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Gold Drop is an S-grade pet that can only be obtained in the Invite Event. The pet has the ability to generate a Giant Gold Coin (worth of 100 coins) for every 11 seconds. This pet was many players' favorite pet since back in earlier seasons, due in fact that the generation interval is very short, no such coins can be found in any stages, and it is a very easy shortcut for getting more coins, especially to new players. The earlier version of the pet would generate up to every 12 seconds, however the generation interval for this pet was buffed up one second faster in 18 December 2014.

The first event which had Gold Drop as a reward was the second Invite Event which appeared back in Season 1 of Cookie Run, circa March 2014. The pet is still available at every Invite Event since its first appearance. The requirement for earning Gold Drop has been always changing in each Invite Event - currently players must invite 30 friends to get the pet. If the player has already obtained Gold Drop from a previous Invite Event, 70,000 Coins will be gained instead.


Makes Giant Gold Coins (worth 100 regular coins).


Gold Drop is the drop of all drops! Try not to miss any.


Level Skill Effect Upgrade Cost
Every 18 sec N/A
Every 17 sec 17,000
Every 16 sec 20,000
Every 15 sec 24,000
Every 14 sec 29,000
Every 13 sec 35,000
Every 12 sec 42,000
Every 11 sec 50,000


  • Although Gold Drop cannot be received by hatching eggs, the trailer shows one hatched.
  • Gold Drop is valued at Coin 001 70,000 on the Invite Event.
  • It is said that Gold Drop is the drop of all drops in the description, and with the addition of a golden crown on Gold Drop's head, it is suspected that Gold Drop is some sort of Prince in the Drop family.