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Cony Balloon is an A-grade pet released exclusively in LINE version, together with Brown Balloon. It was given for free during the New Pets event from April 18, 2014 to May 14, 2014 5pm GMT+9. The pet is unlocked automatically when you reached level 7. The pet now cannot be collected in any way.

Many players reported that the pet does not give its Coin Bonus effect. In fact, the Coin Bonus effect is active, however there's no visual cues that shows the pet is giving its said "20-25% Coin Bonus". Its actual bonus will be shown after all visual effects of points, coin, and XP bonuses are played over, where the coin amount suddenly changes into a higher number.


Saves cookie after falling down a pit, gives bonus Coins after the game ends.


One of the special balloons the witch brought back with her after her relaxing island vacation. This balloon just looks like it's bursting with energy. It's lovely face crumples when it's mad, so remember to always keep it in a good mood.


Level Skill Effect Upgrade Cost
1 1 save, 20% Coin Bonus N/A
2 1 save, 20,5% Coin Bonus 17,000
3 1 save, 21% Coin Bonus 20,000
4 1 save, 21.5% Coin Bonus 23,000
5 1 save, 22% Coin Bonus 26,000
6 1 save, 22.5% Coin Bonus 29,000
7 1 save, 23% Coin Bonus 32,000
8 1 save, 25% Coin Bonus 35,000

Trivia Edit

  • Originally when Cony Balloon is selected, in the Weekly Rankings its image was replaced with Drop of Choco. However, after The City of Wizards was released, Cony Balloon's image was normal due to game updates.
  • Cony Balloon, along with Fluffy Cheese Cat, Uncooling Teacup, Panda Dumpling, Pink Candy, and Brown Balloon are the only pets thus far not to have sparkly/starry eyes during Bonus Time - Cony Balloon has heart shaped eyes instead.