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Quote1.png I will become a great wizard someday! Quote2.png
Cookie0048 head.png Cream Puff Cookie

Cream Puff Cookie is an Epic Cookie released on November 30, 2016 alongside her Pet, Owlcorn. She casts small and big magic tricks to create Conjured Dessert Jellies for points.


Sweet Cream Puff Cookie makes you feel good just by looking at her. Made of soft and delicate cream puff, this Cookie is as fragile as can be. And something about her makes you worry about her, but that's her charm point. Although she is a bit clumsy, great powers lie within her, and her potential is unpredictable. After many failed attempts with her spells, she often visits the old library to cheer herself up. Will Cream Puff Cookie be able to become a respected wizard? Let's find out!


Compared to her peers Wizard Cookie and Alchemist Cookie, Cream Puff Cookie is a sweet, warmhearted, and innocent child Cookie who doesn’t have any notable vices within her character (unlike Wizard Cookie who is rather greedy thanks to stealing the Witch’s wand (and, as shown in Snow Sugar Cookie’s relationship chart, wanting to steal Snow Sugar Cookie’s wand as well) and Alchemist Cookie who, as described in her relationship chart and Jelly, wants to callously transmute her brother into juice).

Cream Puff Cookie has the foundations of becoming a great wizard thanks to her hardworking nature, but suffers from clumsiness and, arguably, having low confidence and self esteem, but despite those setbacks, Cream Puff Cookie is not one to give up easily and keeps trying to improve herself.

Cream Puff Cookie looks up to Moonlight Cookie as her inspiration, calling her the best wizard in the world, is on friendly terms with Wizard Cookie due to their love for magic, has a tense relationship with Pancake Cookie, who likes to tease her when she makes a mistake with her magic, and is understandably terrified of the evil Dark Enchantress Cookie, who is arguably her worst enemy.

Her Dark Magic Hat alter-ego gives her an impish and reserved personality (as well as making her curious), and is not one to shy away from being boastful, but at the same time isn’t any more vicious nor sadistic than her normal self since none of her in-game quotes are threats of violence nor destruction, making her rather benign in comparison to the other dark magic mystic jewel infectees (Sovereign Of Darkness Dark Choco Cookie and Night Raven Wind Archer Cookie).

Her Almost Great Detective alter-ego makes Cream Puff Cookie dorky and cute, and has her acting like a detective in a really adorably precocious manner, much like Walnut Cookie which came after her.


SkillBook cookie0048.png

Performs small magic tricks to create Conjured Dessert Jellies at certain intervals. Failing to cast the spell properly will only create a few Conjured Dessert Jellies. Casting the small magic trick 4 times will trigger a big magic trick, creating a large amount of Conjured Dessert Jellies. Obstacles near the Conjured Dessert Jellies are destroyed. Level Up for more points for Conjured Dessert Jellies.

Candy0048 l.png Magic Candy

Cream Puff Jellies appear when failing to cast a spell. A successful spell will transform Conjured Dessert Jellies into Cream Puff Jellies. The stronger the enchanted power, the more points earned from Cream Puff Jellies.

Potential Blessings
Type Normal Rare Epic Legendary
Bonus points for Yellow Bear Jellies 20~80 100~300 400~600 900~1050
Bonus points for all Basic Jellies 20~80 200~350 500~700 900~1000
Bonus points for all Jellies 5~15 30~40 60~80 100~120
Protective Shield - 1 2 -



Level Energy Skill Upgrade Cost Upgrade Reward
1 165 Magic Apprentice Lv.1 N/A N/A
15 291 Magic Apprentice Lv.15 Coin 001.png 240,000 Escape Level.png 600

Loading Messages


  • I will become a great wizard someday!


  • Ahh! Please make it stop!
  • Wizardry is so difficult...
  • Do you think I can become a good wizard?
  • Oh no...I failed again...
  • I am giving it my best!
  • I will make it this time!
  • I will try again!
  • Oopsy...
  • Will you help me practice my spells?
  • Uh-oh! Not again!

1vs1 Race (Retired)

  • I will win this time!
  • I will give it my very best!
  • Jellius Maximus!
  • I've been practicing for this moment!
  • I can do it. I can do it!


  • I won't cry...

Dark Magic Hat


  • This power is not for everyone!
  • Only I can wield such power!
  • I always give my best.
  • I have changed!
  • Magic is not easy...
  • Jellious Extremo!
  • Power is power.
  • Do you wish to become a strong magician too?
  • I'll show you something special, a magic quite unique!
  • I'm not the same as before.

1vs1 Race (Retired)

  • I've grown stronger.
  • I'll surprise you with my new magic.
  • I don't think you can defeat me now.
  • I'll show you real magic.
  • Jellious Extremo!


  • Oh dear...

Starpath Conjurer


  • I'm nervous... but, I'll do my best!
  • This is all thanks to the stars!
  • I never imagined I'd make it this far!
  • I am giving it my best!
  • I will make it this time!
  • I learned these spells from an ancient tome!
  • OH?! Did I win?
  • I did it! I'm a true wizard now!
  • Will you help me practice my spells?
  • Jellius Extremus!


  • *Sob*


Daily Gift

  • I tried to make a gift! Hope it turned out ok...
  • Are you interested in magic arts? (Dark Magic Hat)
  • Thank you for encouraging me! (Starpath Conjurer)

Talk (General)

  • I will become a great wizard someday!
  • I'm practicing magic everyday!
  • Thanks! I am giving it my best!
  • I will make it this time!
  • If I use the best ink, will I be able to study better?
  • Hm, using a hammer to cast spells is useless...
  • Oh no... What went wrong?
  • What happened this time...?

Talk (Dark Magic Hat)

  • What is it?
  • I realised how wrong I was.
  • Dangers of dark magic? I’ll gladly face them!
  • Only the strong will survive.
  • I’ve surpassed my teacher..!
  • My mind requires a riddle to solve!
  • I used to be... different.
  • Only weak wizards use Blessing Powder!

Talk (Starpath Conjurer)

  • Thank you! I'm going to give it my all!
  • The sky is so beautiful...
  • I learned a spell that can help me talk to the stars!
  • Black Sugar Magic is stronger when cast at night!
  • I wonder what's up there in the sky...
  • You made it!
  • I wrote a spell on silver paper...I hope I don't lose it.
  • I want to read all the ancient tomes I can find!


Relationship Chart


  • September 27, 2017
    • Magic Candy added.
  • April 28, 2018
    • Unlock requirement, reaching Escape Level 13, changed to reaching Land 4-1.
  • July 29, 2019
    • Energy greatly increased.
    • Combi bonus changed from "+100 points for Yellow Bear Jellies" to "+11500 points for Jellies created by magic."
    • Affection bonus changed from increasing points for Yellow Bear Jellies to increasing points for Jellies created by magic.
    • Big magic tricks will succeed at fixed intervals in sequence.
    • The number of Jellies created with magic is no longer be affected by running speed.
  • September 29, 2021
    • Increased cooldown for magic tricks.
    • Increased the number of Conjured Dessert Jellies for successful spell casting.
    • Increased points for Conjured Dessert Jellies and Cream Puff Jellies.
    • Changed Magic Candy Blessing Effect from "Bonus points for all Coins" to "Bonus points for Yellow Bear Jellies".
    • Combi bonus points increased to "+56500 pts for Conjured Dessert Jellies".


  • The wand she uses appears to be inspired from Pocky, a popular brand of snack in Asian countries. It is a biscuit stick dipped in chocolate. Other flavors are also produced, such as strawberry, almond, caramel, banana, etc.
  • Whenever she double jumps, she fumbles with her wand due to her clumsy nature. In her Dark Magic Hat costume, this changes to her calmly keeping it in her grasp while jumping properly.
  • Jellious Extremo is roughly translated to "Jelly/Jellies Extreme". Extremo is "Extreme" in Spanish, but Jellious does not belong to any language. However, one can safely assume it has something to do with jellies as she does produce jellies with her spells. It may also be a spoof on Harry Potter spells.
  • Cream Puff Cookie's response to the 2nd Anniversary Cake was "Thank you very much!"