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Quote1.png I'm a real wizard now! Quote2.png
―Cream Puff Cookie

Cream Puff Cookie is an Epic Cookie released on March 5th, 2021. She is a Support Cookie who is automatically sent to the Rear of the team unless there are already two Cookies occupying it, in which case she will be sent to the Middle. If that is also the case, she will be sent to the Front.

She has a Bond with Latte Cookie and Almond Cookie called On a Graduation Day. Her unique Cookie Decor is the Cream Puff Attic, located in the Parfaedia Fantasy set.


Sweet Cream Puff Cookie makes you feel delighted just by looking at her. Made of soft and delicate cream puff, this cookie is as fragile as can be. Something always makes you worry about her, but it's certain that great power sleeps within her. Cream Puff Cookie used to study magic on her own, but now she is a graduate of a prestigious Magic Academy! Will Cream Puff Cookie be able to become a famous wizard? Let's find out!


Jellius extremus.png

Jellius Extremus! Conjures a tornado of Jellies over a large area, causing area damage. The might of the spell restores the party's HP.

18 second base cooldown

Damage dealt: 280.0% (+3.7% DMG per level)

Healing 40% of ATK (+0.7% Healing per level)



  • I want to use my magic to help all Cookies!


  • I'm a real wizard now!


  • Together, nothing is impossible!
  • Jellius... EXTREMUS! There, now we can all share!
  • Jellius... EXTREMUS! Ew, rotten Jellies...!
  • I think I'm getting the hang of magic!
  • Today is going to be a good day!
  • Have I finally become a real wizard?
  • Let's visit the Magic City one day!
  • I'd like to make good memories here, in the Kingdom!
  • Jellius Ex... Extremus!
  • I'm not afraid of failure anymore!
  • Hmm... What am I doing wrong this time...?

Selection Menu

  • The world is so much larger than described in books!
  • I’m familiar with failure… but it’s never a great feeling.
  • The spell is out of control! Phew! It stopped…!
  • Can’t study where you’re hungry! Want a cream puff?
  • I can do this!
  • There’s so much magic in the world!
  • Crescent Moon Magic is dangerous…!
  • I want to use my magic to help all Cookies!
  • There’s a teacher I really respect. I’ll introduce you someday!
  • Failure is just a stepping stone to success!


  • Together, we can succeed!
  • I'm a bit nervous...!
  • We can do this...!
  • I won't give up!
  • I'll give it my best shot!


  • Jellius Ex... EXTREMUS!

Level Up


  • I study magic every single day!
  • This place is so different from school!
  • I can keep going!
  • I... think I get it now...!
  • Me? An "experienced wizard"?! Whoah...!




  • My wish will come true, I'm sure!



  • Cream Puff Cookie is the only Kingdom non-exclusive Cookie to receive an entirely new design upon being added to the game.