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Oh no

I have 19 more soulstones to get Cotton Cookie promoted :((

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Mvyracle Mvyracle 12 October

Butter Cookie (OC)

|Gifts = Like: Yellow Sugar Crystal
Dislike: Golden Ink |Associations = Click here. }} Butter Cookie is an Epic Cookie released on October 12th, 2021, alongside his Pet, Cracker Cricket.

He has a chance of being obtained from any chest that can produce an Epic Cookie without having to achieve any special goals to unlock him.

Cream Unicorn
Butter Pretzel
Mustard Cookie
Salt Cookie
Pancake Cookie
Mango Cookie

Friendly (Friends)
Trust (Best Friends)
Friendly (Friends)
Butter's Opinions
All that colour is so blinding!
Woahh... I wish I could be an artist like you are!
I don't like eating mustard, it tastes so weird, but having a friend made of mustard is SO COOL!

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Almondcook Almondcook 29 September


i do not understand this website lmfao

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Nutthakorn sungson Nutthakorn sungson 16 August

How To Unlock Cookies In Ovenbreak

There Are Ways To Unlock Cookies In Ovenbreak! To Unlock Go To Gacha Shop And Pick Chest That You Like!

  • 1 Cookies Unlocked At Start
  • 2 Cookies Unlocked By Owning # Of Cookies Or Owning Cookies
  • 3 Cookies Unlocked By # Of Treasures
  • 4 Cookies Unlocked By # Of Pets Or Owning Pets
  • 5 Cookies Unlocked By Reaching Lands

Cookies Unlocked At Start: Common

Strawberry Cookie
Skater Cookie

Next Is Rare Cookies

Next Is Epic Cookies

And Last Legendary Cookies

Cookies Unlocked At Start: Legendary

Moonlight Cookie

To Own A Cookie Go To Gacha And Select Cookies Now Select A Chest And Done Only Epic Cookies To Unlocked

Cherry Blossom Cookie
Peach Cookie
Roll Cake Cookie
Walnut Cookie
Own 20 Cookies
Own Plum Cookie
Own Pancake Cookie
Own 22 Cooki…

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Peater24 Peater24 24 July

Can someone tell me the release dates for all the lobbies on ovebreak?

i want to make all of the pages for them at the moment, but i'm a bit stuck on some of the release dates. would be appreciated if the dates could be given for the more older ones like happy cookie party

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easy way to go to pages

sorry if i break a rule but hey

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Hello I just wanted to say hi and that I have never played this game before.

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DoughyDimSum DoughyDimSum 6 May

First time on the wiki! (And Fandom)

Hello, everyone!

Recently found this wiki thanks to a friend, and decided to create a Fandom account. For those who use Reddit, I'm u/DoughyDumpling. Most information about me is in my user page. Excited to be a part of the community and Fandom itself.


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Sachi the star enta Sachi the star enta 22 April

hi bestie

how is everbody

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Blackenblush Blackenblush 31 March

First Day!

I'm new here but that doesn't matter.

Let's get introductions out of the way

Hello! My name is Blacken and i'm always blushing!

I joined this fandom because I wanted to make some pages from the costumes and over all have fun!

Any who, I hope you are having a nice day.

Blacken out!


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