Quote1 Monsoon Season is coming! Collect Rain Boots for Cookies! Quote2
―Newsletter in Mail Box
Quote1 Where are my rain boots? Quote2
Soda Cookie

Collect Rain Boots is a limited-time event in which players have to collect fifteen rain boots for Cookies to obtain the rewards. Rain boots float in bubbles in episodes excluding Ghost Pirate's Island of Coins and Tower of Frozen Waves. Like most flying jellies, these ingredients cannot be attracted with magnetic aura.

List of Rain Boots Edit

Rain Boots event page
Representing Cookie Quantity
Brave Cookie Rain Boot Brave Cookie 1 pair
Bright Cookie Rain Boot Bright Cookie 1 pair
Strawberry Cookie Rain Boot Strawberry Cookie 1 pair
Cloud Cookie Rain Boot Cloud Cookie 1 pair
Cheerleader Cookie Rain Boot Cheerleader Cookie 1 pair
Devil Cookie Rain Boot Devil Cookie 1 pair
Cherry Cookie Rain Boot Cherry Cookie 1 pair
Apple Cookie Rain Boot Apple Cookie 1 pair
Soda Cookie Rain Boot Soda Cookie 1 pair
Lemon Cookie Rain Boot Lemon Cookie 1 pair
Orange Cookie Rain Boot Orange Cookie 1 pair
Lime Cookie Rain Boot Lime Cookie 1 pair
White Choco Cookie Rain Boot White Choco Cookie 1 pair
Herb Cookie Rain Boot Herb Cookie 1 pair
Cotton Candy Cookie Rain Boot Cotton Candy Cookie 1 pair

Trivia Edit

  • Cotton Candy Cookie's rain boots were featured in this event, despite being an upcoming Cookie at the time of the event. This is possibly because this event occurred after the release of Cotton Candy Cookie in the Kakao version and LINE decided to not make changes.
  • Items not included in the table above can be ignored. Such items include ice cream, nuts, drum sticks, fish, tacks, bones, carrots, mangoes, stars, sugar cubes, and pink peppermint candies.
  • A rain boot could still appear even after you reached the required number of that rain boot.
  • Rain boots may continue to appear in the same game after you collect the very last required rain boot. However, rain boots will no longer appear in any of the plays henceforth.