Quote1 The age of Cyborg is here! Quote2
―Cyborg Cookie

Cyborg Cookie is an Epic Cookie released on May 15th, 2019, alongside the Pet, BB Battery. This Cookie occasionally enters into a different flight mode which allows the Cookie to pass through vortexes for bonus points.


Charge Jellies appear at certain intervals. Collect Charge Jellies to fill the Transformation gauge. When it's full, Cyborg Cookie activates High Voltage flight in which Electro Vortexes appear. Passing through Electro Vortexes grants extra points. During flight, collecting Jet Boosters make Cyborg Cookie perform a barrel roll to the closest Electro Vortex. Level up for more Electro Vortex points.

Magic Candy

Charges up and fires the Energy Cannon when High Voltage flight ends. The Energy Cannon's blast disintegrates any obstacle it makes contact with. The stronger the enchanted power, the higher the bonus points while charging up.


A thunderstorm was raging behind the cold laboratory windows. Cyborg Cookie was lying on an operating table, surrounded by surgical lamps, struggling to remember both past and identity. Suddenly, feeling of icy metal plating hit the senses. The initial shock turned into disgust. Who was responsible for this monstrous transformation? Filled with anger and hate, the Cookie broke free, erupting with arcs of energy strong enough to shock the entire world. Cyborg Cookie's craving for electricity becomes stronger day by day. Hidden behind the fury and pain is a longing for something lost... Will Cyborg Cookie's memories ever truly come back?

(Neo Augment) A green suit for Cyborg Cookie made by a certain scientist. Was it designed with a lingering memory in mind?


Cyborg Cookie is a great scorer, as well as a distancer, easily scoring well even in lower levels. With that being said, the Cookie skill's activation is fairly lengthy, so that may cause some issues with the time it takes to get the skill to become active. The skill also has a magnetic field similar to that of Lemon Cookie's, allowing Cyborg Cookie to collect ingredient pouches and other flying Jellies that are not normally magnetized to the player, which may come in handy with areas that normally have many flying Jellies.


Level Energy Skill
1 146 High Voltage Lv.1
15 272 High Voltage Lv.15

Loading Messages


  • The age of Cyborg is here!


  • We're nothing alike!
  • All that electricity... But I need more!
  • Time to spread some chaos!
  • Am I a Cookie... Or a robot?
  • I'll siphon every last bit of electricity.
  • Amperage is over 1000000V!
  • There is no Cookie, only Cyborg!
  • I will have my revenge!
  • Out of the way, or get zapped!


  • Capacitors failing...

Trial Welcome

  • Boosters up and running!
  • Check out these augments!
  • Time to spread some chaos!


Daily Gift

  • Don't need this!
  • My gift to you! (Neo Augment)


  • No need for formalities!
  • We look nothing alike, don't we?
  • Check out this shade of green! (Neo Augment)
  • Fits perfectly! (Neo Augment)


  • I will have my revenge!
  • Every night, the pain is unbearable...!
  • I feel whole again. (Neo Augment)
  • Still shocking, isn’t it! (Neo Augment)


  • Shocking, isn't it!?
  • With these boosters, gravity doesn't exist!
  • All that electricity... but I need more!
  • An old memory..? Was I sweet and crispy?
  • Flight mode seems slow. Do I need repairs? (Neo Augment)
  • No more nightmares! (Neo Augment)
  • No more secrets. I’ve embraced my past! (Neo Augment)
  • This cool suit? My friend’s work! (Neo Augment)


Neo Augment


  • Faster than ever!
  • Fits perfectly!
  • I feel... calm? And rejuvenated!
  • Mind and body feel lighter!
  • This suit... Feels familiar!
  • Unlimited POWER!
  • Was green my favorite color?


  • Not enough... power...

Relationship Chart


  • July 29, 2019
    • Energy slightly adjusted.
    • Combi bonus changed from +2300000 points for Electro Vortex to +1100000.


  • Cyborg Cookie is one of the five Cookies with no pronouns stated. However, Cyborg Cookie is referred to as female in the Japanese translation of the game. Despite this, it is currently unknown if this information is applicable to the English translation of the game.
  • Cyborg Cookie was stated to be the favorite Cookie, in terms of how fun the Cookie was to work on, of Jeongheum, one of the designers for Cookie Run: OvenBreak.
  • Cyborg Cookie's response to the Royal Golden Dough was "Royal Golden Dough... I'll take it for now!"

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