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Fluffy Unicorn Jammies is an Epic Costume for Pancake Cookie. It was released on April 28th, 2020. It is his third Costume, with Baby Elephant PJ and Blue Wedding Hanbok being released prior to it.

It gives a bonus to Pancake Cookie's points earned for Acorn Jellies.


A pair of unicorn pajamas, hand-stitched seam by seam! From the back, anyone wearing this looks like a real unicorn. You'd never have guessed it was actually...Pancake Cookie!? These jammies are so soft and warm, sleep is just a blink away!



  • Do I look like a real unicorn?
  • So sleepy...
  • So warm and fluffy! Hehe!
  • Look at the horn on top!


  • Time to sleep...


Daily Gift

  • A gift from a unicorn!


  • I can move my tail! Hehehe!
  • It's like a warm blanket! Hehe!
  • Acorn Jellies in bed are the best!
  • Let'! XD *yawn*
  • TADA! I'm a unicorn!
  • I'm cute! Gimme Acorn Jellies!
  • Unicorns can fly and make the sky sparkle! (Like hint)
  • You don't need to learn how to escape, right!? (Dislike hint)



  • This is Pancake Cookie's second Costume themed around pajamas, the first being Baby Elephant PJ.
  • This Costume could be seen as a teaser for Cream Unicorn Cookie.
  • Fluffy Unicorn Jammies was released alongside Warrior Tyke and Explorer Tyke.
    • This marked the first instance of a Special Costume Gacha that did not feature any Super Epic Costumes in it.
  • This Costume was also released on the same day as Apple Cookie and therefore Spring Ladybug.
  • Given that Pancake Cookie is a child and unlikely to know how to sew, it is uncertain who made the pajamas for him. There is the small possibility of it being his brother, Roll Cake Cookie, as he was shown on the title screen of the update where the Costume was released and otherwise never mentioned in the update, but it is also just as likely a different Cookie made it.