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Cookies are the playable characters that possess their own unique skill, which is useful to collect coins, run longer, and gain points. Players can buy cookies with coins or crystals. Cookies are available to buy with coins after players have completed the requirement.

With the correct combination of Cookies and Pets, the pair will be granted an additional ability for players to use.

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In LINE Cookie Run, Cookies are categorized into five grades.

C Grade.png C-grade Cookies

C-grade cookies are the most basic cookies which have no distinctive skill other than giving the player extra XP. There are only two cookies in this category. One of two C-grade cookies, the Brave Cookie, is automatically given to every beginner.

GingerBrave.png GingerBright.png
C Grade.png Brave Cookie C Grade.png Bright Cookie

B Grade.png B-grade Cookies

B-grade cookies are an upgrade to C level cookies. They are cookies with basic abilities which can help boost gameplay. Their powers are considered 'unique' as no other cookie has power similar or close to similar to it.

These are the B-grade Cookies in Cookie Run.

Strawberry Cookie.png Cream Cookie.png Cloud Cookie.png Buttercream Choco Cookie.png
B Grade.png Strawberry Cookie B Grade.png Cream Cookie B Grade.png Cloud Cookie B Grade.png Buttercream Choco Cookie

A Grade.png A-grade Cookies

A-grade cookies are your average cookies with an stat-modifying skill that could help players boost their scores in the game. It is considered that A rank cookies are much better than B grade cookies, with more energy upgrades and better powers, such as Zombie Cookie.

Coffee Cookie.png Skater Cookie.png Princess Cookie.png Knight Cookie.png
A Grade.png Coffee Cookie A Grade.png Boarder Cookie A Grade.png Princess Cookie A Grade.png Knight Cookie
Muscle Cookie.png Zombie Cookie.png Ginger Claus.png
A Grade.png Muscle Cookie A Grade.png Zombie Cookie A Grade.png Ginger Claus

S Grade.png S-grade Cookies

The most prestigious of all, S-grade cookies are often considered above average. With varieties of visual or game-changing skills, using S-grade cookies can significantly boost the player's score. New S-grade cookies are always added in a set interval for the players. There are more than 35 cookies in this category. However, some cookies in this grade may not be much useful for scoring or coin farming, but has a unique visual effects to differentiate the cookie from others. The S in S-Grade Cookies stands for special, or specialty.

1st Season

These are the S-grade cookies available since the first season. Angel Cookie, Pirate Cookie, and Ninja Cookie were available since the beginning of the game.

Angel Cookie.png Ninja Cookie.png Pirate Cookie.png Skating Queen Cookie.png Hero Cookie 2.png Special Force Cookie.png
S Grade.png Angel Cookie S Grade.png Ninja Cookie S Grade.png Pirate Cookie S Grade.png Skating Queen Cookie S Grade.png Hero Cookie S Grade.png Special Force Cookie
Cheerleader Cookie.png Kumiho Cookie.png Devil Cookie.png Fairy Cookie.png
S Grade.png Cheerleader Cookie S Grade.png Ninetales Cookie S Grade.png Devil Cookie S Grade.png Fairy Cookie

2nd Story

The cookies available here debuted in Cookie Run: 2nd Story. These are the S-grade Cookies available during Season 2, along with the previous season.

Wizard Cookie.png Rockstar Cookie.png Soda Cookie.png Cherry Cookie.png Cheesecake Cookie.png
S Grade.png Wizard Cookie S Grade.png Rockstar Cookie S Grade.png Soda Cookie S Grade.png Cherry Cookie S Grade.png Cheesecake Cookie

Edge of the World

These are the S-grade Cookies were released during Season 3, along with the previous season. It only lasted 2 months, meaning less cookies came out than usual.

Prophet Cookie.png Pistachio Cookie.png Alchemist Cookie.png Vampire Cookie.png
S Grade.png Prophet Cookie S Grade.png Pistachio Cookie S Grade.png Alchemist Cookie S Grade.png Vampire Cookie

New World

This season is where many cookies were released, giving players much more variety to the game. New cookies were released every two weeks to catch up to the pending updates made by the Korean version of the game.

Adventurer Cookie.png Muay Thai Cookie.png Snow Sugar Cookie.png Carol Cookie.png Blackberry Cookie.png
S Grade.png Adventurer Cookie S Grade.png Muay Thai Cookie S Grade.png Snow Sugar Cookie S Grade.png Carol Cookie S Grade.png Blackberry Cookie
Pink Choco Cookie.png Kiwi Cookie.png Apple Cookie.png Werewolf Cookie.png Mint Choco Cookie.png Cocoa Cookie.png
S Grade.png Pink Choco Cookie S Grade.png Kiwi Biker Cookie S Grade.png Apple Cookie S Grade.png Werewolf Cookie S Grade.png Mint Choco Cookie S Grade.png Cocoa Cookie

The City of Wizards

These cookies were released during Season 5, The City of Wizards update.

Cream Puff Cookie.png Cherry Blossom Cookie.png Gumball Cookie.png Lemon Cookie.png Orange Cookie.png
S Grade.png Cream Puff Cookie S Grade.png Cherry Blossom Cookie S Grade.png Gumball Cookie S Grade.png Lemon Cookie S Grade.png Orange Cookie
Lime Cookie.png Peppermint Cookie.png Date Cookie.png Peach Cookie.png
S Grade.png Lime Cookie S Grade.png Peppermint Cookie S Grade.png General Jujube Cookie S Grade.png Peach Cookie

Tower of Frozen Waves

These cookies were released during Season 6, Tower of Frozen Waves update.

Onion Cookie.png Cinnamon Cookie.png Macaron Cookie.png Red Bean Cookie.png Herb Cookie.png White Choco Cookie.png
S Grade.png Onion Cookie S Grade.png Cinnamon Cookie S Grade.png Macaron Cookie S Grade.png Red Bean Cookie S Grade.png Herb Cookie S Grade.png White Choco Cookie

Wrath of the Dragon

These cookies were released during Season 7, Wrath of the Dragon update. There are four Cookies available.

Dino-Sour Cookie.png Cotton Candy Cookie.png Roll Cake Cookie.png Banana Cookie.png
S Grade.png Dino-Sour Cookie S Grade.png Cotton Candy Cookie S Grade.png Roll Cake Cookie S Grade.png Banana Cookie

New World Discovered

These cookies were released during Season 8, New World Discovered update. Currently there are three Cookies available.

Pancake Cookie.png Rebel Cookie.png Moon Rabbit Cookie.png
S Grade.png Pancake Cookie S Grade.png Rebel Cookie S Grade.png Moon Rabbit Cookie

L-grade.png L-grade Cookies

These are Cookies that cannot be bought and can only be obtained by collecting Mystery Jewels or another specific item. Other than gaining additional health points compared to S-grade cookies and having a lack of pet combis, their abilities are similar to their S-grade counterparts. Currently L-grade Cookies are the highest grade Cookies. The letter L stands for Legend[1].

There are currently only five L-grade Cookies to date.

Tiger Lily Cookie.png Fire Spirit Cookie.png Moonlight Cookie.png Sea Fairy Cookie.png Wind Archer Cookie.png
L-grade.png Tiger Lily Cookie
(Primeval Jungle)
L-grade.png Fire Spirit Cookie
(Dragon's Valley)
L-grade.png Moonlight Cookie
(The City of Wizards)
L-grade.png Sea Fairy Cookie L-grade.png Wind Archer Cookie
(Dessert Paradise)


In Cookie Run: OvenBreak, Cookies are classified into five grades: Common, Rare, Epic, Special and Legendary.


  • Cookies were called Breakers in OvenBreak 2, Cookie Run's spiritual predecessor.
  • Unlike other games, there are more S grade than C grade Cookies, in which usually better grades are in less amounts. However the cost of S grades compared to C grades still holds true.
  • Pistachio Cookie and Lime Cookie are the only Cookies thus far that require more Energy while running. Every other Cookie (except Cream Cookie due to her ability) will always drain at the same rate.
  • Starting with Pistachio Cookie, the release date for Cookies released before the City of Wizards update was about 2 weeks apart instead of 4. This is likely because Devsisters wanted LINE Cookie Run to catch up to Kakao Cookie Run as soon as possible (barring Kakao being ahead by 2 or 3 Cookies depending on the time of the month). It is now back to the usual 1 Cookie per month release. At this time a new Cookie will likely be released on the last week of the month.
  • The Cookie selection screen is in ascending order from rank C to L. Interestingly enough, it is in descending order for Pets (L to C).
  • Most of the Cookies are holding something. The only Cookies that are not holding anything are Strawberry Cookie, Boarder Cookie, Pirate Cookie, Muay Thai Cookie, Kiwi Biker Cookie, Werewolf Cookie, Red Bean Cookie (although one can assume that he's "holding" his penguin), Dino-Sour Cookie, and Pancake Cookie.
  • Cheesecake Cookie is the only Cookie that has a mole or beauty mark on her face.
  • Bright Cookie, Soda Cookie, Macaron Cookie and Pancake Cookie are the only Cookies that have a blush.
  • Kiwi Biker Cookie is the only Cookie that has freckles.
  • Gumball Cookie, Pirate Cookie, and Zombie Cookie are the only Cookies who don't have a white outline around their eyes.
  • There is always a new Cookie, sometimes two, released each month in the game. However, in January 2016, there were no new Cookies released. Reasons for this is unknown.
  • In March 2016, for the first time in Cookie Run history, two cookies were released in the same month, but they were released 3 weeks apart from each other. They are Macaron Cookie and Red Bean Cookie.


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