran players used this Pet to play for 20 minutes nonstop and gain some extremely high score.
Brain Gum
Brain Gum (Recommended)
  • The only recommended A-grade Pet. It can help make less energy drain by up to 25%. Combined with the Random Boost: Energy Drains 25% Slower, you will always have energy to reach the end.
AWOL Cracker
AWOL Cracker
  • Allows you to get extra energy and become giant for a set period of time. Keep this, as with the correct treasure you can get HUGE amount of points.
Glitter Ball
Glitter Ball
Foxy Bead
Foxy Bead
  • Lets you become giant and blasts forward. Good for advancing and with correct treasure you can generate HUGE amount of points.
Lemon Slice
Lemon Slice
  • This pet is not too good until you get the correct treasure to use. You can keep this first and use it later.
Fluffy Cheese Cat
Fluffy Cheese Cat (Recommended)
  • An upgrade for your Gold Drop. If you get this, you can abandon the Gold Drop in favor of this pet.
Purple Candle
Purple Candle (Recommended)
  • Awesome! If you get this pet in your first try, you are very lucky. It will help you get higher scores and beat your friend in an instant. This pet is very flexible to use with any combination of Cookies you have.
Jelly Scale
Jelly Scale
  • This will convert your coins into points. You can use your Adventurer Cookie to convert your coins into points and score high on all three episodes.
Wooden Barrel
Oak Barrel
  • A worthy competitor of Enchanted Locket. Use Vampire Cookie with this to score high, with the only extra requirement of being able to avoid obstacles professionally.
Flame Bat
Flame Bat
  • A Pet that helps you gains additional energy by collecting cookie souls (creepy, I know.) Pair this with Blackberry Cookie and use her combination bonus to score high.
Ms. do-re-mi
Ms. Do-Re-Mi
  • A good Pet to be instantly used for your Mint Choco Cookie for points. Pair this, and you'll get extra points for coins as their combination bonus. Pair this with correct treasure, and you will score high in your way.
Tea Cup
Tea Cup (Recommended)
  • Best paired with Cherry Blossom Cookie. Although her requirement is very high, she is overpowered compared to the previous season's cookies. Use this pet to score high.

The thing is, with whatever Pet you get in your hatch, you can use it with the paired cookie and you will be able to score high. I do not list all of the S-rank Pets, but the one that is not mentioned can also help you get high scores too, like Pistachio Firefly, for example.

Congrats! You probably have your second S-rank Pet that is hatched from the egg! Depends on your luck, you may or may not get one of the recommended pets above. Let's keep your crystals above CookieRunCrystal 50 for the time being.

Open up Treasures

Main article: Treasures

Alright. Here is the most distinguished features of the game. Treasures. They are the key to your Cookie Run career as well as the game changer of your run. Like Cookies and Pets, the only treasures that we want to get is the S-rank treasures. No less.

Again, I have some bad news. Although some treasures can be obtained by upgrading Cookies and Pets to Level 8, the best S-grade treasures are stored in the Supreme Treasure Chest, which you can open for CookieRunCrystal 25 each. There are TONS of treasures that you can obtain, and you MAY receive some duplicates, unlike Pets. There is no way to get rid of the chance of getting an A-rank treasures, so if you get it, you have to deal with it.

If you follow this guide carefully, you may use your remaining crystals to open the Big Set, which is located on the far right side in the Treasure page. You can access the treasure page on the panel just above the play button. From there, you can open up 7 Supreme Treasure Chests and the game will guarantee you to deliver you at least 3 S-grade treasures. There's also a very minute chance that you can get all 7 S-grade treasures, but that would be ultra rare.

If you have your Supreme Treasure Tickets collected since the first chapter, you may want to use it right now.

Oh, and aside from regular treasures, there are also Power+ Treasures, that could give you stuff every day, including free crystals. Own lots of these, and you can build up your own crystal-generating engine, which we will discuss in later chapters.

You can see the list of treasures in the Treasures article. Be sure to check them out.

Here is some of my recommended treasures to have. You may or may not get any of these treasures. Be happy if you do, and don't be sad if you don't. You are always able to open it again once you have enough crystals.

Click the image to view the treasure article. The trivia section in each article may provide you with strategies as to what Cookies and Pets are best used with, or whether they are useful for the Special Episode 2, Tower of Frozen Waves, as well as for the use of Coin Farming. They are sorted by random.

Shiny Golden NunchakuRainbowGinsengAntiqueMagicPotCandy Roller SkatesMagnetobuff Energy DrinkMagnetic Rainbow DrinkProtection Ring of FireHefty Elephant's Money BoxSparkling Water DrinkWarm Cafe LatteCreamy Monster MuffinDrenched DrinkBamboo Scented Sticky RiceFlavorful Butter CroissantPink Bear Jelly Party HatSomeone's Banana PeelLEStarJelliesSecret Admirer's Fresh Vegetable JuiceWonder DonutBoatman's DaggerFrozenCrackerFlaming Red JellycoJelly Pogo StickAmateur's Baking PowderIcy Glass SlippersMining DynamiteSpankin' New SaddleCrescent Moonlight Mood Cocktail

Take these Power+ treasures if you managed to get it. These are the treasures that can generate crystals every day for you.

Rare Sapphire BroochRare Crystal ClamBig crystalCrystal Pearl EarringTranslucent Crystal Alarm ClockGiant Crystal Ring

Come back and open up another Supreme Treasure Chests if you have enough crystals to open. The best advice is to wait to reach another CookieRunCrystal 119 to open the Big Set, which costs less than the regular Supreme Treasure Chests which may cost you CookieRunCrystal 25 per treasure. If you decide to open it up again, you can get discounted crystal price. You can also wait for the Better Chances of Getting S-grade Treasure to boost up the chances of getting that S-grade treasures.

All in all, you can experiment and use any treasures that you have. If it is useless, you can sell it or extract the treasure to gain Magic Powder, which is useful for evolving treasures.

Upgrade those Treasures
Remember what I told you in the second chapter about upgrading your Angel Cookie's Holy Feather? Yeah. Let me re-tell. You are going to upgrade a S-rank TREASURE, which is notorious for the chance of failure in upgrading. From the first three levels, you will upgrade just fine, but starting from +4, you can expect failures in upgrading, which will consume most of your coins. Therefore, to save time, just upgrade the treasures that you think you need most. If you think you don't need it for the time being, leave it be, and use your coins for something else. A word of advice: You may want to fully upgrade your Angel Cookie's Holy Feather to +9, as it can be used for many point-generating combinations. Go.
Evolve Treasures
Main Article: Evolve Treasures
Treasure Evolution Page

Evolving Magnetobuff Energy Drink.

Here is another fun part. At anytime now, if you happen to get one or two from the top line of the recommended treasures above, you may want to evolve them. Evolving a treasure can give you a more powerful version of it, which could help you boost your score in-game.

To access the page, simply go to the treasure page, and select Evolve Treasure. You will be directed to the evolve treasure page. You are going to need the exact ingredients though to evolve it. If you don't have the ingredients yet, you may search it by the Mystery Boxes found in each episode in the game. You can see where the ingredient can be found by looking at the description. Just tap the ingredient and you can see where to get it. SS-rank are very rare and hard to get. To make it easier, you may use your Adventurer Cookie to get additional Mystery Boxes to increase the chance to get the ingredient you want so that you can use the ingredient to evolve treasures that you want to evolve.

Once you get the ingredients, you can now evolve the S-grade treasures for Coin 001 68,000 or CookieRunCrystal 99. Upgrading it through crystals can give you a chance to special evolve the treasure to become a blessed treasure, which gives an even more powerful form of the treasure. But since you are short of crystals, I wouldn't advise to use it for now. You can cheat your way by paying, but it's your call.

Get the Relevant Cookies

Main article: Cookies

Depending on what Pets and Treasures you got, each of you will buy different cookies. You can use the recommendation pet guide to get the cookie you needed. Also I suggest you build up slowly, and complete the requirement needed for you to be able to buy the Cookies with Coins. Seriously. Invest your crystals on Pets and Treasures. You don't want to waste your crystals on something that you should be able to buy with coins.

The only exception is to buy Mint Choco Cookie. As it is a vital cookie to own, the unlock requirement for the cookie is high at the beginning (score 2 000 000 points). For new players, it is best to use crystal to start farming coins.

You can check each of the unlock requirement of the Cookies on the Cookie article. The link's above.

Complete Events

Main article: Events

You're set to start your journey generating crystals and get a pretty big score. During the way in the guide, I assume you're already work your way to complete events by yourself without me telling you to do it. Good.

To keep you attached to the game, the developers are giving you some free crystals by completing some events that they give every week. Work your way and complete the events to gain additional crystals for you to spend on getting Pets and getting Treasures until you get the exact one from your benchmark.

Unlock The City of Wizards

Main article: The City of Wizards

Let's open up the final episode in the game. All you have to do is to complete 50 episode achievements in Dragon's Valley, and you will unlock this episode. It is the hardest episode of the game so far. Although the difficulty stated is "Normal", it is harder than the previous episode. It has 10 challenging stages, but it has dynamic obstacles which require player to rely on the jelly trail.

The episode focuses on Dark Moon Jelly, which score huge points and is scattered all along the episode. Collecting many of those will boost you up through the leaderboards.

In summary...
This is a rather long guide, and depending on what treasure and pet you have, you are now on your own. Start gathering more coins, and upgrade those Pets. Keep opening and hopefully you will get the Pet that you wanted as well as the treasures you needed for you to have the highest point possible. In this chapter, remember to occasionally:

Chapter 4: Building Your Crystal Engine Edit

Did you notice something being repeated all throughout this article? Yes, Crystals! Being the 'limited' currency of the game, Crystals are very valuable and can be used to improve gameplay greatly! However, Crystals do not come by easily. A Crystal Engine can help you generate lots of crystals reliably.

Just remember that crystals are used to do a lot of things:

  • Opening up Supreme Treasure Chests (or Good Treasure Chests)
  • Buying Extra Rare Eggs
  • Expanding Treasure Cabinet if you think it's about to get full anytime.
  • Special Evolve Treasures
  • Lifting you up from falling in-game.

There's a few ways you can get Crystals, such as:

But, it's not all that easy. Let's see here:

  • Events doesn't always give you Crystals, and events that do may have rather difficult goals to get Crystals.
  • Although coupons give you a decent amount of crystals, they do not come often and are only valid for one-time use. Also, it seems that Devsisters haven't been giving coupons nowadays.
  • After getting the crystal gifts from Mystery Jewels, you cannot get them again.
  • Playing with a friend's combo ten times is required to open a Lucky Draw box, which means one Lucky Draw box opened every ten days, and you may not even get crystals.
  • Not everyone is willing to spend their money to get crystals
  • Fortune Cookies are notorious for giving many other things other than crystals, such as gift points, coins, and magic powder. Even if you get crystals, it is extremely rare to be able to get more than 50 crystals, even though it is inherently possible.

In conclusion, there's only two reliable ways to generate crystals:

  • Logging in every day to see whether your daily bonus would give you crystals.
  • Crystal generating treasures

By using crystal generating treasures, you'll get more crystals for the first log-in of the day. Here, you'll learn the most efficient way to get Crystal.

The objective for this chapter is to make you ready to generate more crystals by collecting treasures that allows you to get additional crystals by logging in every day. You see that every day, you will get one crystals as a bonus, but if you have enough crystal-generating treasures, you can get TONS of crystals every day. The amount of crystals are random, since the game will use their chances to draw whether or not you get the crystals from the treasure. For example:

Crystal Pearl Earring

Crystal Pearl Earring
This treasure will give you up to 50% chance that you will get one additional crystal if you log-in on the next day. When you log in, there's a chance where the treasure give you the crystal, but there's also a chance where the treasure did not.

Imagine if you have 50 of these. You can get additional 50 crystals, depending on the chances the game gives you! That's what we call crystal engine.
That is the objective of this chapter.

This will be a long-term objective for all of you new users alike. Even veterans are still trying to collect as much as they can to generate more crystals every day. You can see the list of crystal-generating treasures in the Crystal page. Since you are new, we compile some treasures for you to grab. This is fairly easy, and does not require the Supreme Treasure Chests.

Acquire Non-Chest Crystal-Generating Treasures
There are lots of crystal-generating treasures that came from Supreme Treasure Chest. You can see it on Chapter 3 above. If you happen to get one or two of them, keep it! You are already one step ahead!

Here are some of the treasures that can help you get additional crystals during your first login of the day. Make sure to hunt it out!

Treasures Picture Amount Percentage Collection Method
Prophet Cookie's Majestic Beard
Prophet Cookie Majestic Beard
CookieRunCrystal 2 7-30% Prophet Cookie Level 8
Snow Globe's Crystal Crown
Snow Globe's Crystal Crown
CookieRunCrystal 1 15-60% Snow Globe Level 8
King Choco Drop's Jelly Crown
King Choco Drop's Jelly Crown
CookieRunCrystal 1 15-60% King Choco Drop Level 8
Lv.50 Golden Club Trophy
Lv.50 Golden Club Trophy
CookieRunCrystal 2 20-50% Reach Level 50
Lv.60 Legends Club Trophy
Lv.60 Legends Club Trophy
CookieRunCrystal 3 20-50% Reach Level 60
Lv.70 Club Trophy
Lv.70 Club Trophy
CookieRunCrystal 5 10-30% Reach Level 70
Strangely Familiar Blue Necklace
Strangely Familiar Blue Necklace
CookieRunCrystal 1 5-50% Complete the first mission of Floor 100 in Tower of the Frozen Waves.

It will take a while, as unlocking Prophet Cookie requires you to fully-upgrade 20 cookies, and Pets are drawn by chances. If you play long enough in Escape from the Oven, you can get King Choco Drop fairly fast by collecting mystery jewels. Again, that depends on your luck.

Play long enough, you can reach Level 50 and 60 easily. If you want to level up fast, you can visit how to gain XP fast here.

Make sure to upgrade those treasures! They are worth upgrading with coins! We will discuss this after this section:

Invest on Supreme Treasure Chests
Yes, we're back here. I told you why Supreme Treasure Chests are the spotlight of the game! If you have at least 2-3 treasures listed above, you can have CookieRunCrystal 25 every week to open a new S-rank treasures in the Supreme Treasure Chests. The cool thing is, even though if you did not get the crystal-generating treasure when you open it, there's still a chance that you can get cool treasures such as the one I listed above on Chapter 3. Keep an eye on that one too.

Oh, and as I mentioned in Chapter 3, you can get this as much as possible. So it's possible to get 10 Big Crystal Ore, for example. That will give you up to CookieRunCrystal 50 per login!

Again, here are the list of treasures that you want to get in Supreme Treasure Chests.

Treasures Picture Amount Percentage Collection Method
Crystal Pearl Earring
Crystal Pearl Earring
CookieRunCrystal 1 5-50% Great Treasure Chest, Supreme Treasure Chest
Rare Sapphire Brooch
Rare Sapphire Brooch
CookieRunCrystal 2 5-50% Supreme Treasure Chest
Giant Crystal Ring
Giant Crystal Ring
CookieRunCrystal 4 4-27% Supreme Treasure Chest
Big Crystal Ore
Big crystal
CookieRunCrystal 5 2-21% Supreme Treasure Chest
Rare Crystal Clam
Rare Crystal Clam
CookieRunCrystal 10 1-11% Supreme Treasure Chest
Translucent Crystal Alarm Clock
Translucent Crystal Alarm Clock
CookieRunCrystal 12 1-10% Supreme Treasure Chest

Collect these as much as you can. They are the one that makes you powerful and become able to collect all pets, open up the 7-pack Supreme Treasure Chests, and even special evolve treasure in order for you to acquire blessed evolved treasures! If you're at this stage, you are probably have succeeded and are able to get the treasures you wanted easily.

Upgrade those Crystal-Generating Treasures
Upgrading those treasures will INCREASE the chance that the game will award you with crystals. It's probably the safest to upgrade all of them to +9, but if you don't feel like upgrading everything, we sort the upgrade priority for you. We do this by calculating how much crystals you can per day on average by the effect of upgrading. The formula would be Crystal x chance. We call this the Crystal-Chance ratio.

The number with the highest margin would be the top priority for you to upgrade.

Treasure No. of Crystals Chance Crystal/Chance Ratio
At +0
Crystal/Chance Ratio
At +9
Translucent Crystal Alarm Clock

Translucent Crystal Alarm Clock
CookieRunCrystal 12 1-10% 0.12 1.2 1.08
Lv.70 Club Trophy

Lv.70 Club Trophy
CookieRunCrystal 5 10-30% 0.5 1.5 1.0
Rare Crystal Clam

Rare Crystal Clam
CookieRunCrystal 10 1-11% 0.1 1.1 1.0
Big crystal

Big Crystal Ore
CookieRunCrystal 5 2-21% 0.1 1.05 0.95
Giant Crystal Ring

Giant Crystal Ring
CookieRunCrystal 4 4-27% 0.16 1.08 0.92
Rare Sapphire Brooch

Rare Sapphire Brooch
CookieRunCrystal 2 5-50% 0.1 1.0 0.9
Lv.60 Legends Club Trophy

Lv.60 Legends Club Trophy
CookieRunCrystal 3 20-50% 0.6 1.5 0.9

Commemorative 4 Layer Cake
CookieRunCrystal 4 5-25% 0.2 1.0 0.8
Lv.50 Golden Club Trophy

Lv.50 Golden Club Trophy
CookieRunCrystal 2 20-50% 0.4 1.0 0.6
Prophet Cookie Majestic Beard

Prophet Cookie's Majestic Beard
CookieRunCrystal 2 7-30% 0.14 0.6 0.46
Snow Globe's Crystal Crown

Snow Globe's Crystal Crown
CookieRunCrystal 1 15-60% 0.15 0.6 0.45
King Choco Drop's Jelly Crown

King Choco Drop's Jelly Crown
CookieRunCrystal 1 15-60% 0.15 0.6 0.45
Crystal Pearl Earring

Crystal Pearl Earring
CookieRunCrystal 1 5-50% 0.05 0.5 0.45

Wait and Repeat
This will become your weekly cycle for now on. Collect your crystals from the crystal-generating treasures, and once you reached CookieRunCrystal 25 and above, you can open up another Supreme Treasure Chest. If you're lucky, you can get another of these treasures, and it will most definitely help you gain CookieRunCrystal 25 faster.

If you're patient enough (or you have enough Crystal-Generating Treasure that can give you on average of CookieRunCrystal 10 per day), you can wait up to open the CookieRunCrystal 119 6+1 Big Set. You will get 7 Supreme Treasure Chests for a cheaper cost than opening up 1 for CookieRunCrystal 25.

In Summary...
We added this section for you to invest on Supreme Treasure Chests in order to get more crystals for you to spend it again later. You can do this fully, but make sure you don't forget the task on Chapter 3: Hatch Extra Rare Egg for Pets if possible. I know this will be a long cycle, but once you think you are ready, you are ready to move on to the final chapter of the guide.

While you are going, make sure you occasionally:

  • Upgrade your Crystal-Generating Treasures.
  • Open up Supreme Treasure Chests, the normal or big set. It's up to you.
  • Repeat.

Chapter 5: Getting All Cookies and Pets Edit

To get all Cookies, your best bet would be to start from the bottom up. Meaning, from the C-rank cookies all the way up to the most recent cookie. Or better yet, if you're lucky, you could get an L-rank Cookie (L means Legend) from Episodes 2-4 to help you score points! However, take note that L-ranked cookies are extremely costly to upgrade, so make sure you have enough coins before upgrading them! It is always recommended to use coins to buy your cookies, so make sure you can complete their requirements before you buy the cookie, unless you find that it is of paramount importance that you get the cookie using crystals.

In the past, when General Jujube Cookie wasn't de-buffed, Jujube Cookie was such an OP (over-powered) cookie that it was extremely worth it to buy him with crystals, and even more so because he can double up as a coin farming cookie. At his height, he could farm more than Coin 001 150,000 with the Burning Time event being active. However, since the February 5th update, Jujube Cookie is no longer as powerful as before, but he is still the go-to cookie for most advanced players as he still can reap at least Coin 001 90,000 with the right treasures. For more information, check out Coin Farming.

But first and foremost, pets are your top priority. They're easier to get, and they don't have requirements. To top it all off, they are cheaper to get as compared to cookies. One S-rank pet can simply set you back CookieRunCrystal 20, but an S-rank cookie will set you back CookieRunCrystal 119 crystal or even more if it's a Cookie that shares its power with other cookies, such as Special Force Cookie. However, you must take note that if you have any non-fully upgraded pets, there is a high chance that the CookieRunCrystal 20 will be used for a pet upgrade instead of acquiring a new pet. There are some cookies that will be unlocked just by acquiring their pet, so do complete and max out your entire pet collection, especially pets that give you Power+ Treasures when you max them to Level 8!

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