• Cassie Moats
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  • Touhoufan46597

    Just some ?Q? for you guys to Answer.

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  • GameAvenger92

    Hey guys, Yesterday I was played on Cookie Run on my IPhone then i stopped playin and come back later to go on Cookie Run but when this happens. I tried to get back on Cookie Run but it crashes so every time i tried to get on, it's keeps crashing, so i have to leave it and next day the game works again but i don't know why keeps doin it.

    So later and bye.

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  • P360360P

    I've created an article concerning Cream Puff Cookie under the alias of Cool Soup and I was wondering if there is lots of people on this wikia out there who'd be interested in reading and reviewing it!

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  • PeppermintSoda

    Hello everyone, and good afternoon! At least over here that is.

    Over the past few weeks, I've noticed the amount of comments posted on many of the articles. While many of them seem harmless, some are getting out of hand, especially those joke texts from recurring users.

    Despite some of the obscurity of these articles—in other words, not receiving as much traffic as other pages—please remember that this is a public wiki and people stop by it every day. (If you want a clear idea about how many people come here, this wiki gets over 5k views daily.) As wiki databases are meant to be professional, both in terms of content and attitude, posting such comments present a childish outlook that sounds more like a dump-post for memes than a genuine disc…

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  • GameAvenger92

    Hey guys so what's your favourtie character like cookie run or cookie wars and if you got one or any just put it in the comments.


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  • PassionatePubli

    Hello! Today the wiki has had to make a few hard decisions regarding the categorizing on a few Cookie pages.

    The following Cookies have been affected:

    -Snow Sugar Cookie

    -Peppermint Cookie

    -Dark Choco Cookie

    -DJ Cookie

    Devsisters has silently removed all references to Snow Sugar Cookie and Peppermint Cookie being referred to as "it" in OvenBreak, including any mentions in costumes, so the decision has been made to change these two Cookies over to an "Unspecified" listing on their OvenBreak pages rather than "Nonbinary." This is until notified otherwise via other descriptions, though both will still stay in the Nonbinary category overall as Peppermint Cookie was referred to as such in LINE Cookie Run and Snow Sugar Cookie is referred to as such i…

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  • Derpyunikitty

    Cookies excluded:

    • Cream, Cloud, and Buttercream Choco are excluded since there's zero chance of them returning.
    • Energy Drink is excluded because they were in Wars only.

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  • RemoteBFB

    The wiki is getting raided!

    September 28, 2018 by RemoteBFB

    Hello i just got on and i see this user "cookierunisthebest" editing some pages and its kinda nsfw and the person even added a new category to Kumiho,White choco,Pink choco and Vampire i suppose 

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  • JustinMasterMine

    I was lucky enough to get CookieWars in my region, and I'm going to share some interesting trivia about it. When the game eventually gets released worldwide, you can prove or disprove my claims.

    • Tiger Lily Cookie is seen a lot throughout the teasers and trailers. She is shown in the first teaser, the introductory cutscene(in which she is the first Cookie that appears onscreen), one of the loading screens and even appears as a Jelly Walker along with Red Pepper Cookie and Orange Cookie in her Sun-kissed Summer outfit. Neither TL nor RP appeared in the game's release, nor their Jelly Walker forms. Orange does appear, but not her outfit.

    's Sun-kissed Summer costume, along with Jelly Walker versions of Tiger Lily Cookie and Red Pepper Cookie.]]

    • W…

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