Dragon's Valley is the third episode of Cookie Run. Although it is technically the third episode after Primeval Jungle, it holds a much less significant degree in the story line.

It is hard to reach the final stage without a relay, considering a very limited Health Potions and a very long and tiresome stages. The difficulty speaks for itself. It is very hard and players have to rely on experience to pass stages without colliding.

This episode is well-known for its significant amount of jellies as well as Star Jelly Fireworks. Players often rely on Riding to grab as much jellies as they can.

Episode Summary Edit

The air here is hotter than inside the oven.
Run from the boiling lava to a safe place!
Aaaagh! The ground is shaking!

Stages Edit

Unlike Escape from the Oven and Primeval Jungle, each stage in this Episode are very long and requires extensive health drains before getting health potions. There are only 9 available health potions in this episode. Two of them can be obtained if players are able to do a full loop in the final stage.

In the City of Wizards update, the position of the pattern changes slightly as well as the pattern itself. New obstacles are added and removed to add variety to the game.

This is the episode that has the longest stages between the four episode, with the exception of the final stage.

Dragon's Valley Stage 1

1. Burning Pineapple Forest Edit

The stage starts where the last episode left off. The altar was attacked and burned, and players have to escape from the Pineapple Village.

Dragon's Valley Stage 2

2. Lightning-filled Volcano Edit

In this stage, the player encounter a lightning bolt that functions very similar to mines in the previous season. Players have to be careful when to jump once and twice as the platform is carefully placed to trick players into jumping carelessly.

Dragon's Valley Stage 3

3. Toxic Danger Zone Edit

Players will see a lot of enemies coming towards the cookie. Players have to be able to follow the jelly trail to avoid carefully-placed moving obstacles.

Dragon's Valley Stage 4

4. Molten Strawberry Fondue Edit

Arrows in the Primeval Jungle returns in another different form to storm the player. Players have to be able to anticipate arrows to avoid making careless actions. Coin Jellies are required to be taken in order to move forward without collision.

Dragon's Valley Stage 5

5. Lava Crater Edit

The space to maneuver here is very tight. Players need to be able to double jump swiftly in order to move on.

Dragon's Valley Stage 6

6. Dragon Egg Cavern Edit

This stage is to test the player's reflex in the stage. There are lots of moving platforms, so a careful jump is essential to move forward, and not fall into the bottomless pit. Enemies are also swarming and may be hiding behind a pack of jellies, so following the jelly trail may be the best choice.

Dragon's Valley Stage 7

7. Dragon's Treasure Horde Edit

This is the only stage where flying coins are present. There are worth tons of points, and collecting them will essentially boost the player's score. But beware, as the player will have to move through a lot of moving platform without the aid of jelly trail. There are also lots of trick platforms to trick players into making careless move to the bottomless pit.

Dragon's Valley 8

8. Flaming Dragon's Nest Edit

This is the final stage. Being able to run this far proves quite a feat, and without tons of Slower Energy Drains and revives, it is virtually impossible to make it this far without Cookie Relay. Players will have to survive in this stage before their energy dried out to maximize their scores. Players will be granted two large health potions to run even longer, providing that players are able to survive long enough in the stage.
But after surviving two loops, large health potions will change into giant coins for preventing the experts' infinity running.

  • The final mystery box can be found at the very beginning of the stage.

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Wrath of the Dragon Edit

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Preview of Dragon's Valley (in Episode map)Edit

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At the lobby of Dragon's ValleyEdit

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While playing at stage 1-7Edit

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While playing at stage 8: Flaming Dragon's NestEdit

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While playing at Bonus Time (Day) Edit

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While playing at Bonus Time (Night) Edit

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Flaming Dragon's Nest JingleEdit

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Trivia Edit

  • Before the May 18th, 2016 update the episode was classified as Hard. After the update, the difficulty indicator was changed to an amount of stars - the more stars, the more difficult the episode is. Dragon's Valley is now classified as 3 stars which makes it just as hard as Primeval Jungle.
    • Before the update Dragon's Valley was classified as Hard and Primeval Jungle was classified as Normal. They are now equal in terms of difficulty at 3 stars.
  • In the latest update, "Wrath of The Dragon", the title of stage 7 is "Dragon's Treasure Hoard"
  • If you collide into an Dragon's Egg in the Flaming Dragon's Nest stage, a hatching will pop out and the dragon will breathe fire, engulfing the screen leaving behind just silhouettes for a few seconds. Following the jelly path is your safest bet during that time.
  • If you collide into a Dragon's Egg and faint as a result of it but is revived or switch over to the relay Cookie, the dragon will not engulf the stage making it hard to see.
  • Despite the description of this episode tells that the objective is to run from the boiling lava to a safe place, the cookie ends inside the Flaming Dragon's Nest, unable to get out from the safe place they wanted.
  • At the end, it was revealed that the cookie is able to get out from the Flaming Dragon's Nest, and head toward The City of Wizards.
  • The last stage of Dragon's Valley, Flaming Dragon's Nest and the first stage of The City of Wizards, Moonlight Valley, are actually interconnected. As you run through Moonlight Valley, you will notice the stage is tinted red and the obstacles are still smouldering a bit as you've just left an active dragon's nest.
  • Contrary to Popular belief, all the stages (except the final) are longer than the fourth episode, The City of Wizards.
  • In Cookie Run: OvenBreak, the area for Lemon Cookie's trial is inspired by Dragon's Valley.