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Quote1.png Heh, when you least expect it... Quote2.png
―Licorice Cookie

Licorice Cookie is an Epic Cookie released on January 20th, 2021, Cookie Run: Kingdom's release date. He is a Magic Cookie who is automatically sent to the Middle of the team unless there are already two Cookies occupying it.

He has a Bond with Poison Mushroom Cookie and Fig Cookie called Operation Poison Mushroom.

His unique Cookie Decor is the Round Table of Darkness, located in the Crimson Badlands set.


With a great portion of the blackest licorice extract in his dough and a grim-looking scythe, this Cookie is up to no good. From a young age, Licorice Cookie dreamed of becoming a wizard but never received the recognition he so rightfully deserved. Eventually, he turned to the forbidden arts of Black Magic. With time, Licorice Cookie assembled a small army of Chewy Licorice Servants raised to do his bidding. On his dark path, he met Dark Enchantress Cookie. The might of the sorceress astonished Licorice Cookie, and it didn't take long before he swore his allegiance. Now, the Cookie is working flat out to earn his new mistress's favor. And it seems like Dark Enchantress Cookie is not easily pleased, as Licorice Cookie's diary filled with everyday rants and complaints could now fill up a library.


Cookie0503 skill.png Licorice Servants

Summons Black Lightning and Licorice Servants. The potent spell briefly increases the party's Defense.

Damage dealt ()% Summons Licorice Servants with 5.0% ATK, 150.0% DEF, and 50.0% HP +20.0% DEF for 7.0 sec



  • Heh, when you least expect it...


  • It's unwise to get in my way... Hehe!


  • "Old Rags Cookie?" They dare to call me "OLD RAGS COOKIE?!"
  • Schwarzwälder! Where've you run off to!
  • Nothing compares to Dark Enchantress Cookie's greatness!
  • Yes, I'll get them... NEXT TIME!
  • STOP IT! Don't you have anything else to do?
  • Ah, blessed are the ignorant like yourself...!
  • I will never forget what they did to me...
  • Someday I will succeed...Someday!
  • What do you want?! I'm busy!
  • Who should be my next target...
  • Oooh...I've just got such a sinister idea!

Selection Menu

  • It's unwise to stand in our way!
  • You'd better not interfere or...! Or else!
  • Oh, I know a couple of tricks too!
  • For Dark Enchantress Cookie!
  • Allow me to introduce my faithful servants!
  • He heh! Let me show you my power!
  • I'm sure she's already planning our next move!
  • Dark Enchantress Cookie will prevail!
  • Bat-Cat! Schwarzwälder! Where did you go again!
  • Heh, when you least expect it...


  • Looks like you need my powers?
  • Dark Enchantress Cookie sees everything!
  • Can't do anything without me, huh?
  • Bone servants! Arise!
  • Move, move! Why so slow!


  • Face my servants!

Level Up


  • I'll show you the true power of licorice...!
  • I can be powerful too! I know I can!
  • Clap! Applause! Well, get on with it!
  • Pomegranate Cookie is nothing now...!
  • Now I'll be the favored one!


  • Is this the power of Darkness?
  • Easy peasy!
  • Hehe, I thought— I KNEW we’d win!


  • Shh! Don’t tell Dark Enchantress Cookie!
  • W-We didn’t lose! This is a, uh… tactical retreat!
  • Wait, no! That was a mistake!


  • Hehehe, I only wish for power...


Bug Fixes


  • He's the first Cookie to come from a spin-off to make an appearance in Ovenbreak.