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Daily Bonus is an event that allows players to receive a different reward every day, for 25 days. Players can check upcoming rewards on the Daily Bonus screen. The attendance sheet resets every 32 days, or 25 days if players login every day without missing a day. A new day starts every midnight (GMT+9), so it is possible to receive two rewards within one day if players take advantage of the time zone differences with the game's current time (GMT+9).


Prior to 1 June 2015, Cookie Run had a repetitive daily bonus of CookieRunCrystal.png 1 and GP.png 30, ever since the beginning of the game.

Currently, rewards will be various each day, between boosts, currencies, and Supreme Treasure Chest Tickets. Usually, Crystals or tickets are guaranteed for Day 19-25 of each Daily Bonus attendance sheet, with the guaranteed reward CookieRunCrystal.png 15 at Day 25.

From 21 December 2015, with the Tower of Frozen Waves update, Fortune Doughs were introduced to the Daily Bonus. The reward on the 25th day might alternate between the Rainbow Fortune Dough and the usual CookieRunCrystal.png 15.

On 28 June 2016, the Daily Bonus had a cleaner interface. It also introduced a 7-day and 3-day Daily Bonus checklist for new players and returning players, respectively.

There was no penalty for missing any day. The attendance streak will not reset to Day 1 if a player misses any day, instead it will only reset after the player completes the attendance check or after 32 days.


  • In Kakao, the new version was released in September 2015 instead.