Pirate's Bomb is a pet that accompanies Pirate Cookie. It was used as a coin farming staple in the earlier seasons of LINE Cookie Run, before Cheesecake Cookie was released. It would be used with Buttercream Choco Cookie and the Gold Coins Boost Random Boost.

It is nowadays considered ineffective for coin farming, due to the ideal episode for coin farming, Escape from the Oven containing little obstacles for Pirate's Bomb to convert into coins.


(LINE) Turns obstacles into Coins.

(OvenBreak) Causes explosions at a given interval, destroying obstacles and creating Basic Jellies, Power Jellies and Coins. Level Up for more frequent bombing.


(LINE) Do not stand too close. You probably won't like the smell.

(OvenBreak) Watch out, cause this one lets out little farts. Well, they were little at first. But now they are pretty big. BOOM! Feel the fire power of Giggle Bomb. Don't stand too close. You probably won't like the smell.


Level Skill Effect Upgrade Cost
1 Every 21 sec, for 4 sec N/A
2 Every 20 sec, for 4 sec 27,000
3 Every 19 sec, for 4 sec 29,000
4 Every 18 sec, for 4 sec 32,000
5 Every 17 sec, for 4 sec 34,000
6 Every 16 sec, for 4 sec 36,000
7 Every 15 sec, for 4 sec 45,000
8 Every 14 sec, for 4 sec 54,000

Possible Combination Bonus Edit

Cookie Combi Bonus
Pirate Cookie
Pirate Cookie (S) Explosions last 1 second longer

Trivia Edit