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Guild Shop is a shop in Cookie Run: OvenBreak where Guild Coins earned from Guild activities can be redeemed for rewards.

The Guild Shop is accessible from the Guild Hall for any players who are currently in a Guild. Players who haven't joined one or have been kicked from their Guild cannot access it. As a Guild levels up, members can trade their Guild Coins for more and better rewards.

There are two categories of items, Season Items and General Items. Season Items are a Jelly Set that changes every season, and General Items are all other regular items. There are a further two types of General Items, purple special items that are always present, and blue general items that have a daily randomized stock. These slots refresh every day (00:00 GMT+9), and special items which can be purchased multiple times are restocked seven days after purchasing.

Shop Upgrades

Guild Lvl New Selling Slots New Items
2 General Slots C Rank Ingredients & B Rank Ingredients
6 1 General Slot Tickets
9 1 Special Slot Special Pet Egg Key
11 1 General Slot A Rank Ingredients
14 1 Special Slot Special 10+1 Incantation
17 1 Special Slot Special Cookie Chest Key
19 1 General Slot S Rank Ingredients, Supreme Pet Egg Key & Supreme Cookie Chest Key

Items Available

Like the Medal Exchange Center, certain Items are exclusively sold at Guild Shop.

Notable is Fire Spirit Cookie's Lord of Ash Costume, which is not available from the Costume Gacha or Costume Shop, and two Legendary Dragons. These two Legendaries are not obtainable from anywhere else except by using Mileage Points at the Gacha.

Name Image Price
Season Items
Seasonal Basic Jelly Skin Basic Jelly Lv 1.png Guild Coin.png 800
Seasonal Yellow Bear Jelly Skin Yellow Bear Jelly.png Guild Coin.png 2,000
Seasonal Pink Bear Jelly Skin Pink Bear Jelly.png Guild Coin.png 2,000
Seasonal Frozen Bear Jelly Skin Ice Bear Jelly.png Guild Coin.png 3,000
Seasonal Giant Bear Jelly Skin Giant Yellow Bear Jelly.png Guild Coin.png 4,000
Seasonal Rainbow Bear Jelly Rainbow Bear Jelly.png Guild Coin.png 5,000
Special General Items
Ananas Dragon Cookie Ananas Dragon Cookie.png Guild Coin.png 4,501
Pitaya Dragon Cookie Pitaya Dragon Cookie.png Guild Coin.png 4,500
Crystalized Essence of Night]] Crystalized Essence of Night.png Guild Coin.png 3,500
Fading Ember Fading Ember.png Guild Coin.png 3,500
Special Pet Key Special Pet Egg S3.png Guild Coin.png 4,800
Special 10+1 Incantation Special 10+1 Incantation.png Guild Coin.png 6,000
Fire Spirit Cookie's Lord of Ash Lord of Ashes.png Guild Coin.png 15,000
Fiery Bear Jelly Fiery Bear Jelly.png Guild Coin.png 4,000
Smoldering Bear Jelly Smoldering Bear Jelly.png Guild Coin.png 5,000
Flaming Giant Bear Jelly Flaming Giant Bear Jelly.png Guild Coin.png 6,000
Daily General Items
Supreme Cookie Chest Supreme Cookie Chest.png Guild Coin.png 7,200
Supreme Pet Egg Supreme Pet Egg.png Guild Coin.png 4,800
Special Blessing Ticket ×3 Special Blessing Ticket.png Guild Coin.png 900
2,000,000 Coins Coins.png Guild Coin.png 5,000
50,000 Coins Stack of Coins.png Guild Coin.png 180
Rescue Tickets Rescue Ticket.png

x5 Guild Coin.png 200

x10 Guild Coin.png 380

S-Rank Magic Ingredient Diamond Hammer.pngMysterious Diamond Pouch.pngDiamond Ink.pngMysterious Diamond Pouch.pngLight of Life.png Guild Coin.png 3,500
A-Rank Magic Ingredient Golden Piece of Paper.pngShiny Sugar Crystal.pngPale Leaf.pngLifeless Little Star.png Guild Coin.png 700
B-Rank Magic Ingredients Blessing Powder.pngCracked Treasure Stone.pngSilver Hammer.png
Silver Ink.pngSilver Piece of Paper.png
×3 Guild Coin.png 450
×5 Guild Coin.png 700
C-Rank Magic Ingredients Bent Bronze Key.pngBroken Key Fragment.pngBronze Hammer.png
Bronze Ink.png
×5 Guild Coin.png 120
×10 Guild Coin.png 220


  • March 26, 2019
    • Guild Shop introduced.
  • July 14, 2019
    • Fiery Bear Jelly, Smoldering Bear Jelly, Flaming Giant Bear Jelly, Fire Spirit Cookie's Lord of Ash & Fading Ember added to Guild Shop.
  • October 10, 2019
    • Adventure Feast Set added to Guild Shop.
    • Pitaya Dragon Cookie added to Guild Shop.
  • April 15, 2020
    • Ananas Dragon Cookie added to Guild Shop.
  • July 28, 2020
    • Adventure Feast Set added back to Guild Shop with Frozen Bear & Rainbow Bear to Completing the Set



  • Ananas Dragon Cookie acts arrogant, and their relationship chart message for Pitaya Dragon Cookie asks if Pitaya Dragon Cookie has no pride. Ananas Dragon Cookie costing one Guild Coin more than Pitaya Dragon Cookie is a reference to this.