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Randomuser3223 Randomuser3223 7 minutes ago

Cookie Run: Ovenbreak Breakout info

breakout info: (only includes the main episode)

pls do not try to remove or edit this blog post because i have worked so hard in it (took me 2/3 hours to get it done in the evening/night)


no. 1: (cookie), yogurt cream cookie (pet), magic lamp; (cookie level: 15; pet level: 15). treasures: fabled magic carpet, (lvl. 12), lucky clover earrings, (lvl. 12) perfect treasure map, (lvl. 12)

no. 2: (cookie), lilac cookie (pet), tranquil bloom; (cookie level: 15; pet level: 15). treasures: darkwind quiver, (lvl. 12), jelly cream whisk, (lvl. 12), bear jelly boomerang, (lvl. 12)

no. 3: (cookie), sea fairy cookie (pet), wave drop; (cookie level: 11; pet level: 5). treasures: red egg of resurrection, (lvl. 10), bubble wave shell, (lv…

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U799 U799 3 days ago

My Blog!

Hello, I am U799. I would rather be called "Auburn WillOWisp Celsius" but I'm fine with either. This is my blog post, if you haven't noticed.

I am definitely not a early bird, and I adore Latte Cookie from cookie run king-

Ah, that's already in my page! I don't need to write that again- Oh right, I need to tell you about me!


About Me


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Cosmicqueen43 Cosmicqueen43 4 days ago

My cat

Hello this is a blog whare I write what my cat does

shes a black and white tabby cat

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Karma8693439 Karma8693439 20 days ago

for those that want my actual profile

if you want to know me more and actually talk to me, go to my lgbta wiki page here

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Namanhly2007 Namanhly2007 21 days ago

cgbvdscb sdbdfs


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Yohanes1234 Yohanes1234 26 December 2021

Ginger Brave Cookie - Beginner Strategy!

    • 3.1 Strength
    • 3.2 Weakness

Hello! My name is Yohanes1234 and I am here to give you my thoughts and review about Cookies from CROB only! I'm happy to say that I was at least try my best to create this and hope people will at least didn't be rude about it if there's some mistake, you can help me fixing it rather than bashing me for it, seriously it'll be much appreciate rather than that. Anyway, enjoy!

Ginger Brave are the bravest of them all! He's the main character on this series and will continue on till he and his friends find that paradise! Despite the lack of skills, he's the only Common Cookie Type that has Magic Candy. Overall, he's not a bad Cookie until you can find…

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Yohanes1234 Yohanes1234 26 December 2021

Cookie Run Oven Break Strategy! (26 December 2021)

Hello Cookie Runners! My name is Yohanes1234 and as you all can see that we have something in common which is playing CROB!

I'd like to be attentive to my strategy, so I will be posting the list in here and you can click it whenever you like it! Also, I will put my own opinion about them as to what they are really now.

Here's the list of Cookie:

- Ginger Brave Cookie - Beginner Strategy! / 26 December 2021

- Ginger Bright Cookie - Beginner Strategy!

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BozoWasHere BozoWasHere 18 December 2021

Latest Article Blog

hello! You might be looking at this blog, but here's the latest! I just created my first article about Lilac Cookie, I may update it through out the week's, i hope you guys like it, and please, if you want to make a suggestion about my article, you can! Just don't make it sound like you're going a bit harsh, and no, I won't be adding any pictures.

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Lith the C r a c k h e a d Lith the C r a c k h e a d 6 December 2021

Oh no

I have 19 more soulstones to get Cotton Cookie promoted :((

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Mvyracle Mvyracle 12 October 2021

Butter Cookie (OC)

|Gifts = Like: Yellow Sugar Crystal
Dislike: Golden Ink |Associations = Click here. }} Butter Cookie is an Epic Cookie released on October 12th, 2021, alongside his Pet, Cracker Cricket.

He has a chance of being obtained from any chest that can produce an Epic Cookie without having to achieve any special goals to unlock him.

  • Butter Cookie was originally , but now he is .
  • He was originally meant to be a Honeycomb cookie, but the idea was scrapped.
  • He was originally meant to be rivals with Pilot Cookie, but it was changed to Salt Cookie for the reason of some butter brands being overloaded with too much salt.
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