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Breakout Mode is a gamemode featured in Cookie Run: OvenBreak. In this mode, multiple Cookies are used in a relay run to reach a weekly high score. Stages in Breakout Mode flow directly from one stage to the next, and after a Cookie runs out of Energy, the next Cookie starts where they left off. Different Breakout Episodes are playable, with unique stages and mechanics in each.


All Cookies, Pets, and Treasures can only be used once per Breakout run. All Cookies must be matched to a Pet to run. If the number of Cookies & Pets needed is greater than the amount owned, the player can only run with as many as they have.

After each Cookie finishes running, you have the option to either continue to the next relay, or return to the main screen. In the event the player makes a mistake or wants to change their combi, a run can be retried using Breakout Replay Tickets. The price of reset increases by one ticket each time, up to five tickets per reset. Crystals can be used if not enough tickets are owned. Once one Cookies' run is ended and the next relay is available, the finished run can't be retried. The entire Breakout can be restarted at any time for free.

Light Spheres can be collected in Breakout Mode, and exchanged for rewards at the Breakout Shop, including Legendary Cookies, Legendary Pets and Costumes.

After one week, all participants will receive a Breakout Reward, and high scores will reset. Light Spheres will respawn as well. All but one Breakout Reward has Crystals, specifically Spooky Spider Mansion, where the Breakout Reward has coins. A score of at least Diamond V rank additionally gives a Legendary Cookie or Pet, with each episode having its own Legendary selection. For episodes with multiple associated Legendary units, only one can be selected when the reward is received. The Breakout Rewards from different Episodes do not happen on the same day.

Friendship Energy and Friendship Coins can be exchanged with friends in Breakout Mode. Exchanging Friendship Energy will give one extra Energy to both friends' Cookies, or two extra Energy if the players are Facebook friends. The same goes with exchanging Friendship Coins, except you will get a 1% coin boost instead of energy. They can be exchanged with multiple friends to add up to 20 extra starting Energy or Coin boost, which will apply to all Cookies run in the Breakout Episode until the next Breakout Reward.

Practice Mode

Starting from Season 5, a Practice Mode was introduced, similar to the Practice Mode of Trophy Race. As long as a Stage has been previously reached, it can be practiced from the Map Info screen. The player can choose any Cookie, Pet, and Treasures to run with, and run from either the beginning of the stage or from a checkpoint. Checkpoints can be placed after ending either a standard run or practice run. As a practice, the score does not count towards the Breakout Reward, but Coins, Jelly Missions, and Light Spheres are kept as normal.

List of Breakout Episodes

There are nine different Breakout Episodes, but only three are available to be played. New episodes replace old ones when added, and old episodes are planned to be rotated back in on occasion.

Currently Active

Fragrant Lotus Paradise

This episode continues from Yogurca and the compass the Cookies found leads to Fragrant Lotus Paradise. It replaced Lost City of Sugarteara in the Season 6 update.

Escape from the Oven

Escape from the Oven.png

This Episode features the Cookies escaping from the Witch's Oven and going on an adventure to new worlds. This was the first episode released along with the Season 2 update, and is the longest episode, being the only Episode to be split into chapters. After being replaced by Sands of Yogurca, this Episode returned in December 2019 in a condensed form with shorter stages and 12 Cookies per run instead of 20 and again in the Season 6 Update with only 10 cookies per run.

Black Sugar Pirate Ship

Black Sugar Pirate Ship.png

Originally released as Special Episode 1, this Episode was dedicated to Coin Farming, and scoring was based only on Coins collected. Cookies did not get tired from running in this episode, which was particularly useful for Cheesecake Cookie and Mint Choco Cookie, though there is a daily limit for coins which is 600,000. This episode also previously contained Ancient Coin Pouches which could be used to purchase items from the Ocean Shop, the precursor to the Breakout Shop.

Currently Inactive

Spooky Spider Mansion

File:Spooky Spider Mansion.png

This episode is a Coin Farming episode like previous Special Episode 2 episodes, with a story of Blackberry Cookie losing an old doll belonging to Onion Cookie and going to the neighboring Spider Mansion, the home of Truffle Cookie, to retrieve it. Scoring is based entirely on Coins collected, and four Cookies (Adventurer Cookie, Blackberry Cookie, Truffle Cookie, and Onion Cookie) cause large chests full of Coins to appear while running. This episode also features Spider Mansion Coins, which are incorporeal until a Ghost Coin Party is activated, and secret rooms, accessible from locked doors. This episode was added during the update of the same name, and replaced the City of Wizards.

Lost City of Sugarteara

Lost City of Sugarteara.png

This Episode continues the story of the Tower of Frozen Waves (OvenBreak), in which Peppermint Cookie and Sorbet Shark Cookie travel to the city at the bottom of the ocean to rescue Sea Fairy Cookie, and get involved in a conflict between Lobster Cookie and Mocha Ray Cookie. The unique gimmick of this Episode is vehicle segments, where the Cookie boards a submarine which uses its own separate Energy bar. This replaces Bonus Time on the HUD. Lost City of Sugarteara was added with Season 5, replacing Sands of Yogurca.

City of the Millennial Tree

City of the Millennial Tree.png

Originally released as Breakout Episode 2 with the Season 3 update, this Episode features an adventure through the City of the Millennial Tree and its ancient temples and altars, including the throne room cursed by Pomegranate Cookie. The stages feature a large amount of vertical mobility, and many Cookies and Pets didn't function well with this feature and were not allowed as a result. This episode was replaced by Escape from the Oven when it returned and later replaced the same episode when it returned on February 8, 2021. It was replaced by Escape from the Oven in the Season 6 update on June 28.

Escape from the Oven

Escape from the Oven.png

This Episode features the Cookies escaping from the Witch's Oven and going on an adventure to new worlds. This was the first episode released along with the Season 2 update, and is the longest episode, being the only Episode to be split into chapters. After being replaced by Sands of Yogurca, this Episode returned in December 2019 in a condensed form with shorter stages and 12 Cookies per run instead of 20. It replaced City of the Millenial Tree in the Season 6 update on June 28.

Sands of Yogurca

Sands of Yogurca.png

This Episode features Alchemist Cookie sailing to the faraway city of Yogurca, and working with Yogurt Cream Cookie to find the cause of a blizzard recently seen in the desert. This is the only episode to feature branching paths, and the first with story cutscenes. Sands of Yogurca was added along with the Season 4 reworks to Breakout Mode, and so it was the first Episode designed with Light Spheres.

The City of Wizards

File:The City of Wizards.png

This episode features the exploration of the city abandoned by the ancient wizards and protected by Moonlight Cookie. These stages previously appeared in The City of Wizards Events as well as the LINE Episode of the same name. This Episode was added during The City of Wizards: The Wizard Archives, and replaced Black Sugar Pirate Ship.

Breakout Shop

Main article: Breakout Shop

Legendary Cookies in the Breakout Shop.

The Breakout Shop was introduced to replace Mystery Boxes and the Ocean Shop. It uses Light Spheres as currency.

Most Legendary Cookies and Pets are sold here. Each of them has the same price of 1,000 Light Spheres, and after one is purchased, they cannot be bought for another week. The Millennial Tree Jelly Set and Pirate Cookie's Sea Overlord Costume were moved here and are sold under the Cosmetics tab. A variety of consumable items appear in the general Items section, including multiple tiers of Cookie Chests and Pet Eggs, Coins and Magic Powder, and tickets like Special Blessing Tickets. Only five consumable items are available at a time, with stock changing daily, and an item may be on sale for up to 50% off. Valuable items such as Special 10+1 Incantations have a purchase limit.

Light Spheres


Light Spheres are found in fixed positions in Breakout Episodes, and can be collected once per week, resetting when the Breakout Reward is received. The collectible Light Spheres come in two varieties, yellow ones worth 5 Light Spheres and blue ones worth 15. During a x2 Light Spheres event, these values do not change, but more Light Spheres will appear in spots they normally do not.

Deprecated Mechanics

Mini Cookie Jar

A Mini Cookie Jar.

Mini Cookie Jars were found in Breakout Mode before the Season 4 rework. They contained a small number of Common Cookies or Pets (despite the name and appearance), as well as a single Rare Cookie or Pet.

Witch's Jar

Before the September 28, 2018 expansion of the City of the Millennial Tree, the Weekly Reward was known as the Witch's Jar. Instead of guaranteed Crystals and Legendary Cookies or Pets, the Witch's Jar would have random items inside, and better high scores would give better quality Jars. The high score could be set on either episode, and there were no relative scoring ranks.

Mystery Boxes

A Mystery Box in Episode 1 Chapter 1.

Before the Season 4 rework, items currently available in the Breakout Shop were available from two different sources, depending on the Episode. Episodes 1 and 2 had Mystery Boxes, and the Special Episode had Ancient Coin Pouches.

Mystery Boxes functioned similarly to the Mystery Boxes in Cookie Run (LINE). Five different types of Mystery Box were available, one for each of the four Chapters in Episode 1 and one for Episode 2. Mystery Boxes would fly like an Ingredient Pouch in Episode 1 or float in place in Episode 2, and they would be opened after a Cookie finishes running. Mystery Boxes could contain Crystals, Coins, or a Mystic Jewel, with Boxes of the same type giving the same type of Jewel. After enough Mystic Jewels of one type were collected, they could be exchanged for a random reward from a Reward List, in a fashion very similar to the Mystic Jewels in the Champions League.

Each type of Mystery Box and Mystery Jewel was aesthetically themed after the area it was found in, and the Cookies, Pets or Treasures on the Reward List matched the theme as well. Chapter 1 had a Witch theme, with a Supreme Cookie Chest and Supreme Pet Egg as rewards. Chapter 2 had a water theme, and Sea Fairy Cookie and Ice Pearl Coral were on the Reward List. Chapter 3 had a fire theme, and Fire Spirit Cookie and the Red Egg of Resurrection as rewards. Finally, Chapter 4 had a demonic theme, and Dark Enchantress Cookie and Candy Cane Staff of Darkness as rewards. Fewer Mystery Jewels were required for a reward here due to Chapter 4 being only three stages long and taking a long time to reach. The Mystic Jewels in City of the Millennial Tree could give Magmabird or Emerald Golem, as well as Millennial Tree Cookie after he was added, though Jewels were harder to get than in Episode 1.

Ancient Coin Pouches

An Ancient Coin Pouch.

Black Sugar Pirate Ship had Ancient Coins instead of Mystery Boxes, found in random amounts in Ancient Coin Pouches. These appeared in the same fixed positions, but whether they actually appeared was semi-randomly determined based on how many runs the player had already done, as the more runs the player had done in a day, the less Pouches appeared.

These Coins could be spent at the Ocean Shop for Ocean Dragon, Pirate Cookie's Sea Overlord Costume, and various Cookies, Pets, and Magic Candy Ingredients.


  • August 30, 2017
    • Escape from the Oven added.
    • Mystery Boxes and Mystery Jewels added.
    • Witch's Jar added.
  • October 25, 2017
    • Difficulty of Stage 4-2 adjusted.
    • Stage 4-3, Creepy Kitchen, added.
    • Ruby and Diamond ranks divided into 5 subranks.
    • Rainbow Rank added.
    • Mini Cookie Jars now appear in Chapters 1 and 2, while Magic Ingredient Pouches appear in Chapters 3 and 4.
  • April 28, 2018
    • City of the Millennial Tree added with seven stages.
  • July 27, 2018
    • Black Sugar Pirate Ship added.
  • September 28, 2018
    • City of the Millennial Tree expanded to 11 stages.
    • Witch's Jar replaced with Weekly Rewards.
  • October 8, 2018
    • Millennial Tree Cookie added to the Rewards List in City of the Millennial Tree.
  • July 30, 2019
    • Sands of Yogurca added, replacing Escape from the Oven.
    • Breakout Shop and Light Spheres added.
    • Mini Cookie Jars, Mystery Boxes, and the Ocean Shop removed.
    • Breakout Quests removed.
    • Treasures can now only be used once per run.
  • August 13, 2019
    • Thundersnow Yeti added as a Weekly Reward to Sands of Yogurca.
  • December 10, 2019
    • Escape from the Oven returned, replacing City of the Millennial Tree.
  • January 10, 2020
    • The City of Wizards added, replacing Black Sugar Pirate Ship.
  • July 27, 2020
    • Lost City of Sugarteara added, replacing Sands of Yogurca.
    • Practice Mode added.
  • August 27, 2020
    • Spooky Spider Mansion added, replacing The City of Wizards.
  • August 28, 2020
    • In all Breakout Episodes, the maximum number of Coins that can be obtained per day has been changed to 600,000.
  • July 2, 2021
    • Escape from the Oven returned, replacing City of the Millennial Tree.
    • Black Sugar Pirate Ship returned, replacing Spooky Spider Mansion.
  • July 28, 2021
    • Fragrant Lotus Paradise added, replacing Lost City of Sugarteara.


  • Every new Season update has added a new Breakout Episode.
  • The City of the Millennial Tree was added in the Secrets of the Lost City update in Season 3, and Lost City of Sugarteara was added in the unrelated Secret of the Lost City update in Season 5.