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Great Treasure Chest Ticket.

Great Treasure Chest can be bought for CookieRunCrystal.png 12 from the Treasure Merchant. This kind of treasure chest will obtain either B or A grade treasure.

Great Treasure Chest is for people who wanted to obtain treasures that are significantly better than C-grade treasures and also for people who are on a crystal budget. Normally, players who have obtained many crystals will spend their luck on Supreme Treasure Chest.

Alternatively, players can also redeem a Great Treasure Chest by using a Great Treasure Chest ticket at absolutely no cost. Players can obtain tickets from completing events.

Chest Figures

Great Treasure Chest 01.png
Great Treasure Chest 02.png
Great Treasure Chest 03.png
Great Treasure Chest 04.png
Great Treasure Chest 05.png

List of Treasures obtainable from Great Treasure Chest

Treasures Picture Equipped Effect
Deep Sea Murex Shell
Deep Sea Murex Shell.png
Extra 20~30 points for Coins
Smiling Carnival Mask
Smiling Carnival Mask.png
4~6% XP Bonus
Famous ChocoChip Cookie
Famous ChocoChip Cookie.png
Extra 30~40 points for Yellow Bear Jellies
Empowering Vitamin C Pill
Empowering Vitamin C Pill.png
Blast speed 5~7% higher
Nutritious Cranberry
Nutritious Cranberry.png
Extra 50~150 points for Pink Bear Jellies
Hair Shine Gel
Hair Shine Gel.png
Extra 100~120 points for Gold Coins
Kitty Paw Marshmallow
Kitty Paw Marshmallow.png
Extra 50~150 points for Alphabet Jellies
First Harvest Olive Oil
First Harvest Olive Oil.png
Base speed 3~4% higher
Cookie First-Aid Kit
Cookie First-Aid Kit.png
4~22% chance of getting Relay Boost for playing daily
Roof Whirligig
Roof Whirligig.png
4~22% chance of getting Fast Start Boost for playing daily
Grilled Sausage
Grilled Sausage.png
4~22% chance of getting Energy Boost for playing daily
Lucky 5-Leaf Clover
Lucky 5-Leaf Clover.png
4~22% chance of getting Power Jellies Boost for playing daily
Blue Dragon's Tooth
Blue Dragon's Tooth.png
4~22% chance of getting a Double XP Boost for playing daily
Mystery Meteor Chip
Mystery Meteor Chip.png
All-Bear Jellies last 10~20% longer
Champion Chess Piece
Champion Chess Piece.png
Extra 100~300 points for Alphabet Jellies
Homemade Strawberry Jam
Homemade Strawberry Jam.png
Extra 100~300 points for Pink Bear Jellies
Dark Choco Hair Gel
Dark Choco Hair Gel.png
Extra 40~70 points for Yellow Bear Jellies
Waterproof Superwatch
Waterproof Superwatch.png
Extra 1~3 sec in Bonus Time
Cookie Juice Bottle Cap
Cookie Juice Bottle Cap.png
3~5% Coin Bonus
Crystal Pearl Earring
Crystal Pearl Earring.png
5~50% chance of getting 1 Crystal for playing daily
Flaring Slice of Sun
Flaring Slice of Sun.png
5~50% chance of getting 1500 Coins for playing daily
Purple Ribbon Bow
Purple Ribbon Bow.png
5~50% chance of getting 100 gift points for playing daily
Macaron Burger
Macaron Burger.png
Power Jellies last 4~6% longer
Mythical Soft Hammer
Mythical Soft Hammer.png
200~300 points for destroyed obstacles
Energizing Ice Cream
Energizing Ice Cream.png
6~8% XP Bonus
Always Hungry Piggy Bank
Always Hungry Piggy Bank.png
40~60 points for Silver Coins
Director's Clipboard
Director's Clipboard.png
Extra action points
Missing Party Pinata
Missing Party Pinata.png
Blast speed 7~10% higher
Speedy Lollipop
Speedy Lollipop.png
10 to 40% chance of getting a Fast Start at log in
Surreal Clock
Surreal Clock.png
10 to 40% chance of getting a Power Jelly Boost at log in
Pumped up Pork Pie
Pumped up Pork Pie.png
10-40% chance of getting an Energy Boost when you log in
Choco Dip Sticks
Choco Dip Sticks.png
10-40% chance of getting a Cookie Relay when you log in
Star Lamp
Star Lamp.png
10-40% chance of getting a Double XP when you log in


  • If you open a Great Treasure Chest and it sparkles, the treasure inside has been upgraded from B to A. However, the Supreme Treasure Chest downgrades the treasure inside it from S to A for some unknown reason when it sparkles which is the opposite effect of the Great Treasure Chest.