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Burning Days are a Cookie Run: OvenBreak mechanic that replaces Burning Time. Instead of a frequent Event giving Cookies increased XP or coins, a special effect is always active, and the effect active changes each day. The effects for the days of the current week can be seen by tapping the "Burning Day!" text on the Play menu.

Effects By Day

Day Effect
Day 1 Endless Stamina
Day 2 Free Rescue
Day 3 Free Cookie Relay
Day 4 Coin Bonus 50%
Day 5 Endless Stamina
Day 6 Free Cookie Relay
Day 7 Free Rescue

Effect Details

Endless Stamina

Endless Stamina.png

All Cookies besides Cheesecake Cookie and Mint Choco Cookie never become tired, no matter how many times they are run. Cheesecake Cookie and Mint Choco Cookie are excluded due to their status as special Coin farmers.

Free Rescue

Free Rescue.png

Cookies are rescued from falls without having to use a Rescue Ticket or Crystals. However, Energy is still lost.

Free Cookie Relay

Free Cookie Relay.png

Relay Cookies run without needing to pay 1,000 Coins. This is not useful in modes without mid-run relays like Breakout Mode and Cookie Trials.

Coin Bonus 50%

Coin Bonus.png

The Coin Bonus multiplier that is increased by Escape Level is increased by 50. A multiplier of 60%, the maximum on other days, will become 110%.

Trophy Bonus 20%

Trophy Bonus.png

An effect that was removed on August 27th, 2020. The Trophies gained or lost based on ranking in Trophy Race were increased by 20%. Gold tickets were unaffected. The day after the Champions League ended was always a Trophy Bonus day, so that participants could recover their reset Trophies easier. As Trophies are no longer lost from playing Champions League with the addition of Land's End and Tiers, this Burning Day was replaced with a second Free Rescue day.

Burning Time

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Before the addition of Burning Days, Burning Time was a short-lived Event like in LINE Cookie Run. The only effect was Endless Stamina. After the addition of Burning Days, Burning Time has never reappeared.


  • The days of the week are labelled as Days 1-7 instead of the proper names of Monday, Tuesday, etc. to avoid confusion between Korean Standard Time and the time zones of the United States.


  • January 20, 2017
    • Burning Time happened as an event for the first time.
  • February 28, 2017
    • Burning Days added.
  • August 27, 2020
    • Trophy Bonus 20% replaced with Free Rescue.