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Kevsuc Kevsuc 6 June 2014

"Lucky Draw" Experiment

In a chat with my friend discussing Cookie Run, (as usual) I'm complaining on how unlucky I was when picking gift boxes from the lucky draw. But she added that pink boxes usually gives better chance of bigger money or personally wanted prize. Interestingly, I tried twice and both will get Pets Lucky Draw (the thing I desperately need because I want to achieve Wizard Cookie without purchasing with Crystal).

So for now, I'm trying to re-do the test. I'm picking 100 Lucky Draw - and all boxes are pink. I'm trying to list down the result here (and also other boxes too!) and see if my friend's hypotheses are suspected to be correct or not.

UPDATE: RESULT IS HERE! Sorry for very long update, but in here, I have compiled the results using Excel.

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Breadcookie Breadcookie 28 May 2014

CookieRun 2nd Story

So CookieRun Second Story has finally arrived.

Take a look at the new splash screen.

What's new?

1: New stages and new stage design!

2: New moving stages and obstacles!

3: Friends who receive Hearts will get Gift points too!

There is also a new Cookie and Pet. It's Wizard Cookie and Book of Wizdom. The Korean version has had them for some time already so I'm happy we finally get to use them too now. Note the picture below says new Cookies and Pets, so I'm sure more will arrive soon. I find it strange that in the picture message I received they are called Sorcerer Cookie and Grimoire Pet. It reminds me of how Harry Potter books were renamed for the American audience. Anyone have any insights?

You can level up to level 60 now and energy level up to 30.…

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Kevsuc Kevsuc 28 May 2014

Review of Cookie Run season 2

So far, the Season 2 of Cookie Run has been so great and much have been anticipated by Cookie Run players and cookie eaters around the world. Much changes to the Season 2 has been significantly noted in comparison with the Season 1.

First, you may notice that each stages are shorter than the first season. So upgrading your Energy Potion may have a huge difference. However, the energy drains faster than before. This was found because I usually managed to get 3.500-4.000 coins approximately from doing each game with Gold Drop, but for now, I could only reach between 2.000-2.500 coins using both the same CookieThis would result on some drastic changes on your game.


  • Each game will end storter, giving you better time management between …
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