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Cookie Trials is a mode introduced into Cookie Run: OvenBreak alongside the release of Cherry Blossom Cookie on March 12, 2018.

Mechanics Edit

Cookie Trials is a ranked mode where players run with the featured Cookies on unique stages with certain restrictions.

Restrictions in Cookie Trials include:

  • Escape Level, Cheer Squads, Magic Candy Blessings,and Affection bonuses have no effect.
  • Treasures in Cookie Trials are capped at Level 7. Gingerbrave's Trial Redux is uniquely capped to Level 1, and Hero Cookie's Trial has them capped at Level 4.
  • Starting from Adventurer Cookie's Trial, the maximum efficient level on Trials for Epic Cookies and GingerBrave's Trial Redux is capped at Level 11. For Legendaries, it is Level 3, and for Rares, there is no cap.

Based on how well a player scores, they will receive rewards in the Trial Goals. There are also a total of 25 Bonus Missions per trial, which can reward players items (most notably, Magic Candy ingredients) in return for doing certain tasks.

Players are able to play a Cookie's Trial, regardless of whether or not the Cookie is owned. However, Trial Goals and Bonus Missions are locked until the featured Cookie (and the corresponding Pet) are owned. Players are also unable to rank during this time.

New Cookie Cup Edit

Whenever a Cookie receives a trial, there is a time period where players can participate in the New Cookie Cup. During this period, players can receive additional New Cookie Cup Rewards in the Trial Goals.

At the end of a New Cookie Cup, Players will receive a certain number of Crystals and Spirit Potions based on how well they scored.

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