Quote1 Do not fear the Witch. I can deal with her. Quote2
―Knight Cookie

Knight Cookie is an A-Grade Cookie whose Pet is Dragon's Tail. He has the ability to blast forwards for longer periods of time with Blast Jellies.

Skill Edit

Runs faster and longer after collecting Blast Jelly.

Description Edit

Armed with white chocolate reinforced by milk bubbles, Knight Cookie is a living legend. It is said that he fights dragons for exercise, conjures a horse from thin air and can ride faster and longer than any knight in the history of Cookies.


Level Energy Skill Upgrade Cost
130 Special Blast Lv. 1 N/A
134 Special Blast Lv. 2 17,000
138 Special Blast Lv. 3 19,000
142 Special Blast Lv. 4 21,000
146 Special Blast Lv. 5 23,000
150 Special Blast Lv. 6 25,000
150 Special Blast Lv. 7 30,000
150 Special Blast Lv. 8 35,000

Loading Messages Edit

  • Do not fear the Witch. I can deal with her.
  • Dragons? I thought I killed all of them!
  • Up for an adventure?
  • Where is the princess I need to rescue?
  • Let me get my horse!

Trivia Edit

  • It is very rare for an A rank Cookie to be able to still keep up with the S rank Cookies in terms of Points, but Knight Cookie could certainly compete with S rank Cookies if set up properly.
  • One of his loading messages, "Dragons? I thought I killed all of them!" has been around since the first season. With the New World update, it becomes more relevant with the introduction of Dragon's Valley.
  • During the Halloween Party 2014 and 2015, Knight Cookie dressed up as one of the guards of the Queen of Hearts.
  • Knight Cookie is the only regular Cookie whose Blast Jelly trail is blue; other cookies with this trait are either snow and water related, such as Skating Queen CookieSnow Sugar Cookie and Soda Cookie.
  • It's the first Cookie overall to possess a Ride.
  • Knight Cookie is visible in Escape from the Oven Artifact and Cookie Kingdom Ruins background.
    • This implies that more than one Knight Cookie existed in the Cookie Kingdom.
  • In the Kakao version of the game, as seen from this loading message (ko: 말이 아니라 말 인형 아니냐고? 누..누가 그런 소리를 해?), Knight Cookie's Ride is a horse doll.
    • This message is in reference to one of General Jujube Cookie's loading messages, which calls Knight Cookie's horse a doll.

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