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The Breakout Shop is a shop in Cookie Run: OvenBreak's Breakout Mode. Light Spheres can be spent here for items previously available from Mystic Jewel rewards and the Ocean Shop.

Most Legendary Cookies and Pets are sold here. Each of them has the same price of 1,000 Light Spheres, and after one is purchased, they cannot be bought for another week. The Millennial Tree Jelly Set and Pirate Cookie's Sea Overlord Costume were moved here and are sold under the Cosmetics tab. A variety of consumable items appear in the general Items section, including multiple tiers of Cookie Chests and Pet Eggs, Coins and Magic Powder, and tickets like Special Blessing Tickets. Only five consumable items are available at a time, with stock changing daily, and an item may be on sale for up to 50% off. Valuable items such as Special 10+1 Incantations have a purchase limit.

Items Available

Name Image Price Limit
Cookies & Pets
Sea Fairy Cookie Sea Fairy Cookie.png LightSphere.png1000 Once
Fire Spirit Cookie Fire Spirit Cookie.png
Dark Enchantress Cookie Dark Enchantress Cookie.png
Millennial Tree Cookie Millennial Tree Cookie.png
Dreamcatcher Dreamcatcher.png
Thundersnow Yeti Thundersnow Yeti.png
Magmabird Magmabird.png
Emerald Golem Emerald Golem.png
Ocean Dragon Ocean Dragon.png
Wave Drop Wave Drop (OB).png
Luminous Coral Luminous Coral.png LightSphere.png10000 Once
Sea Overlord Pirate Cookie's Sea Overlord.png LightSphere.png3000
Millennial Tree Bark Jelly Millennial Tree Bark Jelly.png LightSphere.png500
Millennial Tree Fruit Jelly Millennial Tree Fruit Jelly.png LightSphere.png800
Millennial Sprout Bear Jelly Millennial Sprout Bear Jelly.png LightSphere.png800
Horns of the Millennial Tree Horns of the Millennial Tree.png LightSphere.png900
Millennial Fruit Bear Jelly Millennial Fruit Bear jelly.png LightSphere.png1000
Grace of the Millennial Tree Grace of the Millennial Tree.png LightSphere.png1100
Full Moon Pearl


Full Moon Pearl.png LightSphere.png1000 Once
Pale Leaf Pale Leaf.png
Special Cookie Chest Special Cookie Chest S3.png LightSphere.png2000 Once
Special Pet Egg Special Pet Egg S3.png LightSphere.png1400 Once
Supreme Cookie Chest Supreme Cookie Chest.png LightSphere.png1800 Once
Supreme Pet Egg Supreme Pet Egg.png LightSphere.png1200 Once
Great Cookie Chest Great Cookie Chest.png LightSphere.png180 None
Great Pet Egg Great Pet Egg.png LightSphere.png120 None
Special 10+1 Incantation Special 10+1 Incantation.png LightSphere.png1500 Once
Special Blessing Ticket Special Blessing Ticket.png LightSphere.png250 None
Treasure Enhancement Ticket Treasure Enhancement Ticket.png LightSphere.png100 None
Rescue Ticket ×10 Rescue Ticket.png LightSphere.png100 None
Magic Powder ×1000 OvenBreak Magic Powder.png LightSphere.png200 None
Magic Powder ×3000 OvenBreak Magic Powder.png LightSphere.png450 3 times
Coins ×300,000 Coins.png LightSphere.png250 None
Coins ×500,000 Coins.png 390 5 (when
on sale)
  1. Always available.


  • July 29, 2019
    • Breakout Shop added.
  • January 9, 2020
    • Thundersnow Yeti added to Breakout Shop.
  • July 28, 2020
    • Dreamcatcher added to Breakout Shop.
  • August 7, 2020
    • Full Moon Pearl added to Breakout Shop.
    • Luminous Coral added to Breakout Shop.
  • February 8, 2021
    • Pale Leaf added to Breakout Shop,
    • Wave Drop added to Breakout Shop.