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Extreme Challenge (also known as Challenge Sticker Event) is an event similar to the many other extreme challenges listed in the disambiguation page above. Players have to accomplish a challenge before getting to the next one and only one challenge may be passed per play.

Unlike the other extreme challenges, this event is associated with the LINE app. It requires players to complete five selected missions in order to get the limited sticker collection available in the LINE sticker shop. However, this event, and the stickers in turn, is only available for Thai and Taiwanese users.


These rules are identical to those of older versions of the Extreme Challenge.

  1. Players can see the goal list by tapping Extreme Challenge button at the top right corner of the home screen or while playing the game.
  2. Players are required to reach the goal within one play (not combination of several plays) in order to receive the reward. Players can check the goal progress while playing and when the goal is achieved, a green check mark will appear in game.
  3. Players can only achieve one goal for every run. The player must end the current game before a new goal will open.
  4. Cookie Relay use is allowed.
  5. Ghost Pirate's Island of Coins and Tower of Frozen Waves are excluded from the event.
  6. Goals must be achieved before the game ends. Bonuses that will appear in Game Windows will not affect the goal. (For example, when the goal is Collect 1000 coins, the player must have to collect 1000 coins in game before the game ends, and coin bonuses from treasures do not apply.)
  7. There may be individual rules for each kind of mission. The most common is that the coins Mr. Fa-Sol-La-Si and Paprika Punching Bag produce do not count as Giant Coins and Pirate Cookie's Ghost mode do not count as a revive.

Walkthrough Edit


Change Jellies using Bear Jelly Party Edit

Only jellies that turned from normal jelly into bear jelly with All-Bear Jellies will count.


Collect Alphabet Jellies Edit

Mocha Delight

Mocha Delight


Collect Giant Bear Jelly Edit

  • King/Giant Bear Jellies are found mainly before the energy potion or randomly during stages. The biggest concentration of Giant Bear Jellies can be found in Primeval Jungle.
  • Using Luck-o'-Lantern may help because the pet may produces the Giant Bear Jelly.
  • Prophet Cookie and Purple Candle may also help during the cookie's sight, although the chances are a bit small.
  • Cotton Candy Cookie also has Giant Bear Jellies in her Bonus Time.
  • For best results, try to enter Rainbow Rush Bonus Time.

Collect Giant Coins Edit


Collect Giant Potions Edit

Big energy potions can only be found before changing each stage.


Collect Gold CoinsEdit

There are several ways to get more gold coins:


Collect Jellies using PetEdit

You need to take Magnet Jelly so you can get your Pet taking jellies.


Collect many Jellies Edit

Combine magnetic aura for stronger power to take jellies.


Collect Pink Bear Jelly Edit


Collect Silver CoinsEdit


Collect Winged Jellies Edit


Collect Yellow Bear Jelly Edit

  • Double Bubble

    Double Bubble

    Use Double Bubble, Owlcorn, or Electro Lemon for producing All-Bear Jellies. Combine it with Cream Puff Cookie to produce the maximum number of Yellow Bear Jellies.
  • Use Increased Base Speed and Power Jellies Boost to prolong the Double Bubble effect.

Destroy many obstacles Edit

Use invincibility items or cookies/pets that destroys obstacles a lot (the most recommended Cookies are, Muay Thai Cookie, Werewolf Cookie, Cream Puff Cookie, Orange Cookie, Lime Cookie, Peppermint Cookie, and General Jujube Cookie. For Pets, Jellyco Cube, Mini Jackson No. 2, and Panda Dumpling are the best options). Other options are Muscle Cookie with Random Boost "Invincible to 70% of Obstacles.


Double Jump Edit

  • Run in Escape from the Oven where it has the least obstacles and holes.
  • Use "double finger jumping" technique where you are using two fingers at the same time to make a double jump with the height of single jump. When you are doing this, it is very vulnerable of hitting an obstacle or falling into a hole. The following combination is recommended: Muay Thai Cookie and Brain Gum as the main cookie and pet, Pirate Cookie as the relay, Random Boost "Invincible to 70% of obstacles", and use treasures that will lifts up the cookie.
  • Muscle Cookie and Muay Thai Cookie along with Snow Blossom and Snow Blossom's Sparkling Crust with 70% Invincibility to Obstacles will allow you to do this objective a lot smoother.
  • Adventurer Cookie, Prophet Cookie, and Onion Cookie give more time to double jump (the first two without losing energy unless you crash) when their ability activates.

Fall in holes Edit

Intentionally fall in holes.


Get a score in the game Edit

1 point shown in mission = 10,000 points.


Get Coins in the game Edit


Get lifted from holesEdit


Get lots of Bonus Times Edit


Get up after slidingEdit

You need to tap Slide and release it as fast as you can.


Go through many obstacles Edit

You can get the cookie passing obstacles with:


Incur damage from colliding with obstacles Edit

You need to intentionally left your cookie hitting obstacles and loses some energy. It is possible to make 35 obstacle hits, you can use:

  • Random Boost "Crashing takes 30% less energy" and Energy Boost
  • Princess Cookie combined with any Pet that gives energy (Enchanted Locket is the fastest at 13.5 secs)
  • Zombie Cookie as the relay cookie (use the 8 revives power)
  • Any treasures that will help reduce energy loss, revives your cookie, or bonus energy at relay.
  • Oak Barrel can drastically reduce the energy lost from colliding with obstacles. Collide with obstacles with it when there is a purple aura beneath the Cookie.

Jump many times Edit


Last a long time avoiding collision Edit

EC-Revive-Many-TimesGhost Mode DO NOT COUNT!

Revive many times Edit

Revive means when your cookie dies out of energy but come back alive again with small energy. You can maximize revives with:


Run for a long time Edit

You need to keep the cookie running for a set of seconds excluding the Bonus Time.


Total sliding time Edit

List of Challenges and Rewards Edit

No Mission Goal Reward
1 Collect Giant Potions 4 Coin 001 2,500
2 Jump many times 30 GP 100
3 Collect many Jellies 500 Brown Fortune Dough 1
4 Collect Gold Coins 100 4 Double XP
5 Get a score in the game 3,000,000 CookieRunCrystal 3
6 Collect Yellow Bear Jelly 500 3 Energy Boost 40
7 Collect Gold Coins 150 Coin 001 2,500
8 Collect Pink Bear Jelly 300 Brown Fortune Dough 1
9 Last a long time avoiding collision 60 2 Fast Start
10 Collect Giant Bear Jelly 8 CookieRunCrystal 1
11 Double Jump 50 1 Cookie Relay
12 Collect many Jellies 2,500 Coin 001 3,000
13 Collect Alphabet Jelly 50 GP 200
14 Collect Yellow Bear Jelly 1,000 Brown Fortune Dough 1
15 Destroy many obstacles 40 CookieRunCrystal 2
16 Get a score in the game 10,000,000 3 Power Jellies Boost
17 Collect Gold Coins 200 Coin 001 3,500
18 Collect Jellies using Pet 600 GP 230
19 Collect Giant Potions 5 3 Energy Boost 40
20 Collect Giant Coins 15 Silver Fortune Dough 1
21 Get up after sliding 500 2 Fast Start
22 Collect many Jellies 3,000 Coin 001 4,000
23 Get lots of Bonus Times 3 4 Double XP
24 Collect Yellow Bear Jelly 1,500 Brown Fortune Dough 1
25 Fall in holes 5 CookieRunCrystal 2
26 Get Coins in the game 6,000 GP 250
27 Collect Gold Coins 250 Coin 001 4,000
28 Collect Pink Bear Jelly 800 4 Energy Boost 40
29 Run for a long time 150 4 Power Jellies Boost
30 Collect Giant Coins 30 CookieRunCrystal 2
31 Jump many times 200 1 Cookie Relay
32 Collect many Jellies 5,000 Coin 001 4,500
33 Collect Silver Coins 1,000 Brown Fortune Dough 1
34 Collect Yellow Bear Jelly 2,000 GP 300
35 Revive many times 8 CookieRunCrystal 2
36 Get a score in the game 15,000,000 4 Power Jellies Boost
37 Collect Gold Coins 300 Coin 001 5,000
38 Collect Winged Jellies 50 4 Double XP
39 Collect Giant Potions 7 2 Cookie Relay
40 Collect Giant Bear Jelly 15 Silver Fortune Dough 1
41 Double Jump 100 3 Fast Start
42 Collect many Jellies 6,500 Coin 001 5,000
43 Collect Alphabet Jelly 300 5 Energy Boost 40
44 Collect Yellow Bear Jelly 2,500 GP 300
45 Destroy many obstacles 150 CookieRunCrystal 3
46 Get a score in the game 20,000,000 5 Power Jellies Boost
47 Collect Gold Coins 400 Brown Fortune Dough 1
48 Collect Pink Bear Jelly 1,200 Coin 001 5,500
49 Last a long time avoiding collision 200 5 Double XP
50 Collect Giant Coins 50 CookieRunCrystal 3
51 Total sliding time 100 MP 100
52 Collect many Jellies 8,000 Coin 001 6,000
53 Collect Silver Coins 2,500 3 Fast Start
54 Collect Yellow Bear Jelly 3,000 MP 150
55 Fall in holes 9 CookieRunCrystal 3
56 Get a score in the game 25,000,000 2 Fast Start
57 Collect Gold Coins 500 Coin 001 6,000
58 Change into Bear Jellies with a Bear Jelly Party 1,000 5 Double XP
59 Run for a long time 300 Coin 001 6,500
60 Get Coins in the game 10,000 Golden Fortune Dough 1
61 Jump many times 400 3 Fast Start
62 Collect many Jellies 10,000 Coin 001 7,000
63 Collect Silver Coins 5,000 MP 200
64 Destroy many obstacles 400 2 Fast Start
65 Get lifted from holes 15 CookieRunCrystal 3
66 Get a score in the game 30,000,000 5 Energy Boost 40
67 Collect Gold Coins 650 Coin 001 7,500
68 Collect Pink Bear Jelly 1,800 5 Double XP
69 Get Coins in the game 15,000 4 Fast Start
70 Collect Giant Bear Jelly 35 CookieRunCrystal 4
71 Double Jump 150 MP 200
72 Collect many Jellies 13,000 Coin 001 7,500
73 Get lots of Bonus Times 5 3 Cookie Relay
74 Collect Yellow Bear Jelly 4,000 Coin 001 8,000
75 Go through many obstacles 40 CookieRunCrystal 4
76 Get a score in the game 35,000,000 MP 250
77 Collect Gold Coins 800 Coin 001 8,000
78 Collect Winged Jellies 300 7 Double XP
79 Run for a long time 600 Coin 001 8,800
80 Collect Giant Coins 80 Golden Fortune Dough 1
81 Jump many times 700 4 Fast Start
82 Collect many Jellies 15,000 Coin 001 9,000
83 Collect Silver Coins 7,000 MP 250
84 Collect Yellow Bear Jelly 5,000 7 Energy Boost 40
85 Revive many times 25 CookieRunCrystal 5
86 Get Coins in the game 25,000 5 Fast Start
87 Collect Gold Coins 1,000 Coin 001 9,500
88 Collect Pink Bear Jelly 3,000 3 Cookie Relay
89 Last a long time avoiding collision 600 MP 300
90 Collect Giant Bear Jelly 80 CookieRunCrystal 5
91 Get up after sliding 1,500 MP 250
92 Collect many Jellies 25,000 Coin 001 10,000
93 Collect Silver Coins 9,000 5 Fast Start
94 Collect Yellow Bear Jelly 6,000 MP 300
95 Get a score in the game 40,000,000 CookieRunCrystal 5
96 Change into Bear Jellies with a Bear Jelly Party 5,000 10 Energy Boost 40
97 Incur damage from colliding with obstacles 25 Coin 001 10,000
98 Collect Pink Bear Jelly 4,500 MP 300
99 Collect Giant Coins 100 3 Cookie Relay
100 Collect Giant Bear Jelly 120 Rainbow Fortune Dough 1

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first Extreme Challenge of the "Wrath of the Dragon" season. Even the Kakao version had not an extreme challenge event for the new season yet. It was created solely for obtaining a limited-time sticker collection, which is only available in certain countries.
    • Hence, this event can be said to be a LINE-exclusive event. However, in September 1, 2016, the first-ever Extreme Challenge since the balance updates have been released in Kakao. The only difference is that in this version, there is no Colorful Star Jelly Party missions. Also, the Extreme Challenge in the Kakao version only lasted for a week rather than a month.

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