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Akrie Akrie 4 March 2016

March 3rd Events & Updates~!

Macaron Cookie and her pet, Castanets, has marched into Cookie Run for all of you to enjoy their music!

Macaron Cookie even has her own missions you can finish for easy coins and Crystals!

Mint Choco Cookie and Carol Cookie has decided to join Macaron Cookie with their own unique mission, the Spring Concert! Just collect the musical jellies while you play.

Blackberry Cookie's Paranormal Activity and Cheeseberry can pick them up for you if you want an easier time collecting them!

It's the new Treasure Draw Season! Treasures has been rotated in and out, so the treasures you may have been pulling out may be gone for this season! Who knows what's in now?!

Oh, boy! The Better Chances of Getting S-grade Treasure has arrived yet again, so if you've …

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Tricoro Tricoro 26 February 2016

March Treasure Draw Season - What's Changed?

So today, Devsisters have announced that they are going to rotate the Treasure Draw Season. These changes will occur on March 4, at 11PM (GMT+9). So, according to the notices we can see in-game, these are the treasures that is not going to be available in the next Treasure Draw Season, including what's new in the "removed" list.

There are now 31 S Rank Treasures that are not going to be available on the next Treasure Draw Season, up from 26 Treasures from the current one. 23 of the 31 treasures are new treasures that are currently available in the current season.

  • Magic Book of Action Secrets (NEW)
  • Rare Sapphire Brooch ( Generating) (OLD)
  • Pink Bear Jelly Prototype (NEW)
  • 1000 Year Old Red Ginseng (OLD)
  • No.3 Glossy Pink Lipstick (OLD)
  • Finally Discovered …

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Akrie Akrie 5 February 2016

February 4, 2016 Events & Updates~!

Prepare to be dazzled, as Cinnamon Cookie and his pet, Cinnamon Bunny, has made an apprentice in Cookie Run!

It's the most desired Cookie thus far, and it's now available to play as! Have fun!!

He even has his own missions he can do, Cinnamon Cookie Mission! They're pretty simple, even! Just don't use Relay and you'll be fine.

But that's not all, the rest of the missions has opened up for Tower of Frozen Waves! As an additional treat, Floors 1 to 50 has been made easier!!

Wow, it's been a while isn't it?! The Better Chances of Getting S-grade Treasure is back once again, so if you've been stockpiling your Crystals for this event, now is the time to spend, spend, spend!!
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Akrie Akrie 29 January 2016

January 28th Events & Updates~!

Another week, another update! Let's see what it brings, huh?!

Now THIS is a good package deal! You get Mint Choco Cookie, Mr. Fa-Sol-La-Si a Rich Rich Chocolate Gold Coin (which grants a Coin bonus) and Double XP Bonus for an entire week! If you're a new player, be sure to snag up this sweet deal!

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Akrie Akrie 22 January 2016

January 21st Events & Updates~!

Happy 2nd Anniversary LINE!

Once again, you can collect certain letters during your run to fill in the letters to get a prize.

Hint: Blackberry Cookie's Paranormal Activity and Cheeseberry can pick up the letters for you.

But that's not all, the Bean Drop Duo pet has made an appearance! It's the second Event exclusive pet in the game! Be sure to pick it up as soon as you can before it's gone!!

Good thing the above event gives you 20 Crystals, eh? Should be easy to get the last 2 to be able to buy the pet in time!!

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Tricoro Tricoro 19 January 2016

Onion Fish Bug Fixed + Apology for Ver.4.0.0 Bug

So, today, Cookie Run released two notices that you can access on the game itself. Somehow if you login today you will receive 10 for free. Wonder what happened? Here's the message:

Apology for Ver.4.0.0 Bug
Thank you for playing LINE Cookie Run!
We have confirmed a number of bugs after the release of Ver.4.0.0. We are terribly sorry for any inconvenience you may have experienced as a result of these bugs.
As a token of apology, we will distribute 10 Crystals at login on time. Please log in my 11:59pm, Feb. 4 (GMT+9) to receive your compensation.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you and thank you for your kind understanding.
We hope you will continue to play and enjoy LINE Cookie Run in the future!
LINE Cookie Run Operatio…
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Akrie Akrie 8 January 2016

January 7 Events & Updates~!

It's a brand new year, which means new events and updates for Cookie run! Oooh boy, I wonder what's new for tonight?!

It's time to Build A Snowman! Special jellies you can collect in the stages will start showing up, and when you collect enough of each type, you will build a snowman and get prizes! The thing is... you can build a lot of snowmen for various prizes!! Wow!!

Hint: Cheeseberry can pick up the special jellies for you.

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Akrie Akrie 21 December 2015

December 21 Events & Updates~!

Another week, another events and updates coming our way in Cookie Run! Let's see what it brings us, huh?!

The biggest thing in this update is... The Tower of Frozen Waves!! It's the second Special Episode currently in Cookie Run.

There are 100 episodes with 3 challenges in each. Can you complete them all for prizes?!

But that's not all - the Fortune Cookie Bakery is now open!! You'll sometimes get Fortune Cookies in the game from events and achievements. To see what's inside them, you gotta bake them!! The higher the grade the fortune cookie is, the longer it needs to bake. What can you find in them, I wonder?!

Onion Cookie isn't too happy right now - not because she's now in Cookie Run - but she's cursed!! Hopefully her pet, Onion Fish, will be ab…

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Akrie Akrie 11 December 2015

December 10 Events & Updates~!

Another week, another update! Let's see what it is now, shall we?!

Wow, another Cookie so soon?! Say hello to Peach Cookie and her pet, Panda Dumpling!

Her specialty is destroying bamboo obstacles with her Peachy Bo-Staff. Her pet, Panda Dumpling, generates dumpling jellies and coins. Sounds like a pretty fun combination, huh?!

But that's not all - she has brought 4 New S-Rank Treasures with her!!

Wow, she's certainly generous - she even brought along a package deal full of S rank treasures! However, be sure to buy it soon - it's only available for 3 days.

To make things even better, there's a Better Chances of Getting S Rank Treasures event going on as well!

Please ignore the expiry date, it expires on December 14.

And the last, but not the least, there…

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Tricoro Tricoro 28 November 2015

December 2015 Treasure Draw Season - List of Unobtainable Treasures

On November 27, Devsisters has decided to put a twist in the treasures chest section. What it does is that they have rotated some of the treasure chances appearing in both Great and Supreme Treasure Chests. The reason why they do this is to let some obsolete treasure fade away to prevent people from keep getting those obsolete treasures. While they may soon become relevant again, some treasures are unobtainable for the time being, making the more recent treasures easier to get.

Here are the list of treasures that are unobtainable in November 17 - December 28, 2015.

  • 500 Year Old Ginseng Root
  • 1000 Year Old Red Ginseng
  • No.3 Glossy Pink Lipstick
  • Rocky Hot Dog
  • Flame Bat Camping Lantern
  • A Piece of Moon Rock
  • Lovely Lady's Lost Shoe
  • Limited Edition Colorfu…

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