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―Cookie Run Newsletter on Jelly Scale

Jelly Scale is an S-grade pet that was released alongside with Coin Scale. It has the ability of converting coins you earn in the run (not from the Treasure or other bonuses at the end of the game) into points. Upgrading the scale will not increase the conversion rate, but rather will speed up the conversion time, making it far more efficient than its Level 1 form.

This pet, alongside with Coin Scale are the only pets that changes both coins and points for the other. Jelly Scale deducts the player's coins in favor of points, which makes it impossible for players to gain coins with this pet.


Converts Coins into Points at regular intervals. (There is a limit to the amount he can convert at any one time.) Upgrades will make the conversion rate faster.

Conversion Rate Edit

In Cookie Run: New World, the maximum conversion that the pet could take in one time is stated in the table below.

Changes... Into...
Coin 001 210 400,000 Points
Coin 001 1 ±1,905 Points

Thus, the conversion formula is:

$ \frac{\text{C}}{210}\ \times\ 400,000 = \text{P} $, where $ \text{C} \le 210 $
$ \text{C} $ and $ \text{P} $ means the coins and points earned, respectively.

The conversion rate in Edge of the World season is somewhat different. The maximum conversion rate was 200,000 points for every 250 coins.


The best pet to have for Cookie's who just want to have a blast getting the highest score possible, no matter what the cost! And no matter how much you eat, the only thing that's going to get fat is your score! Nice!


Level Skill Effect Upgrade Cost
Every 6 sec it changes N/A
Every 5.7 sec it changes 29,000
Every 5.4 sec it changes 31,000
Every 5.1 sec it changes 34,000
Every 4.8 sec it changes 36,000
Every 4.5 sec it changes 38,000
Every 4.2 sec it changes 47,000
Every 4 sec it changes 56,000

Possible Combination Bonus Edit

Cookie Combi Bonus
Alchemist Cookie
Alchemist Cookie (S) Energy drains 15% slower


Carol Cookie
Carol Cookie (S) Energy Drains 15% slower
Werewolf Cookie
Werewolf Cookie (S) Extra coins from destroying obstacles