Extra Rare Egg

Extra Rare Egg (also called Premium Egg in Season 1) can be bought for 20 Crystals from the Get Pets page. This kind of egg will hatch an A or S grade Pet. You will also receive 66 gift points for each purchase. You may receive an upgrade of a Pet you already own, if it's not at level 8 yet, so it is recommended that you upgrade all your pets to Level 8 in order not to waste any precious Crystals. This is the only pet egg that does not contain coins, so if you have all Pets at max level, you will not be able to hatch any more eggs (the Hatch button will be disabled). Alternatively, players are able to obtain a free Extra Rare Egg from the Invite Event.

List of Pets obtainable or upgradeable from Extra Rare Egg Edit

Pets Picture Grade Ability
Flowercopter Flowercopter A Grade Speeds up Bonus Time
Wishing Star Wishing Star A Grade Revives the Cookie
Brain Gum Brain Gum A Grade Slower Energy drain
Dragon's Tail Dragon's Tail A Grade Call Dragon's Spirit
Lucky Dice Lucky Dice A Grade Makes Power Jellies
Brown Balloon
(Limited Time)
Brown Balloon A Grade Saves Cookie, extra XP
Enchanted Locket Enchanted Locket S Grade Mini Energy Potions
Pirate's Bomb Pirate's Bomb S Grade Turns obstacles into Coins
Ginger Ghost GingerGhost S Grade Lifts up from a hole
Snow Blossom Snow Blossom S Grade Creates Ice Bridges
Jellyco Cube Jellyco Cube S Grade Jellyco Missiles
AWOL Cracker AWOL Cracker S Grade Makes snacks to turn Cookies Giant
Glitter Ball Glitter Ball S Grade Gives Jellies and Coins
Foxy Bead Foxy Bead S Grade Giant Blast Beads
Flame Bat Flame Bat S Grade Catches Spirit Jellies
Magic Pod Magic Pod S Grade Generates Blast and Bonus Time Items
Book of Wizdom Book of Wizdom S Grade Extra speed points
Spotlight Fan Spotlight Fan S Grade Spotlight Effect
Lemon Slice Lemon Slice S Grade Makes Lemon Soda Potions
Rocket Firecracker Rocket Firecracker S Grade Lifts from hole with a blast
Fluffy Cheese Cat Fluffy Cheese Cat S Grade Creates Cat Coins
Purple Candle Purple Candle S Grade Makes Purple Fireworks
Pistachio Firefly Pistachio Firefly S Grade Energy recovery, creates Blast Speed Jellies
Jelly Scale Jelly Scale S Grade Converts Coins into Points
Coin Scale Coin Scale S Grade Converts Points into Coins
Oak Barrel Wooden Barrel S Grade Produces Potions with ripe grapes
Backpacky Backpacky S Grade Power Burps Many Jellies
Paprika Punching Bag Paprika Punching Bag S Grade Creates Giant Gold Coins
Snow Globe Snow Globe S Grade Flying Energy Potions
Yule Log Cake Yule Log Cake S Grade Generates Giant Alphabet Jellies
Ghost Butler Ghost Butler S Grade Creates Jellies in precise order
Pink Candy Pink Candy S Grade Attracts the Royal Bear Jelly shooting star.
Kiwi Bird Kiwi Bird S Grade Creates kiwi-flavored Giant Jellies
Green Apple Rabbit Apple Slice Rabbit S Grade Extra speed points, reduced energy drain
Furball Pup Furball Pup S Grade Revives Cookies
Ms. Do-Re-Mi Ms. do-re-mi S Grade Creates Star Firework Potions
Mr. Fa-Sol-La-Si Mr. Fa-Sol-La-Si S Grade Creates Royal Blast Dash Coins
Marshmallow Hamster Marshmallow Hamster S Grade Creates Cocoa Marshmallow Jellies
Owlcorn Acorn owl S Grade Creates All-Bear Jelly Potions
Tea Cup Tea Cup S Grade Creates Alphabet Potions
Mini Jackson No. 2 Mini Jackson No 2 S Grade Coloring Laser
Electro Lemon Electro Lemon S Grade Creates Bear Jelly Party Blast
Mini Orange Mouse Mini Orange Mouse HD S Grade Creates Blast Jelly, Speed Point
Mr. Limeguard Mr beep beep S Grade Lifts/Revives, Cookie Relay Energy increase
Paper Boat Sailor Sailor Paper Boat S Grade Shoots Sea Bubbles, Creates Potions
Uncooling Teacup Never Cooling Teacup S Grade Destruction, Slower Energy Drain
Panda Dumpling Panda Dumpling S Grade Spreads Dumpling Jellies
Onion Fish Onion Fish S Grade Sprays Onion Juice
Cinnamon Bunny Cinnamon Roll Rabbit S Grade Bunny Magic
Castanets Castanet S Grade Castanets Performance
Sweet Rice Seal Sweet Rice Seal S Grade Roll N Roll
Herb Teapot Herb Teapot S Grade Water Sprinkle
Pocket Watch Referee Pocket Watch Referee S Grade Creates Magnetic Blast item at a given interval
Dino-Egg Dino-Egg S Grade Creates Dino-Candy Giant item
Cotton Candy Birdie Cotton Candy Birdie S Grade Creates Alphabet Blast Item
Light Bros Light Brothers S Grade Blast, Slower Energy Drain
Savannahna Lion Savannahna Lion S Grade Banana Face Launch
Pancake Frisbee Pancake Frisbee S Grade Pancake Frisbee Throw
Windy Windy S Grade Collects Jellies

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Trivia Edit

  • In season 1, this egg has ever been called Premium Egg.
  • To date, only Gold Drop, King Choco Drop, Luck-o'-Lantern, Brown Balloon, and Cony Balloon are unobtainable through Extra Rare Egg. King Choco Drop can be obtained through Mystery Jewels, while the others are event exclusive.
  • Players can receive one Extra Rare Egg by inviting 10 friends who have not played cookie run before through the Invite Event.