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There are presently 9 lands in the game. The higher the land is, the tougher it is.

You will need to earn a certain number of trophies to be able to unlock the next land. For example, to unlock Jelly Bug Forest, you will need to earn 100 trophies in The Witch's House.

Gain trophies by achieving higher ranks in a Trophy Race. If you happen to get one of the lower ranks in a Race, you can LOSE Trophies. When you lose too many Trophies, you will have to return to a previous Land. The number has been confirmed to be 200 below the requirement. For example, if you are currently in Yeti's Ice Cream Mountain which requires 4,800 trophies and you go under 4,600, you will be returned to Pumpkin Land of Fear and Yeti's Ice Cream Mountain will be locked. To open up Yeti's Ice Cream Mountain again, you will need to go back up to 4,800 trophies. You cannot drop any further past Jelly Bug Forest, which leaves The Witch's House the only land that cannot be played competitively once you have left it.

Once you move up, you will only be able to play competitively in that land. You can go back and play in a previous Land. Just tap on the name of the current Land on the main screen to enter the Land selection screen, choose the Land you want to practice on and tap 'Go' button to play there whenever you want. You can use this opportunity to complete certain Jelly Missions or event missions.

But keep in mind that playing on a previous Land will not bring you Trophies, Chests, or Escape Points.

The higher ranked land you are in, the more you can get from treasure boxes in term of Coins, Cookies/Pets and even Crystals.

List of Lands Edit

Current Edit

Img land 0001 Land 1: The Witch's House
No Trophy
Stopwatch3 min
Img land 0002 Land 2: Jelly Bug Forest
Trophy 100
Stopwatch4 min
Img land 0003 Land 3: Faraway Ocean

Trophy 500
Stopwatch5 min
Img land 0004 Land 4-1: Crystal Pudding Underworld
Trophy 1,200
Stopwatch6 min
Img land 0004 02 Land 4-2: Dazzling Crystal Pudding Cave
Trophy 2,000
Stopwatch6 min
Img land 0005 Land 5-1: Pumpkin Land of Fear
Trophy 2,600
Stopwatch6 min
Img land 0005 02 Land 5-2: Spooky Ghost Town
Trophy 3,600
Stopwatch6 min
Img land 0006 Land 6-1: Yeti's Ice Cream Mountain
Trophy 4,800
Stopwatch7 min
Img land 0006 02 Land 6-2: Fantasy Aurora Beach
Trophy 6,500
Stopwatch7 min
Img land 0007 Land 7: Shattered Kingdom
Trophy 8,000
Stopwatch8 min
Img land 0008 Land 8: Twisted Maze Grove
Trophy 9,000
Stopwatch6 min
Img land 0009 Land 9: Happy Healthy Hamlet
Trophy 9,500
Stopwatch6 min
Img land champions Champions League
Trophy 10,000

Retired Edit

Img duel 0001 Special Land 1: Monstrous Flower Garden


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