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Guilds are a major feature in Cookie Run: OvenBreak, introduced in the March 26, 2019 update. Joining a Guild allows players to socialize and cooperate with other players in the Guild, compete with other Guilds in Guild Runs, and earn unique rewards from Exploration Quests and the Guild Shop.

Guilds can be created by players above Escape Level 20 and require a payment of 2,000 crystals to create. The creator of a guild is the Guild Leader and can choose a name and icon for the Guild and write a short description. Guilds can have a Trophy limit, so that only players with enough trophies may join, or they can be closed and only allow players verified by the Guild Leader to join. The Guild Leader can promote members to Guild Officers, who can kick members, start Guild Runs, and change settings of the Guild's icon, description and trophy requirements. If a Guild Leader is inactive for over 14 days, an Officer will become the Leader. If there aren't any Officers, or the Officer is inactive for more than three days, the member that has participated in the most Guild Runs becomes the Leader.

If the guild is disbanded by the Guild Leader, or if the player is kicked or leaves, a new Guild cannot be created or joined for 24 hours.

Guild Level

A newly created level 1 Guild can have one of 15 icons and a maximum of 20 players. Members can access the Guild Hall, Guild Shop, and Gloomy Woods, but can't explore other lands or go on Guild Runs. Guilds level up with Guild EXP earned from any Guild member Checking In or completing Exploration Quests.

Level Bonuses Level Bonuses
1 Check-In Rewards, Guild Shop, Gloomy Woods 11 Guild Shop upgrade
2 Member limit +2 12 Upgraded Check-in Rewards
3 Check-in Reward upgrade 13 New Guild Icons
4 Member limit +2, Guild Runs 14 Guild Shop upgrade
5 Riddleshore 15 Black Skull Wasteland
6 Guild Shop upgrade, member limit +2 16
7 Check-in Reward upgrade 17 Guild Shop upgrade
8 Member limit +2 18 Check-in Reward upgrade
9 Guild Shop upgrade 19 Guild Shop upgrade
10 Frostbite Lodge, member limit +2 20 Dragon's Valley Gates, new Guild Icons

Guild Hall

The main Guild menu is the Guild Hall. It is a campsite area where players can Check In and access Guild information and other Guild features.

Checking In to the Guild lets the player choose any Cookie they own in any Costume they own and place them in one of the different spots in the campsite, and have them say a message up to 60 characters long. After Checking In for the first time of the day, a player will get Guild EXP and Guild Coins. There is a chance for a Special Reward, which will give an increased reward and send crystals to all guildmates. The message said can be changed after 30 seconds, but the Cookie, Costume and spot chosen can only be changed once daily.

Guild Chat

The Guild Chat can be accessed from the Guild Hall or Guild Run menus. Chat messages can be up to 280 characters long. A notification is posted in the Guild Chat when a new member joins and when the Guild's Rank increases.

Exploration Quests

Guild Exploration Quests let teams of cookies be sent out to Exploration areas to receive rewards. The five Exploration areas are Gloomy Woods, Riddleshore, Frostbite Lodge, Black Skull Wasteland, and Dragon's Valley Gates. The number of cookies required, exploration time and potential rewards vary depending on the areas chosen, though all areas will give Guild EXP and Guild Coins. Each area also gives two different Ingredients for the Guild Kitchen. The first area, Gloomy Woods, requires four Cookies and takes three hours, while Dragon's Valley Gates will take ten Cookies a full 24 hours to explore.

A player can explore a maximum of three areas at once, and each Cookie can only be in one of the three Exploration Teams, but the Cookie can still be used in all other gamemodes and suffers no other penalty. Each area has some special Cookies which increase the chance for a Super Reward when selected. This is visible from a glowing aura and a message from the cookie when selected while forming a team. In addition to the Super Reward, there is a small chance for a decreased "disappointing" reward.

Guild Runs

Main article: Guild Run

Guilds of at least level 4 can participate in Guild Runs. Guild Runs are competitions between four Guilds of similar Ranks. Guild Runs use multiple different Arenas, specific maps with special rules and a limited selection of Cookies, Pets and Treasures, similar to the Champions League. Guilds are given stars proportionally based on their scores in an Arena, and at the end of a Guild Run the number of stars collected determines the winner.

Each Guild Run Season lasts for two months. The current Season determines the Season Items in the Guild Shop and the available Arenas, as well as any additional Season Rules.

The Guild gains or loses Guild Trophies after a Guild Run based on the total stars collected, and these Trophies determine the Guild Rank. After the current Season is over, players who participated in at least three Guild Runs will receive a Season Reward based on their Guild's Rank.

Guild Kitchen

The Guild Kitchen can be used to cook a Guild Meal that provides a buff to all Guild members during a single Guild Run. Ingredients for the Meal can be collected in Exploration Quests, and added to the pot by all members. The Guild Leader and Officers can decide when to cook, and the ingredients currently in the pot will determine the meal cooked. If the ingredients in the pot don't correspond to any recipe, a Mistake will be cooked. Newly cooked meals are added to the Recipe Book, where players can see the effect and ingredients of every meal they've cooked. A meal cannot be replaced during a Guild Run, but if a Guild Run is started with no meal, one can be cooked.

Guild Shop

Main article: Guild Shop

Guild Coins can be spent at the Guild Shop. Season Items are limited-time Jelly Shapes available during a single season, and all other items are General Items. More items are available as the Guild levels up.


  • May 30, 2019
    • Guild Runs added.
  • July 30, 2019
    • Guild Runs will now last for 72 hours.
    • Coinciding with this change, adjustments to Guild Run Tickets, Guild Coin rewards, and Guild Trophies have been made as well.
  • September 25, 2019
    • Seasons added, along with Seasonal Rewards.
    • Contribution Bonus added.
    • Guild Kitchen added.
    • Guild Runs last for 2 days, automatic leadership transfer if leader is inactive.
  • October 1, 2019
    • Guild Run Arenas that did not give extra points for Giant Star Jellies have been fixed to provide the correct amount of points, even after cooking up the Jam Chops Meal.
  • January 30, 2020
    • Both 7 days prior to and after a Guild Run Season cooldown, Guild Leaders and Officers can no longer kick Members who are scheduled to receive a Season Reward.
    • Added a new Guild chat system for better communication with your Guildmates!
    • The number of Guild Trophies earned per Guild Run has been increased.
    • Two new Guild Meal Recipes have been added.
  • July 27, 2020
    • Guilds ranked Ruby or above will follow a separate set of rules. For these Guilds, the combined scores per Arena will be adjusted to require more Guildmates to participate in Guild Runs.
    • After sending all of the pre-provided Guild Run Tickets to your Guildmates, you can choose to send additional Guild Run Tickets by purchasing them with Crystals. These purchased Guild Run Tickets can only be sent during the Guild Run that is already in progress.
    • Fixed an issue in the Guild Kitchen: when a Guildmate chooses to add Ingredients to the Pot at the same time the Meal is being Cooked, the chosen Ingredients will no longer be added to the Pot.