Collect Magic Runes (also known as Let's put the Dragon back to sleep!) is a limited-time event in which players have to collect specific magic runes to complete each set of Magic Circle to put the Dragon back to sleep. There are 3 kinds of Magic Circle players have to complete to obtain all the rewards. Magic runes float in bubbles and cannot be attracted with magnetic aura throughout the stages.

Unlike other events, this event only lasts for one week. Ghost Pirate's Island of Coins and Tower of Frozen Waves are excluded from the event.

List of Magic CirclesEdit

Magic Circle 1
First Magic Circle
Golden Fortune Dough 1
CookieRunCrystal 10
Coin 001 10,000
Magic Circle 2
Second Magic Circle
Golden Fortune Dough 1
CookieRunCrystal 20
Key 5
Magic Circle 3
Third Magic Circle
Rainbow Fortune Dough 1
CookieRunCrystal 30
Supreme Treasure Chest Ticket 1


  • It is not necessary to obtain some magic runes, such as the numbers.
  • Blackberry Cookie's Paranormal Activity, Peppermint Cookie's dolphins, and Cheeseberry can help pick up the bubbles for you, making it easier for you to gather the magic runes.
  • Auto-farming may also help you to gain magic runes bit by bit.


  • The words used to make the dragon go to sleep is the lyrics to a famous nursery rhyme.



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