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This feature is currently on testing. Procedures in this article may change without notice.

Welcome to Cookie Run Wiki's Improvement Hub section. This page is dedicated to articles that requires improvement.

To nominate an article for the Improvement Hub, simply put {{improve}} on top of the requested page and add the name of the page in the comment section of this article of why you think it's worthy to be put in the Improvement Hub. If you think a page is too good to be an Improvement Hub article, you can also submit a vote to take it out of the Improvement Hub article group in the comment section. You can vote on and nominate multiple articles at the same time. Articles are not competing with each other, and multiple articles can be added to the Improvement Hub at the same time. Any article in the Improvement Hub cannot be a Featured Article until it is taken out of the group.


Article must not contain some problems such as:

  • Article written in first person and/or biased.
  • Article doesn't contain any images.
  • Article isn't categorized and/or sourced where needed.
  • Article has frequent spelling and/or grammatical errors.
  • Article does not fit with the title.
  • Article is not properly made.
  • Article contains an incomplete information.

Current Articles in the Improvement Hub

Last Updated: May 27, 2015
  • Evolve Treasures - Reason: Needs expanding on list of treasures, their effect, and images.
  • Get Pets - Reason: Article is outdated. It also needs plan for future pets to fit in.
  • Ingredients - Reason: No proper description article, incomplete list of ingredients, images, and their possible evolutions.
  • Crystal Engine - Reason: First, the page should need a cleanup on language (personalized, non-encyclopedic style of writing). Second, the page may need to be merged with Crystal (since the Crystal itself also covers about Crystal Engine).
  • Energy Per Second - Reason: The article doesn't appear to be written in the first person point of view.

To see the full list, visit the category page.