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Quote1.png No two stars in the world are the same... Quote2.png
―Cream Unicorn Cookie

Cream Unicorn Cookie is an Epic Cookie released on May 13th, 2020, alongside the Pet, Meringue Horn. The Cookie turns into a unicorn and collects butterflies in the sky for points.


A desolate amusement park lies in darkness. Lights flicker on one by one. A merry-go-round begins to rotate slow and steady to a bygone song of the past. The park magically returns to life as a lone pony, embraced by the purest of rainbows, opens their eyes. The silky mane and creamy tail turn into elegant locks of hair. Decorations spring to life as fluttering sugar butterflies. Cream Unicorn Cookie flies around the park with the sugar butterflies in tow. After floating among the attractions, a graceful landing on top of the Ferris wheel concludes the course. A whisper escapes while gazing upon the entirety of the park. "In the end, all that shines are memories and stars." A flashback of the glee and joy of young Cookies running towards the merry-go-round plays before wistful eyes. If only it could turn for eternity...A dream to be a part of the happiness and laughter of children has manifested as a unicorn. The dream never stops, regardless of night or day.

Cookie0157z01 head.png Amid a void of stars and the moon, a rainbow of starlight illuminates the night. The Cookies stop in their tracks to look up and admire the galactic light show. Do you think they know it's actually Cream Unicorn Cookie in a nebulous cloak of butterflies?


SkillBook cookie0157.png

Memory Jellies appear at given intervals. Collect a certain number of Memory Jellies to transform into a Unicorn that flies gracefully in the sky with Butterfly Jellies. Level Up for more points per Butterfly Jelly.

Candy0157 l.png Magic Candy

While in Unicorn form, clouds will appear up ahead. The clouds will attract nearby Jellies to form a Jelly Cloud. The stronger the enchanted power, the points earned from Jelly Clouds.

Potential Blessings
Type Normal Rare Epic Legendary
Bonus points for Basic Jellies 20~80 200~350 500~700 900~1000
Bonus points for Gold Coins 20~80 100~180 250~350 450~530
Bonus points for all Bear Jellies 10~50 80~130 200~250 350~400
Bonus points for all Jellies 5~15 30~40 60~80 100~120



Level Energy Skill
1 164 Unicorn Lv.1
15 290 Unicorn Lv.15

Loading Messages


  • No two stars in the world are the same...


  • Memories shine bright like stars in the sky...
  • Solitude is like a lone star in the night...
  • Memories can shine a light on your path.
  • Will you share your hopes with me?
  • Caring for someone is truly magical.
  • To be friends is to journey together.
  • In the end, all that shines are memories and stars...
  • Laughing together with others is a true marvel.
  • Happiness is found in the laughter of children.
  • The Ferris wheel and merry-go-round won't run forever...



Daily Gift

  • I hope this brings you much joy.


  • I hope every child's dreams come true.
  • Will you return to the park to make more memories?
  • Just like clocks stop ticking, so too shall the merry-go-round...
  • A new encounter is like a star being born.
  • Visiting a memorable place is like looking at pictures.
  • Even a single glance can bring a new encounter.
  • When the Cookies don't visit, there exists only dust...
  • I know many things, for I've seen the start and end of the stars.


Nebula Butterfly



Relationship Chart


Bug Fixes


  • It is unclear how long Cream Unicorn Cookie has been alive, but the Cookie is potentially one of the oldest in the game.
  • Cream Unicorn Cookie's original concept was more mature and lonely. This was modified to be more friendly to all audiences, but to still keep the bittersweetness of a lonely, closed theme park where Cream Unicorn Cookie has spent a very long time all alone.[1]