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Quote1.png Coffee is a magical substance! Counterarguments? Quote2.png
―Espresso Cookie

Espresso Cookie is an Epic Cookie released on January 20th, 2021, Cookie Run: Kingdom's release date. He is a Magic Cookie who is automatically sent to the Middle of the team unless there are already two Cookies occupying it.

He has a Bond with Madeleine Cookie called We've Never Met.

His unique Cookie Decor is the Brewing Laboratory, located in the Luxurious Juice Salon set.


Precise temperature, precise quantity of coffee beans, precise roasting time! Everything must be in an impeccably precise order for the plan to work. Always busy, always on the go-such is the lifestyle of the founder of the Coffee Magic school, Espresso Cookie. Despite being frequently mistaken for a black mage (yes, sometimes things burn and smoke) Espresso Cookie can't afford to waste a precious second on meaningless explanations. Night after night, this pioneer of magic works on perfecting his grind and brew. "Isn't that too much coffee?" one might wonder. Well, at least there's always the delightful coffee fragrance in the air!


Cookie0513 skill.png Grinding

Precise and even grinding is key for magically delicious coffee! A giant whirlwind inflicts serial area damage to enemies and pulls them to its center. The final burst of damage interrupts skills.

()% DMG over 7 hits, ()% DMG with last hit



  • Coffee is a magical substance! Counterarguments?


  • What is it?
  • My, my.
  • Constructive suggestions, please.
  • Just a minute.
  • You, too, like the aroma?
  • Pardon me.
  • I'm sorry, no time to talk.
  • Are you talking to me?
  • Yes, everything is under perfect control.
  • Yes, hello.
  • As expected.

Selection Menu

  • Coffee is a magical substance! Counterarguments?
  • You are in full right to think what you want.
  • Mmmmm...Spot on!
  • Light Magic? Good for nothing!
  • *Scoffs*...Doesn't know a thing about Coffee Magic!
  • We must hurry. Unless we want to sabotage our plans.
  • How inefficacious! There must be another way.
  • Sleep is not on my schedule.
  • Magic is based on precise calculations.
  • I must refuse. Too busy!


  • Finally, time for practical magic.
  • I'm honored to be of service.
  • You like it bitter. I understand.
  • Prepare to face the consequences.

Level Up


  • Raise the temperature in 3...2...1...!
  • Scales and watches are always needed.




  • Spare me of irrationality and ignorance.


Bug Fixes


  • He's one of the few Cookies who have pupils in their eyes.