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This Ingredient category lists all A-grade Ingredients.

Treasure Ep. Picture Possible Treasure Evolutions
Magic Stone Ornament all
Magic Stone Ornament.png
Witch's Scented Oil 1
Witch's Scented Oil.png
Tickly Cat Whiskers 1
Tickly Cat Whiskers.png
Rainbow Earthworm 1
Rainbow Earthworm.png
Nutritious Pumpkin Honey 1
Nutritious Pumpkin Honey.png
Poisonous Frog's Belly Skin 1
Poisonous Frog's Belly Skin.png
Caramelized Tree Bark 1
Caramelized Tree Bark.png
Giant Octopus Sucker 1
Giant Octopus Sucker.png
Hermit Crab's Home 1
Hermit Crab's Home.png
Green Tea Cliff Edge 2
Green Tea Cliff Edge.png
Soul Shackle 2
Soul Shackle.png
Color Splashed Grapes 2
Color Splashed Grapes.png
Dungeon Candy 2
Dungeon Candy.png
King Parrot's Crowned Beak 2
King Parrot's Crowned Beak.png
Monkey's Red Butt Hair 2
Monkey's Red Butt Hair.png
Piece of Burnt Scroll 2
Piece of Burnt Scroll.png
Giant Dragonfly Wing 2
Giant Dragonfly Wing.png
A Sugar Flower Petal 2
A Sugar Flower Petal.png
Bloodstone 3
Blazing Fire Poker 3
Blazing Fire Poker.png
Rare Tiny Organism 3
Rare Tiny Organism.png
Scorching Hot Spring Water 3
Scorching Hot Spring Water.png
Baby Dragon Doodle 3
Baby Dragon Doodle.png
Salamander Tail 3
Salamander Tail.png
Golden Button 3
Golden Button.png
Sticky Purple Slime 4
Sticky Purple Slime.png
Lucky Crystal 4
Lucky Crystal.png
Nightmare Extract 4
Nightmare Extract.png
Lonely Wizard's Tear 4
Lonely Wizard's Tear.png
Nependeath Lips 4
Nependeath Lips.png
5 Colored Pepper 4
5 Colored Pepper.png
Rainbow Ink 4
Rainbow Ink.png
Steel Gear Piece 4
Steel Gear Piece.png
Ground-up Sturgeon Bones S1
Ground-up Sturgeon Bones.png
Captain's Eye Patch S1
Captain's Eye Patch.png
Vengeful Pirate Ghost S1
Vengeful Pirate Ghost.png
Handful of Ice Salt S2
Handful of Ice Salt.png
Goblin Shark's Red Tooth S2
Goblin Shark's Red Tooth.png
Frozen Sea Breeze S2
Frozen Sea Breeze.png

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