Dessert Paradise is the fifth episode of Cookie Run, released on October 14, 2016, in LINE version alongside the debut of the ninth season of Cookie Run.

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Episode Summary Edit

Following the sweet scent across the ocean, our Cookies
found Dessert Paradise! A land in the sky, flowing with fountain of life!
It is said, there is a mysterious and powerful presence up at the top of
the giant Tree of Life. Ready to find out?

Stages Edit

1. To the Island in the Sky Edit

This stage has no moving objects and all objects are easy to avoid.

2. Animal Cookie's Milk Paradise Edit

A stage full of animal-shaped milk cookies. When encountering giraffes make sure to slide because they will always jump.

3. Jelly Pudding Frog Pond Edit

This stage has a ton of moving objects. There are frogs jumping around so be careful to follow the jelly path and never rely on obstacles for where to go.

The first Mystery Box is located here.

4. Honey Butter Waffle Garden Edit

This stage has a plenty of honeycombs flying over you, avoid jumping carelessly.

The first bonus time can happen here.

5. Tropical Cocktail Soda Falls Edit

This stage can be a challenge. Large fruits will fall from the sky and must be avoided. Be careful and avoid jumping carelessly.

6. Roll Cake Squirrel Shop Edit

The stage starts outside the shopping mall, you have to pass a few obstacles before entering the mall. Inside, squirrels can be seen running towards you carrying gifts and carts. Keep an eye on flying platforms for you to jump on and avoid the squirrels.

Second Mystery Box is located here.

7. Raspberry Choco Mushroom Party Edit

This stage contains a large number of mushrooms that grow in size and can make it a challenge to get around. Make sure to follow the jelly path and avoid over-jumping.

8. Sugar Cane Coral Cave Edit

This stage can be easier than the previous stage as there as fewer things to look out for. Large sugar monsters walk towards the player. Be sure to jump over them. There are also heads that will explode similar to the potions at the City of Wizards. Be sure not to carelessly jump around on this stage, however.

9. Sour Jelly Dino Zone Edit

Gigantic dinosaurs feet can be seen walking by as you run. Be sure not to collide with their feet or their jumping babies which move faster than the giraffe from stage 2 and to avoid getting hit, must slide if one is visible.

10. Sugar Swan's Galaxy Lake Edit

This stage has two backgrounds: day theme and night theme. Both have sugar swan entities visible in the background (shown sleeping at night). Obstacles rise up happily during the day and fall down broken during the night.

Last Mystery Box is located here.

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Bgm epN05-Preview


Bgm epN05-Lobby

Normal stagesEdit

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Shopping Mall themeEdit

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Final StageEdit

Bgm epN05-2

Bonus Time - ClassicEdit

Bgm epN05-Bonus-Day

Bonus Time - SpaceEdit

Bgm epN05-Bonus-Night

Trivia Edit

  • Based on the loading screen, you continue your journey right from the top of City of Wizards' clock tower. This paradise consists of one large main floating island and smaller floating islands. You enter the main island through smaller islands first (stage 1).
  • This is the only episode to include ambience sound in one of its stage (sound of a waterfall in Tropical Cocktail Soda Fall), in the whole game
  • The Sugar Swan entity seen in the last stage is the one who brought Wind Archer Cookie to life.
  • In LINE Cookie Run, Dessert Paradise was released on the same day as "National Dessert Day" in the USA.
  • Since the release, Episode 5 featured all-new ingredients, which most of the ingredients have no possible combination bonus.
  • This is the second episode where the first mystery box did not appear on the fourth stage, it appeared on the third stage. The first was The City of Wizards before Wrath of The Dragon update.
  • This episode was released on August 17, 2016, in Kakao. Therefore, this episode has the shortest release time difference from the Kakao version, with only one month and 27 days, beating the previous record of three months and 14 days with The City of Wizards.