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Last Updated: August 4, 2020

Welcome to Cookie Run Wiki!

We are a vastly growing collaborative site dedicated to Cookie Run and its community. To achieve its purpose as a community-friendly Wiki, we will explain what rules and policies that we hope every community members should follow in Cookie Run Wiki.


These are rules that you must strictly follow. Please read them carefully. Any violation of these rules will likely lead into punishment by administrators. Any decision about these rules is final.

Do not cheat

Effective Date: 18 November 2014

We strongly recommend you not to use any cheat, because the game will consistently monitor and ban players who are using cheats, hacks, or other manipulative tools.

Spreading how to cheat, or otherwise abuse the game, may lead to an immediate ban, and in worst case scenarios with your in-game account being reported to the Cookie Run team for termination as well.

Do not vandalize

Effective Date: 24 November 2014

Cookie Run Wikia is welcoming you with a warm hand for editing and expanding the wiki. However, we do not tolerate vandalism - an edit, comment, or forum purposed to harm the content to look unreliable or incorrect, or otherwise damage the page such as the addition of spam.

Any vandalism edits will be removed or rollbacked by administrator and they preserve the right for setting a punishment for vandals. Administrators will also record every vandalism. Three or more vandalism by a single person would lead into temporary or permanent punishment. Depending on severity of the vandalism, a ban may occur earlier. Contents which have been repeatedly vandalized will be protected.

Add your game IDs and Guilds to the proper place

Effective Date: 22 March 2015

We encourage people to use the forum to promote their IDs and Guilds/Teams within the various Cookie Run games. However, placing said IDs into comments sections of various pages shall be considered spam as they do not pertain to the contents of the page and are borderline advertisement.

Be nice to other users

Effective Date: 3 May 2015

We want to make a positive community environment to all users, so administrators will filter any content (in any form including but not limited to texts and images) that includes:

  • Profanity. All profanity will be removed from articles. Blog posts, forum posts, and comments that contain profanity will be deleted, unless proved significant. If that's so, then we will just remove the profanity inside the comment.
  • Adult content, such as pornography or sexual comments. Administrators may impose a temporary or permanent ban as Cookie Run Wikia is a safe-to-children gaming website rated 3+.
  • Any contents that offends a specific race, ethnicity, religion views, gender identity, sexual orientation, diseases, disabilities, or other items that are purposed to discriminates or disrespects a person or entity. Posts will be removed completely and offenders will be given a temporary or permanent ban as we respect each and every individual in this wiki, regardless of their background.
  • Abusive behavior or attacking towards any user. We view our users, contributors, and daily visitors as a highly valuable asset to the Wikia, and administrators will do everything to protect their rights. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and any form of communication that deters them from the Wiki should be prevented. To make it clear, this means attacking people just for expressing a different opinion than yours is not acceptable.
  • Heated debate. To keep things friendly in all articles, any kind of heated argument (that is deemed offensive to one side or both sides) should be dealt with outside of the article, blog post, and/or forums where it is started. A way to do this is through Message Wall or through other medium outside of the wiki. Offenders will be given a warning once, and posts will be removed. Repeated offenders will be given a temporary or permanent ban.


Effective Date: 1 September 2015. Updated in line with Cookie Run official sanctions on November 8, 2018.

Spoilers/leaks of any kind that are not found directly and absolutely within the playable part of the game or within officially announced material are not considered acceptable. This is due to both legal issues and morality.

Please respect the developers and the Wiki and do not spread leaked images, text, or other such content that is not accessible by official means. Failure to follow this rule will likely result in an immediate ban.

Other Rules

Other rules that you must follow (and also apply to Cookie Run Wikia) are listed below.


Policies are different than rules. They are guidelines for every community member (including the admin) to follow. While in many situations the policy need to be followed, they can change depending on the situation. Again, they are not rules. They are just guidelines, so there's absolutely nothing to worry about :)

Writing and Editing Articles

Check out Portal:Guidelines for writing and editing tips, that has been updated periodically whenever a new trend in editing is evolving.

  • The first thing to remember is, don't be afraid to make edits and change things you seem worthy. There is no punishment for editing articles unfavorably! If a mistake is made, it is simple to just undo it.
  • English is the de facto language in this Wiki. Don't hesitate to speak when you have bad English, practice makes perfect!
  • Articles need to follow a good standard of writing, such as punctuation, spelling, grammar, etc.
  • Articles must not be biased or in the other words, factual and reliable.
  • Be bold! You can always create and edit articles, even if you are inexperienced in doing so. Other members can and will help you mold the article to become even better.


You can post any fandom and fan-fictions by creating a blog post or posting in Forum section.

Cookie Run Wiki is not a place for your advertisements or businesses.


We are currently opening positions as an administrator. Details on how becoming the next administator, please click here.

Changes to Rules and Policies

Administators may change rules and policies they seem appropriate, and we will notice users when it is important.