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Cookie0166 head.png Croissant Cookie

Croissant Cookie is an Epic Cookie released on October 22nd, 2020, alongside her Pet, Cosmos Gear. She pilots her Timecraft to mend time rifts at certain intervals for points.

She was released alongside the Timeweaver Scissors Treasure, kicking off the Operation Timeguard update.

As of January 14th, 2022, she now has a second combi pet, Continuum Cog.

She has a chance of being obtained from any chest that can produce an Epic Cookie without having to achieve any special goals to unlock her.


The Time Balance Department (TBD) constantly monitors the world with chronographs to check if the timelines are intact. This mysterious organization of elite agents has never outsourced tasks or scouted for new talent...until now. Hushed rumors of awe claim that Croissant Cookie restored a derelict rust bucket and tinkered around with it until it became a fully functioning, flying Timecraft! Croissant Cookie's pastry dough was rolled and folded, rolled and folded many times over to create intricate layers. Perhaps this is why she understands complex mechanics and can fix them in a cinch. Her goggles, a self invention, display her destination's exact coordinates and vector without fail. Pulling an all-nighter isn't a problem for this Cookie, especially if it means her fellow agents can patrol the timelines without a hitch. With each new day, she raises her trusty spanner into the air and exclaims, "Time travel! WOOT!"


SkillBook cookie0166.png

Wormholes appear at certain intervals. Croissant Cookie boards her Timecraft and enters the wormhole to find time rifts. Pilot the Timecraft in position with the rift to trigger the Mending Laser. Accurately hitting the rift with the Mending Laser will repair it, creating Rift Jellies. Level Up for more points for Rift Jellies.

Candy0166 l.png Magic Candy

Mending time rifts will also create Nebulous Rift Jellies. The stronger the enchanted power, the more points for Nebulous Rift Jellies.

Potential Blessings
Type Normal Rare Epic Legendary
Bonus points for Yellow Bear Jellies 20~80 100~300 400~600 900~1050
Bonus points for Pink Bear Jellies 50~200 300~500 600~800 1000~1200
Bonus points for all Bear Jellies 10~50 80~130 200~250 350~400
Extra points for all Jellies 5~15 30~40 60~80 100~120


Level Energy Skill
1 180 Time Rift Mending Lv.1
15 306 Time Rift Mending Lv.15

Loading Messages


  • Hello there! Need a hand?


  • I repaired this derelict! It's one of a kind!
  • Hold up, just a sec! Almost...fixed...this...!
  • I will become the greatest time engineer!
  • Absolutely no one must mess with the timeline!
  • I hope my knowledge is helpful for all.
  • Ever seen a time rift?
  • Time travel! WOOT!
  • Optical protection is a requirement for time travel.
  • I'm honored to be part of the TBD!
  • I can fix anything! Trust me!


  • The Timecraft needs tuning...


Daily Gift

  • Thanks for time travelling with me!


  • Need a hand with your airship?
  • Even at school, I can fix anything!
  • PHEW! I almost entered an event horizon unprepared!
  • I wander if I'll bump into my pals at the sandwich shop!
  • Don't worry! I can fix it!
  • Rusty garages and workshops are the greatest places ever!
  • My dream is to invent a Timecraft that anyone can handle! (Like hint)
  • Every component serves a vital role in the Timecraft! (Dislike hint)


Relationship Chart

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  • December 31st, 2021
    • Removed the automatic jump at the end of the Cookie's ability.
    • Increased points for Rift Jellies and Nebulous Rift Jellies.
    • Increased points for Rift Jellies when paired with Cosmos Gear.
    • A new Costume was released, Cookie0166z01 head.png Director of the TBD.

Bug Fixes