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This Ingredient category lists all C, B, A, S, and SS Ingredients that appear in Episode 4: The City of Wizards.

Treasure Grade Picture Possible Treasure Evolutions
Volcanic Crystal of Abyss SS
Volcanic Crystal of Abyss
Golden Sand from a Magic Hourglass SS
Golden Sand from a Magic Hourglass
Poisonous Leaf of Immortality SS
Poisonous Leaf of Immortality
Magic Golden Seal SS
Magic Golden Seal
Galaxy Powder SS
Galaxy Powder
New-born Star Piece SS
New-born Star Piece
Moonlight Dream Essence SS
Moonlight Dream Essence
Cloud Angel's Wing S
Cloud Angel's Wing
Mandrgora's Honey Ginseng S
Mandrgora's Honey Ginseng
Time Stopping Powder S
Time Stopping Powder
Wind-Up Doll's Golden Winder S
Wind-Up Doll's Golden Winder
Time Binding Magic Band S
Time Binding Magic Band
Fragment of Mirror Reflecting Destruction S
Fragment of Mirror Reflecting Destruction
Unicorn's Rainbow Horn S
Unicorn's Rainbow Horn
Sticky Purple Slime A
Sticky Purple Slime
Lucky Crystal A
Lucky Crystal
Nightmare Extract A
Nightmare Extract
Lonely Wizard's Tear A
Lonely Wizard's Tear
Nependeath Lips A
Nependeath Lips
5 Colored Pepper A
5 Colored Pepper
Rainbow Ink A
Rainbow Ink
Steel Gear Piece A
Steel Gear Piece
Mysterious Maze Piece B
Mysterious Maze Piece
Dried Flower Petal B
Dried Flower Petal
Star Shaped Brass Cap B
Star Shaped Brass Cap
Pink Waxcap Mushroom B
Pink Waxcap Mushroom
Rusty Brass Piece C
Rusty Brass Piece
Part of Bookworm's Eyeglasses C
Part of Bookworm's Eyeglasses

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