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Carl Toothpaste Carl Toothpaste 9 March

Fun Fact

i never was Homophobic Super John hacks me Proof

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Namanhly2007 Namanhly2007 30 January

This Is Cookie Run Wallpapers

This is the Cookie Run Wallpaper I played a Cookie Run Slideshow, or set a Cookie Run Theme on Windows 10

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Red is cool 7 Red is cool 7 27 January

I am a cookie run fan

I like Cookie run it so many features I also like the trophy race

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CobraKing999 CobraKing999 21 January

New Cookie Run Game

I got big news for all Cookie Run fans for today is the birth of a new game by the Devsisters called Cookie Run Kingdom.

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123please321 123please321 17 January

Soo 1 Event

Well I personally think that we have too much events and you just can't get it all... We need better events and not 6,7 events once plus all run options. Just get us 3 max 4 events. I'd like to have event as Dragon City Heroic Race. And do u guys too think that we have too much race mods. I think if we get out 2 max 3 modes this will be better. We need more pets and skins

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123please321 123please321 16 January

Sooo, Just Few Ideas What I Personally Think We Shall Have In CR:OvenBreak

Bassicly I think, We Need More Crafting Things And We Need More storage Things like idk mybe Perfect Rocks. And Some Game Mode Like Football, Just To play in 3v3 And You can use abilities. I'll Edit This With New Ideas.

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StarB30 StarB30 9 December 2020

List of infinite trials


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Bossbutch Bossbutch 30 November 2020

So I'm Inactive (Also, Unionize)

hey so i havent edited since the migration around ~october 20. the added inconvenience was enough to turn me off completely. i completed my to-do list on my user page, more or less, and it was a lot. all the mechanics articles that no one reads anyway exist. so i feel good about that. half the treasures and a good number of pets still don't have articles. I made a page for Forbidden Manuscript on like my second or third day on the wiki, and it was instantly deleted for having the "wrong format", and it has not been replaced. What the "right format" is, I still don't know, because the already existing treasure pages are inconsistent and policies are not written down anywhere. which is why I left treasure pages alone. This has been a running…

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StarB30 StarB30 27 November 2020

Music Box Test

The Music Box in Rainbow Cube and favorite music tracks to the Favorite Tracks Playlist.

  • 1 List of Music Tracks
    • 1.1 Lobby Design
    • 1.2 Breakout
    • 1.3 Trophy Race
    • 1.4 Events
  • 2 List of Music Box Designs
  • 3 Gallery
  • 4 Trivia

Track name
The Witch's Kitchen
Obtain the "The Witch's Kitchen" Lobby design
Walnut Cookie's Detective Office
Obtain the "Walnut Cookie's Detective Office" Lobby design
Happy Cookie Party
Obtain the "Happy Cookie Party" Lobby design
Royal Relaxation
Obtain the " Royal Relaxation" Lobby design
The Witch's Holiday Kitchen
Obtain the "The Witch's Holiday Kitchen" Lobby design
Ornate Wizard's Table
Obtain the "Ornate Wizard's Table" Lobby design
Mystical Wizard's Desk
Obtain the "Mystical Wizard's Desk" Lo…

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IcySeaTea IcySeaTea 24 November 2020

Question for Trial Pages

Is it fine if I could edit the trial pages since most are inactive?

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