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CookieWars was a game from the Cookie Run franchise by Devsisters. Although retaining almost the same characters as other other games in the franchise, CookieWars was a player-vs-player tower defense game and the first non-platform running game in Cookie Run universe.

The closed beta test for Korean players was available in April 2018, the soft launch was released on July 26, 2018, in three countries: Canada, Hong Kong, and Thailand.[3] A Global launch of the game was made on August 23rd, 2018, although China and Japan were excluded from release.

Due to its heavily different genre than the main games of the series, CookieWars relied on different mechanics that involved strategy, something that was less present in the other games. Players could either play in a set of stages to complete a story, against another player, or in several mini-games to earn rewards.


CookieWars was initially teased alongside several other games under the Cookie Run IP, and was the first of them to come out, with the CBT of the game being presented in April of 2018. Shortly after, in July, the game was given a soft launch for a testing period, and then properly released the following month.

The game was quite popular for a time and even earned the Google Play Best of 2018 Excellence Award in Korea.[4] However, there was frequent unease in the playerbase over continual nerfs to the ways that premium currencies and higher-rarity units could be obtained, especially as these nerfs were not always noted down by Devsisters or OrumLabs.

After January 17, 2019, the game stopped receiving updates without a statement made as to why, and was held in a limbo state. While still playable, no developments were made towards the game, and events simply repeated endlessly.

OrumLabs was also revealed to have been terminated due to its poor performance, potentially even because of bankruptcy.[5]

On April 15th, 2020, it was announced that CookieWars' service would come to an end[6] on May 15th, 2020, citing an inability to keep the servers going despite the desire to.



Collectable Items


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Game Modes

Story Mode

The player goes through levels in various worlds. Each world has 10 levels. Each level has 3 star requirements, which once met allow the player to send their Units through the level without actually playing it. There are various Battle Modes present in Story Mode:

Base Battle Win by destroying enemy's main base.
Escort Battle Win by escorting your Base to the other side of the map. Watch out, Jelly Walkers will try to attack your Base.
Survival Win by guarding your Base for a given time from the Jelly Walkers.
BOSS Every boss requires a special approach! Use the best strategy you have!
No. World
1 Ghostly Forest
2 Underground Tunnel
3 Red Desert
4 Dr. Wasabi's Laboratory
5 Primeval Forest
6 Sticky Swamp
7 Crystal Cave
8 Cliffy Bay
9 Tropical Jelly Island


Survival Mode

Main article: Survival Mode

Special Modes

Mode Unlock Requirement
Elemental Dungeons User Lv.7
Tower of Experience User Lv.8
Star Exploration User Lv.13


Similar to the life system in LINE Cookie Run and Kakao Cookie Run, Hearts are one of the main factors in Cookie Wars. Every time a level was played, the player would lose hearts. The total capped heart amount would increase by level. Once the player loses less than the cap amount, they would slowly get them back over time, however, the hearts can also overflow over the cap amount. Hearts can be obtained in the shop, or by quests, playtime rewards, daily rewards or levels.


There are three types of currency in CookieWars, Gold, Crystals, and Medals. Coins are used to buy regular low rarity pulls and in many forms of upgrades, while Crystals are used to buy higher level premium pulls. Medals are used to buy Units, Pets, and other objects from the PVP exchange center, and can be earned by winning PVP matches. Coins and Crystals can be earned by playing levels, completing quests, playtime rewards or daily rewards, and, of course, by purchasing them with real-life currency.

Music Boxes

Icon Type Winding Time Potential Rewards
Common Music Box 20 ~ 40 minutes 1 Rare Music Box

10~50 Crystals

1,000~5,000 Gold

1 Radiant Unit Ticket

1 Radiant Pet Ticket

1 Radiant Treasure Ticket

1~3 Radiant Donut Ticket

1~3 Melee Unit Power Jelly I

1~3 Ranged Unit Power Jelly I

1~3 Siege Unit Power Jelly I

1~3 Support Unit Power Jelly I

1~3 Spell Power Jelly I

Rare Music Box 1 ~ 3 hours 1 Epic Music Box

150~500 Crystals

15,000~50,000 Gold

2~6 Radiant Unit Ticket

2~6 Radiant Pet Ticket

2~6 Radiant Treasure Ticket

2~6 Radiant Donut Ticket

1~3 Melee Unit Power Jelly II

1~3 Ranged Unit Power Jelly II

1~3 Siege Unit Power Jelly II

1~3 Support Unit Power Jelly II

1~3 Spell Power Jelly II

Epic Music Box 4 ~ 8 hours 1 Mythic Music Box

300~1,000 Crystals

30,000~100,000 Gold

1 Epic Unit Ticket

1 Epic Pet Ticket

1 Grade S+ Treasure Ticket

1~3 Grade S+ Donut Ticket

2~6 Radiant Unit Ticket

2~6 Radiant Pet Ticket

2~6 Radiant Treasure Ticket

2~6 Radiant Donut Ticket

2~5 Melee Unit Power Jelly III

2~5 Ranged Unit Power Jelly III

2~5 Siege Unit Power Jelly III

2~5 Support Unit Power Jelly III

2~5 Spell Power Jelly III

1~3 Epic Melee Super Jelly

1~3 Epic Ranged Super Jelly

1~3 Epic Siege Super Jelly

1~3 Epic Support Super Jelly

1~3 Epic Spell Super Jelly

Mythic Music Box 20 ~ 24 hours 1,000~3,000 Crystals

100,000~300,000 Gold

1 Mythic Unit Ticket

1 Mythic Pet Ticket

1 Grade L Treasure Ticket

1~3 Grade L Donut Ticket

4~10 Radiant Unit Ticket

4~10 Radiant Pet Ticket

4~10 Radiant Treasure Ticket

4~10 Radiant Donut Ticket

3~7 Melee Unit Power Jelly IV

3~7 Ranged Unit Power Jelly IV

3~7 Siege Unit Power Jelly IV

3~7 Support Unit Power Jelly IV

3~7 Spell Power Jelly IV

1~3 Mythic Melee Super Jelly

1~3 Mythic Ranged Super Jelly

1~3 Mythic Siege Super Jelly

1~3 Mythic Support Super Jelly

1~3 Mythic Spell Super Jelly



Daily Quests

Side Quests


Other Mechanics

Playtime Rewards

Quote1.png Stay connected, get rewards! Quote2.png
Alchemist Cookie

Playtime Rewards are gifts granted to the player based on playtime. Playtime rewards refresh alongside Daily Quests

Playtime Rewards
5 min Gold x1,250
15 min Hearts x25
25 min Shiny Donut Ticket x1
35 min Gold x 1,250
45 min Shiny Unit Ticket x1
60 min Crystals x170