For the other Halloween Parties, see Halloween Party.

Halloween Party 2016 is an event specially made for celebrating the 2016 season of Halloween. All these changes are available from 28 October 2016 to 11 November 2016, 11 a.m. (GMT+9). It is noted that the changes are similar to the previous year's event.

List of Changes in Halloween Party Edit

Theme Song changed Edit

Theme song in the lobby page in Escape from the Oven has been changed into spooky Halloween theme. The Rainbow Rush Bonus Time music has also been changed like in the previous year.

Luck-o'-Lantern available for purchase Edit

Luck-o'-Lantern is back again and is available to be purchased in the Pet Shop for CookieRunCrystal 31 for those who do not have it yet. Unlike the previous year, it is only available for purchase for four days.

Collect Halloween Candies Event Edit

Main article: Collect Halloween Candies

Players are requested to gather a certain number of Halloween Candies for each Cookie for an exclusive Treasure as well as other rewards.

Escape from the Oven loading screenEdit

The loading screen has been changed, filled with various Halloween candies. However, loading screens in other episodes don't change.

RRBT Halloween 2016

Rainbow Rush Bonus Time background changes.

Rainbow Rush pumpkin background Edit

Rainbow Rush Bonus Time background, like the previous events, was changed into Jack-o'-Lantern filled with lots of Halloween candies. No changes in the layout of other Bonus Time.

Cookie CostumesEdit

Every cookie available in the game except Ginger Claus and the L-grade Cookies is wearing Halloween costumes. Meanwhile, these costumes will not affect the cookie's abilities or any power. For the Cookies' costumes available from the Halloween Party 2014, click here, and for the Cookies' costume available from the Halloween Party 2015, click here.

The following Cookies are for those released after the 2015 party. If you would like to learn more about the original character used for the Cookie's costume, click on some of the hyperlinks provided.

Date Cookie Halloween Peach Cookie Halloween Onion Cookie Halloween Cinnamon Cookie Halloween Macaron Cookie Halloween
General Jujube Cookie
Bao Zheng (Justice Pao show’s outfit, 包拯)
Peach Cookie
Sun Wukong (The Monkey King, 孙悟空)
Onion Cookie
The Corpse Bride
Cinnamon Cookie
The black priest
Macaron Cookie
The Nutcracker
Red Bean Cookie Halloween Herb Cookie Halloween White Choco Cookie Halloween Dino-Sour Cookie Halloween Cotton Candy Cookie Halloween
Red Bean Cookie
Snowman (Penguin is Olaf)
Herb Cookie
White Choco Cookie
Lady Oscar (The Rose of Versailles)
Dino-Sour Cookie
Jelly Dinosaur Mask
Cotton Candy Cookie
Roll Cake Cookie Halloween Banana Cookie Halloween Pancake Cookie Halloween
Roll Cake Cookie
Thor (The Avengers)
Banana Cookie
Ghostbuster (2016 film)
Pancake Cookie
Loki (The Avengers)

Trivia Edit

  • The loading screen featured in the Kakao version of Cookie Run, which Moon Rabbit Cookie did not appear in LINE version because this cookie was still didn't released yet.
  • The spooky Halloween lobby music in Escape from the Oven is a remix of the old lobby music from the first three seasons, which was used in 2014 as well.

Gallery Edit