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Quote1.png Did someone say "Run"? Let's go! Quote2.png
Cookie0001 head.png GingerBrave

GingerBrave is a Common Cookie that was released with Choco Drop. He is the original protagonist of OvenBreak, and is the starting Cookie that every novice player gets for free.

This Cookie appears on the game icon of Cookie Run: OvenBreak, most often dressed in clothes reflecting the theme of the month's update.


GingerBrave was the first Cookie to escape from the Witch's oven. It is unknown how this Cookie came to life, but rumor has it that the Witch accidentally used magic powder instead of ginger powder.

Cookie0001z01 head.png GingerBrave decorated with love and affection. The red bowtie completes this new frosting suit. he really dressed? Is he?

Cookie0001z03 head.png Although you are sure there's something familiar about this Cookie, he keeps denying it. Ginger Claus claims that he has brought the gifts from the North Pole, but...His creamy beard looks totally fake!

Cookie0001z04 head.png GingerBrave was the first Cookie who earned the honor to sit on the throne of the Grand Champion! A remarkable achievement.

Cookie0001z05 head.pngGingerBrave, you look like you just jumped out of the screen! Just look at you! It's almost like you're running and jumping in the palm of my hands! It's... different, that's for sure. Maybe it's time to see how fast you run IRL!

Cookie0001z06 head.png Fear not, for the Sugar Gnomes are here to add sugary goodness to this rather bland world! They're jumping around here and there to help out GingerBrave, but it's starting to look like GingerBrave is just getting a free ride... Well, let's get going! There's still a long way to go! We can't have the poor Sugar Gnomes melt into syrup!

Cookie0001z07 head.png Shh! GingerBrave can't know about this! We're planning a surprise party for him. We'll wait in a dark room, and then BAM! Lights on, party crackers go off, and then he'll see the huge Jelly Bear Cake in front of him! With this party hat and fancy cane, he's sure to become the star of the party!


SkillBook cookie0001.png

Not just a running Cookie. He can Jump, Double Jump, and Slide too! Level Up will increase his Energy.

Candy0001 l.png Magic Candy

Receives a BRAVE! buff at certain intervals. Under the effects of the BRAVE! buff, oncoming obstacles are thrashed away. Each destroyed obstacle grants Brave Destruction Points. The stronger the enchanted power, the more Brave Destruction Points earned.


Level Energy Skill Effect
1 91 Brave
25 276 Last BRAVE standing

Loading Messages


  • No Cookie left behind!
  • Ready to escape?
  • Don't look back!
  • It's now or never! Let's go!
  • I need to escape!
  • I refuse to be eaten!
  • Did someone say "Run"? Let's go!
  • Quick! The Witch is away! Now's our chance!
  • I'm no ordinary cookie!
  • I've gotta get outta here!

1vs1 Race (Retired)

  • Now, shall we run?
  • This is what I do BEST!
  • Let's do this.
  • Think you can beat me?


  • Me? Tired? Can't be...


Daily Gift


  • Hello there!
  • Hi, friend! Up for some fun?
  • My favorite Sugar Crystals contain the power of earth!
  • Why does everyone keep giving me these weird looks...?
  • I will escape from here! You'll help me, won't you?
  • I can escape without any certificates, uh-huh!


Ginger Claus Outfit


  • I'm not the Cookie you think I am!
  • Only the good Cookies get gifts!
  • Where's the chimney?
  • Don't tell anyone you saw me! Ho-ho!
  • This is for you! Ho-ho!
  • Ho-ho-ho!


  • Ho-ho!

3D Bravery


  • I feel like I can run faster!
  • I'm the REAL GingerBrave!
  • I'm a new dimension of brave now!
  • Why is everyone so flat?
  • What do you think? I look so real, right!?


Relationship Chart

Appears On Relationship Charts


  • July 29, 2019
    • Energy slightly modified.
  • October 22, 2020


  • He is featured in the first game of the Cookie Run series, OvenBreak, with the same goal. However, OvenBreak has a finite world.
  • With no Skill initially attached, this Cookie proved to be a challenge for skilled players alike to see how long they go and how much points they can earn with this Cookie.
  • Most Cookie names in Japanese end with クッキー (Cookie) much like their English counterparts. However, GingerBrave's name is one of the exceptions. His name is 勇敢なクッキー君, where 君 (~kun) is a suffix added to refer to those of junior status, especially male children or teenagers. The other exception is GingerBright.
    • However, the 君 is dropped in Ovenbreak, making his name simply 勇敢なクッキー.
  • Until Operation Timeguard, he was the only Cookie without any special abilities.
  • In OvenBreak, he had a brother named Dozer (called KK in the sound files). After running from The Witch he was knocked out by a lollipop (and probably eaten by The Witch). After that Brave Cookie, GingerBrave wanted to avenge for his brother by escaping the Witch's oven together with the other Cookies/Gingerbread.
  • Despite the Skill effect showing an "increase" as Level 1 "Brave" gradually changes into the form of "Last BRAVE standing"; there are no special effects for this Cookie at any Level, unlike other Cookies. Leveling up the Cookie will still give it additional Energy, even though the Skill does not increase.
  • He had his own messages for every festival from 2018.
    • In New Year Eve 2018, It said "Never stop running in 2018! Run, Run! Cookie Run!"
    • In April Fools 2018, It said "It's time! Back to the Oven!"
  • GingerBrave's response to the 2nd Anniversary Cake was "Thanks for the cake!"
  • GingerBrave's response to the Valentine's Day 2019 event was "Thanks! I'm fueled up and ready to run again!"
  • He is the first (and currently only) Common Cookie to have a Magic Candy.