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Coins are the main and the most common currency in Cookie Run: OvenBreak. They can be obtained freely and indefinitely from many different methods. Coins allow the player to buy the lowest qualities of Chests and Pet Eggs, upgrade Cookies, Pets, and Treasures, apply blessings to Magic Candy, and with Enhancement Stones, enhance level 12 Treasures.

Types of Coins

There are several generic types of coins that are frequently seen.

Silver Coins are worth 1 Coin, and are the most commonly seen coin. There are three types of Silver Coins, the normal one, Giant Silver Coins, and Shiny Silver Coins. Shiny Silver Coins can be obtained only when you are using Coin Silver Crown. As the name states, the coin are colored silver and can be obtained while playing at a fairly standard rate.

Gold Coins are worth 10 Coins, and are not quite as common. They are golden and slightly bigger than Silver Coins, hence the name. Gold Coins tend to appear in small formations of Gold Coins, or in somewhat hard to reach areas.

Giant Silver Coins are worth 20 Coins, and surprisingly, are less common than Giant Gold Coins. They are not usually difficult to grab when they do appear.

Giant Gold Coins are worth 100 Coins. As the name implies, these coins are Gold Coins, just much bigger and worth 10 times as much. This coin tends to appear in big formations of Giant Gold Coins, or in harder to reach areas such as Bonus Time.

Pirate Ship Coins

On Black Sugar Pirate Ship and in Pirate Cookie's Trial, as well as Sorbet Shark Cookie's Trial and Lost City of Sugarteara, Coins with a skull and crossbones emblem appear. Pirate Ship Coins are not attracted by magnetic abilities like typical coins are, but Pirate Cookie and Sorbet Shark Cookie have special magnets that will only attract Pirate Ship Coins. The coin value is identical to a normal coin of the same denomination.

Spider Mansion Coins

Spider Mansion Coins are another Coin variant, present in Spooky Spider Mansion and Truffle Cookie's Trial. They are initially transparent and intangible. Touching a Ghost Party Jelly makes nearby Spider Mansion Coins opaque, and allows them to be collected. Spooky Spider Mansion also introduces an embellished Giant Gold Coin with a bear design, worth 1,000 Coins, which was later seen in Survival Run and in Super Fashion Week after a patch.

Coin Points

Each coin obtained by the Cookie in the game (not from Treasures/bonuses) gives points too. It is relatively low in comparison to normal Jellies, but the value is still there.

Coin Type Coin Value Points
Silver Coin 1 333
Shiny Silver Coin 1 2100-4800
Golden Coin 10 555
Giant Silver Coin 20 678
Giant Gold Coin 100 26666

Earning Coins

Coins can be earned in many ways.

During runs

Coins can been seen floating in the air on most maps of the game. These can be collected either directly via the Cookie, or a Pet can grab them with a Magnet Jelly in effect. They also are available in Bonus Time. The Coin Magic Power Jelly converts all obstacles on screen into Silver Coins. At the end of runs, the player's Coin Bonus is added, then the total adds to the player's final amount of coins. The Coin Bonus is increased up to Escape Level 60, and doubles on one of the Burning Days.

Cookies that give more coins

  • Cheesecake Cookie, gives Coin Fireworks after collecting a certain number of Invitation Jellies.
  • Mint Choco Cookie, who spawns small patterns of coins randomly during the run.
  • Pirate Cookie, whose ship fires out coins.
  • Squid Ink Cookie, who spawns five Ink-stained Coins before going into their larger ability.
  • Sandwich Cookie, who is paid in Coins for filling orders, and receives less for getting orders wrong.

Note: While Chili Pepper Cookie spawns what look like coins, these do not add to the total, and she should not be used for this purpose.

Pets that give more coins

The Pets listed below are only pets that directly give coins.

Treasures that give more coins

The following Treasures are listed from most to least useful in terms of how many coins they give.

Note: Coin Silver Crown only increases the points value of coins, it does not increase how many are obtained, and should not be used for the purpose of obtaining more coins.

Coin Farming

Coin Farming is a term many players use to refer to the most effective way to earn coins while playing games. There are several methods of earning coins quickly. The objective of coin farming is to either earn a large amount of coins in a relatively short run or earning the biggest possible amount of coins in a long run, using a combination of a unique set of Cookies, Pets, and Treasures. Black Sugar Pirate Ship, is an exceptionally good way to farm coins; in fact, it was designed with this purpose in mind. Since both it and The City of Wizards, its replacement, were rotated out Breakout, Spooky Spider Mansion has become the de facto Episode to Coin Farm.

Jelly Mission

When the player completes the Jelly Missions, one of the possible rewards from the Reward Wheel is Coins.

Buying with Crystals

When in need, players can purchase more coins with Crystals they own. Players in the main window of the game can tap the Coin bar and a Coin Shop will pop-up offering coins with five different price pack. However, this is highly discouraged, as there are many better ways to acquire coins.

Magic Laboratory

Coins can be created in the Magic Laboratory as well.

Coins Magic Laboratory Recipe
Gray Sugar Crystal.png + Mysterious Bronze Pouch.png + Coin 001.png 5,000 = Stack of Coins.png
Gray Sugar Crystal ×5 Mysterious Bronze Pouch ×10 Coin 001.png ×50,000
Coin Pouch Magic Laboratory Recipe
Gray Sugar Crystal.png + Mysterious Silver Pouch.png + Coin 001.png 5,000 = Coin Pouch.png
Gray Sugar Crystal ×20 Mysterious Silver Pouch ×5 Coin 001.png ×250,000
Coin Chest Magic Laboratory Recipe
Solid Gray Sugar Crystal.png + Mysterious Golden Pouch.png + Coin 001.png 100,000 = File:Coin Chest.png
Solid Gray Sugar Crystal ×5 Mysterious Golden Pouch ×5 Coin 001.png ×1,000,000
Coin Cart Magic Laboratory Recipe
Solid Gray Sugar Crystal.png + Mysterious Diamond Pouch.png + Coin 001.png 200,000 = File:Coin Cart.png
Solid Gray Sugar Crystal ×15 Mysterious Diamond Pouch ×2 Coin 001.png ×3,000,000

Repeats of Max Cookies & Pets

Receiving a Cookie or Pet from the Gacha that is already Max level gives a good amount of Coins. As the Gacha tries to avoid giving Max level Cookies and Pets, this typically doesn't start happening until all the units of the same rarity are Max level. Rare Cookies and Pets are received from all Gacha Chests and Eggs, as well as Gold Chests and other sources. Once all of them are Level 20, receiving more of them supplies a very steady supply of Coins. This is typically enough that players do not need to farm Coins or worry about their Coin amount once they reach this point.

Using coins while running

In some rare situations, Coins are spent while running. The Pets Energy Scale and Panda Dumpling will revive the Cookie if they have collected enough Coins, and the Treasure Ion Microchip upgrades and creates more valuable Jellies for each 1,000 Coins collected. Before enhancements it can upgrade up to v3, and once enhanced it will upgrade to v4. Coins can also be spent in shops found in some maps, particularly the Lively Morning Bazaar of Sands of Yogurca and Firecracker Cookie's Trial.

1,000 Coins are also spent to switch to the Relay Cookie in modes where they are available, except on Free Relay Burning Days. The Coins needed to use a Relay are spent from the player's Coin reserves instead of needing to be found on the map.