Bright Cookie's Bright Challenge a limited-time event starting from 27 February to 11 March 2015. Similar to Brave Cookie's Brave Challenge, players are required to reach certain goals with only using Bright Cookie, as described: "Take on various challenges with Bright Cookie and different pets! We've got awesome rewards for each challenge!"

Players must pair Bright Cookie with a specific pet in order to reach certain mission goal. However, any treasures combination can be used. Boosts are allowed except for Cookie Relay. Another specific rule is that missions cannot be completed in Ghost Pirate's Island of Coins.


Obviously, if you didn't have Bright Cookie, just buy with 2,700 Coin 001 and afterwards, upgrade the cookie into maximum level for extra energy and XP Bonus. The upgrade cost are not suprisingly very low, so don't think twice to upgrade this cookie.

The more challenging issue here is to collect all pets. This is going to be a tough challenge if you didn't have 43 different pets included in the mission. The point key for getting more pets are upgrading each pet to level 8 before hatching another pet, which will consume very large sum of coins and Crystals. However, you have 12 days to fulfill all missions, so it's not impossible. If you didn't have all pets, you can get more pets with these tricks:

  1. For C-grade pets, you can get these pets for free from Pets Lucky Draw. Pets Lucky Draw more likely will hatch C-grade pets before B-grade. Thus, once you earn C-grade pets, immediately upgrade them to level 8. The upgrade cost is very low, so don't bother. Hopefully, on your next Pets Lucky Draw hatch you will get B-grade pet.
  2. For B-grade pets, you can get these pets for free from Pets Lucky Draw, except for Witty Dumbbell (you have to buy Rare Egg for 10 Crystal). To increase chance of getting new B-grade pets, once you've earned one, upgrade them to level 8. Hopefully, your next Pets Lucky Draw will hatch another B-grade pet. For Witty Dumbbell, make sure you have upgraded all other B-grade pets to guarantee your earning with Rare Egg.
  3. For A-grade and S-grade pets, the only way to get them are buying with Extra Rare Egg for 20 Crystal. It will be very costly if you consistenly buying Extra Rare Egg, but resulted on getting the same pet. To avoid this, make sure you have upgraded every A-grade and S-grade pets you own (except Gold Drop, Luck-o'-Lantern, Brown Balloon, and Cony Balloon) before buying a new one. After getting the new one, do not buy Extra Rare Egg unless you have fully upgraded your latest pet to level 8.

List of Mission GoalsEdit

Pet Mission Goal Reward
Drop of Choco Episode 1, Stage 4 reached 70 GP
Rainbow's End 1M pts achieved 3000 Coin 001
Double Bubble 1234 Coins collected 2 Double XPs
Cheeseberry Episode 1, Stage 6 reached 2 Power Jellies Boosts
Forgotten Stocking 2M pts achieved 2 Energy Boosts
Witty Dumbbell Episode 1, Stage 8 reached 1 Fast Starts
Mocha Delight 3 Bonus Time triggered 3000 Coin 001
Cozy Yarn 3.33M pts achieved 2 Energy Boosts
Electric Beat 2.5M pts achieved 3 Double XPs
Hat of Santa 1 Mystery Box collected 2 Power Jellies Boosts
Dust Unicorn 300 Coins collected 90 GP
Flowercopter 3M pts achieved 4000 Coin 001
Wishing Star Revived 2 [times] 2 Cookie Relays
Brain Gum 3 Mystery Boxes collected 100 MP
Dragon's Tail Ep 1, Stage 11 reached 230 GP
Lucky Dice 4M pts achieved 2 Energy Boosts
Enchanted Locket Episode 2, Stage 6 reached 100 MP
Pirate's Bomb 6000 Coins collected 3 Power Jellies Boosts
Ginger Ghost Saved from a [w]hole 8 times 100 MP
Snow Blossom 3000 XP achieved 3 Double XPs
Jellyco Cube 6M pts achieved 5000 Coin 001
AWOL Cracker Episode 2, Stage 5 reached 3 Energy Boosts
Glitter Ball 6.5M pts achieved 150 GP
Foxy Bead 2000 Coins collected 2 Fast Starts
Flame Bat 5000 XP achieved 3 CookieRunCrystal
Magic Pod 5 Bonus Time triggered 100 GP
Book of Wizdom 8M pts achieved 100 MP
Spotlight Fan Episode 2, Stage 7 reached 300 MP
Lemon Slice 20M pts achieved 250 MP
Rocket Firecracker Saved from a [w]hole 10 times 5 CookieRunCrystal
Fluffy Cheese Cat 10000 Coins collected 3 Double XPs
Purple Candle Episode 3, Stage 4 reached 100 MP
Pistachio Firefly 12.34M pts achieved 6000 Coin 001
Jelly Scale 15M pts achieved 200 MP
Coin Scale 13000 Coins collected 200 MP
Oak Barrel Episode 3, Stage 5 reached 5 CookieRunCrystal
Backpacky 7M pts achieved 6000 Coin 001
Paprika Punching Bag 5000 Coins collected 5 Double XPs
Snow Globe 9M pts achieved 7000 Coin 001
Yule Log Cake Episode 3, Stage 3 reached 5 Energy Boosts
Ghost Butler 22M pts achieved 250 MP
Pink Candy 12M pts achieved 8000 Coin 001

For finishing certain amount of mission goals above, you will get the bonuses below. Mission goals can be cleared in any order.

Bonus Mission Goal Reward
8 challenges completed 8 CookieRunCrystal
16 challenges completed 10 CookieRunCrystal
25 challenges completed 1000 MP
34 challenges completed 12 CookieRunCrystal
43 challenges (all) completed 3000 MP

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