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A Breakout Replay Ticket is a ticket item in Cookie Run: OvenBreak added on June 26, 2018. It is used to retry a run in Breakout Mode. A run can be retried during the run or after it is over, when the score is displayed and the options to continue with the next Cookie or return to the menu are shown.

The first time a run is retried it costs one Breakout Replay Ticket, and each retry costs one more Ticket, up to a maximum of five. This does not carry between runs in the same Breakout, so once a Cookie's run is completed, the cost of retrying the next Cookie's run will start at one Replay Ticket again. The first run of the Breakout can be retried as many times as wanted, and the entire run can be restarted for free as well. Crystals can be used if not enough Tickets are owned.

Breakout Replay Tickets are very common, though not as common as Rescue Tickets, and not needed too frequently, though this depends on playstyle. Because they are so common, the decision of whether to retry a run has less to do with whether you have the resources, and more to do with whether you are having fun retrying. Breakout Mode is not highly competitive, and as long as at least Rainbow V Rank is reached, hitting an obstacle or getting bad luck with a random skill is unlikely to affect the final reward.

Breakout Replay Ticket Magic Laboratory Recipe
Breakout Certificate.png + Bronze Piece of Paper.png + Bronze Ink.png + Coin 001.png 5,000 = Breakout Replay Ticket.png
Breakout Certificate ×3 Bronze Piece of Paper ×10 Bronze Ink ×5 Breakout Replay Ticket ×10