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Bonus Time is a special session that will take away the Cookie from the running stage and enter into the 'Bonus Time World'. In the Bonus Time session, the Cookie is completely safe. Their Energy will not drain, and there are no obstacles to hit, just many high scoring Jellies to collect.

Bonus Time commonly contains plenty of Bear Jellies, Winged Bear Jellies, and Coins. Depending on the map, Alphabet Jellies, Giant Star Jellies, Colorful Star Jellies, Dark Moon Jellies, and very rarely, Basic Jellies can be present. Power Jellies are often found here to help with Jelly collection. There are multiple paths through most Bonus Time maps, and not all the Jellies can be collected.

Each time a Cookie reaches Bonus Time, the background swaps between its standard design and a Space design. If the Cookie enters Bonus Time with low Energy, they can enter the Super Bonus Time, which has a different background and layout.


The Cookie's Pet will carry them during Bonus Time, and either the jump or slide buttons can be pressed to make the Pet carry them up, and pressing nothing will make them fall down. To move straight forward, the player needs to alternate between pressing and releasing the button.

When Bonus Time begins, the Pet carries the Cookie upwards to the Bonus Time World, and once it ends, the Cookie falls back down into the main map. They can still grab Jellies during the ascent and descent. A short section of the map will be missed by going to Bonus Time, but this is typically accounted for by putting few Jellies after a point where Bonus Time can be reached. On some maps, not going to Bonus Time can lead the Cookie into an unavoidable pit or obstacle.

Most abilities are paused while in Bonus Time. Power Jellies and magnetic abilities that activated before Bonus Time began will continue, but after finishing, an ability on a timer will not restart its timer until Bonus Time ends. Passive magnet abilities like those of Angel Cookie or Fairy Cookie function normally. Abilities that activate when a Blast Jelly is used, like Knight Cookie or Lemon Cookie's abilities, will activate as normal as well. Speed increases from Cookies like Skater Cookie and Treasures like Lollipop Skate are active in Bonus Time, and allow the Cookie to go farther before it ends. Finally, passive bonuses that increase the score of Jellies like Coin Silver Crown and Rainbow Bear Roll Cake are active in Bonus Time, and Kumiho Cookie will seduce Bear Jellies in Bonus Time if she enters it in her Cookie form.

In Cookie Run: OvenBreak, there are no ways to upgrade Bonus Time, and nothing that will extend the time spent in Bonus Time or specifically increase points or speed in Bonus Time. It will always last for 15 seconds. The Guild Kitchen recipe Jam Chops has the only Bonus Time specific effect. In Bonus Time only, it replaces Giant Star Jellies with Rainbow Giant Star Jellies.

Earning Bonus Time

The Bonus Time Jelly looks slightly different compared to LINE.

Bonus Time can be entered in two ways. The first one is collecting one of each of the Alphabet Jellies (B-O-N-U-S-T-I-M-E) appearing in many places during the run. The first six letters (B, O, N, U, S, and T) each have a different color, so they are commonly used to make pixel art images, while the I, M and E are given out at a specific point when the Cookie is meant to reach Bonus Time. Some maps will use the I and M in decorative Jelly formations as well, or only give one T, or some other combination. The result is the same, and Cookies will not go to Bonus Time from an errant Alphabet Jelly found as part of pixel art unless it was previously missed. Each Alphabet Jelly gives 555 points, and the last Jelly collected before entering Bonus Time gives 1,110 points.

The alternate method of reaching Bonus Time is collecting a Bonus Time Jelly, which gives the Cookie all of the letters at once, taking them to Bonus Time instantly. After reaching Bonus Time from either method, all Alphabet Jellies need to be collected again to return.

Unlike in Cookie Run (LINE), Pet and Cookie skills do not create Alphabet Jellies, and no Cookies have unique Bonus Time maps. The Alphabet Jellies of Cotton Candy Cookie still spell out ILOVEYOU! instead of BONUSTIME, but this is only a cosmetic difference. Birthday Cake Cookie similarly sees Alphabet Jellies that spell out HAPPYBDAY.

Types of Bonus Time


The classic type of Bonus Time is the most common. It usually contains a lot of Silver and Gold Coins and Pink and Yellow Bear Jellies, and a smaller but still impressive amount of Giant Bear Jellies and Winged Bear Jellies. Giant Star Jellies and Giant Coins appear in some classic Bonus Time maps, but not as frequently as they do in Super Bonus Time.

Classic Bonus Time appears for every odd-numbered session of Bonus Time (first, third, fifth, and so on).


Space Bonus Time has a different background, but the Jellies and their arrangement is identical to normal Bonus Time. Space Bonus Time appears for every even-numbered session of Bonus Time (second, fourth, sixth, and so on).

Super Bonus Time

Also called Rainbow Rush, this type of Bonus Time is harder to reach. Super Bonus Time can only be obtained by getting Bonus Time while having low Energy, signaled by red lights on the top and bottom edges of the screen and a pulse of rings on the Energy Bar. Super Bonus Time has more Giant Star Jellies, Giant Coins, and Giant Bear Jellies than normal Bonus Time, and less of the smaller Jellies. Some Super Bonus Time areas have fewer Winged Bear Jellies than their normal versions, and the highest scoring path won't necessarily be the same.

Each Cookie may only reach Super Bonus Time once per Cookie, and reaching Bonus Time again at low Energy will bring the first Cookie to the normal Bonus Time. Super Bonus Time can be played twice in one run if the first Cookie and relay Cookie both reach it.


  • Cotton Candy Cookie's Trial and Apple Cookie's Trial both reference their unique Bonus Time Worlds from LINE.
  • If fallen spirits are on screen due to Wind Archer Cookie's skill, or doves when using his Night Raven Costume, they will still be visible in Bonus Time, but Wind Archer Cookie cannot shoot them. This was fixed in the Hidden Truth of the City update on January 27,2021.
  • In Birthday Cake Cookie's Trial, the letters required to go into Bonus Time spell out HAPPYBDAY. In Cotton Candy Cookie's Trial, the letters are ILOVEYOU.