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All unlock requirements pertain to Cookie Run: OvenBreak, and are assumed that the Cookie will be retrieved from chests later on.

New Cookies

First Release

Cookies Class Special Power Unlock Requirement
Space Doughnut Space Doughnut.png Epic.png Doughnut Beam Strawberry Cookie: Reach 200 AP
Yoga Cookie Yoga Cookie.png Epic.png Meditation Unlocked at start
Pilot Cookie Pilot Cookie.png Rare.png Flight Unlocked at start
Popcorn Cookie Popcorn Cookie.png Epic.png Popcorn Party Bless 5 Magic Candies
Dark Choco Cookie Dark Choco Cookie.png Epic.png Dark Swordsmanship Reach Land 7

2017 Updates

Dr. Wasabi Cookie Dr. Wasabi Cookie.png Epic.png Wasabi Syrup Unlocked at start
Mustard Cookie Mustard Cookie.png Epic.png Graffiti Unlocked at start
Dark Enchantress Cookie Dark Enchantress Cookie.png Legendary.png Dark Spells Unlocked by purchasing in the Breakout Shop
Matcha Cookie Matcha Cookie.png Epic.png Seed Spheres Bless 5 Magic Candies
Sparkling Cookie Sparkling Cookie.png Epic.png Sparkling Party Unlocked at start

2018 Updates

Ice Candy Cookie Ice Candy Cookie.png Epic.png Ice Hockey Unlocked at start
Avocado Cookie Avocado Cookie.png Epic.png Avocado Smithing Unlocked at start
Whipped Cream Cookie Whipped Cream Cookie.png Epic.png Ballet Performance Collect 4,000 trophies
Chili Pepper Cookie Chili Pepper Cookie.png Epic.png Treasure Hunting Unlocked at start
Grapefruit Cookie Grapefruit Cookie.png Epic.png Roller Skating Track Unlocked at start
Salt Cookie Salt Cookie.png Epic.png Fisher's Harpoon Unlocked at start
Squid Ink Cookie Squid Ink Cookie.png Epic.png Giant Squid Unlocked at start
Pomegranate Cookie Pomegranate Cookie.png Epic.png Pomegranate Magic Unlocked at start
Millennial Tree Cookie Millennial Tree Cookie.png Legendary.png Circle of Time Unlocked by purchasing at the Breakout Shop
DJ Cookie DJ Cookie.png Epic.png DJ'ing GingerBrave: Reach 200 AP
Hello Kitty Hello Kitty.png Special.png Balloon Flight Limited Event Reward (Nov 28-Dec 19, 2018)
Mimmy Mimmy.png Special.png Flower Gardening
Marshmallow Cookie Marshmallow Cookie.png Epic.png Marshmallow Parade Unlocked at start

2019 Updates

Fig Cookie Fig Cookie.png Epic.png Jelly Horn Reach Land 8
Carrot Cookie Carrot Cookie.png Epic.png Carrot Farming Reach Land 9
Beet Cookie Beet Cookie.png Epic.png Crossbow Reach Land 9
Purple Yam Cookie Purple Yam Cookie.png Epic.png Rage Tornado Reach Land 7
Milk Cookie Milk Cookie.png Epic.png Divine Shield Reach Land 7
Ion Cookie Robot Ion Cookie Robot.png Epic.png 3-Tier Upgrade Unlocked at start
Cyborg Cookie Cyborg Cookie.png Epic.png High Voltage Unlocked at start
Plum Cookie Plum Cookie.png Epic.png Plum Fist Unlocked at start
Yogurt Cream Cookie Yogurt Cream Cookie.png Epic.png Magical Spirits Own Alchemist Cookie
Walnut Cookie Walnut Cookie.png Epic.png Detective Get 22 Cookies
Roguefort Cookie Roguefort Cookie.png Epic.png Vanish GingerBrave Cookie: Reach 300 AP
Mala Sauce Cookie Mala Sauce Cookie.png Epic.png Thrasher Unlocked at start
Pitaya Dragon Cookie Pitaya Dragon Cookie.png Legendary.png Draconic Bladestorm Unlocked by purchasing at the Guild Shop
Birthday Cake Cookie Birthday Cake Cookie.png Epic.png Birthday Party Unlocked at start

Firecracker Cookie

Firecracker Cookie.png Epic.png Arcade Birthday Cake Cookie: Reach 300 AP
Chestnut Cookie Chestnut Cookie.png Epic.png Newspaper Delivery Have 30 friends
Pudding Cookie Pudding Cookie.png Epic.png Bell-Ringer Chestnut Cookie: Reach 300 AP

2020 Updates

Blueberry Pie Cookie Blueberry Pie Cookie.png Epic.png Magic Tome Unlocked at start
Raspberry Mousse Cookie Raspberry Mousse Cookie.png Epic.png Raspberry Reprise

Unlocked at start

Rose Cookie Rose Cookie.png Epic.png Dances the Tango Own Raspberry Mousse Cookie
Spinach Cookie Spinach Cookie.png Epic.png Healthy Vegetables Unlocked at start
Sandwich Cookie Sandwich Cookie.png Epic.png Makes Sandwiches Unlocked at start
Mango Cookie Mango Cookie.png Epic.png Mango Canoe Unlocked at start
Ananas Dragon Cookie Ananas Dragon Cookie.png Legendary.png Dragon Geomancy Unlocked by purchasing at the Guild Shop


Cookiedroid.png Special.png Games & Apps Obtain during event period

Cream Unicorn Cookie

Cream Unicorn Cookie.png Epic.png Unicorn Unlocked at start

Leek Cookie

Leek Cookie.png Epic.png Bamboo Brigands Unlocked at start
Captain Ice Cookie Captain Ice Cookie.png Epic.png Ready the Ice Cannons Unlocked at start
Sorbet Shark Cookie Sorbet Shark Cookie.png Epic.png Sorbet Shark Transformation Unlocked at start
Lobster Cookie Lobster Cookie.png Epic.png Claw Charge Unlocked at start
Mocha Ray Cookie Mocha Ray Cookie.png Epic.png Great Stingray Unlocked at start
Truffle Cookie Truffle Cookie.png Epic.png Spider Seamstress Unlocked at start
Melon Bun Cookie Melon Bun Cookie.png Epic.png Mining Operation Unlocked at start
Goblin Cookie Goblin Cookie.png Epic.png Rummaging Unlocked at start
Croissant Cookie Croissant Cookie.png Epic.png Time Rift Mending Unlocked at start
Timekeeper Cookie Timekeeper Cookie.png Legendary.png Time Rift Creation Champions Medal Exchange
Popping Candy Cookie Popping Candy Cookie.png Epic.png CAKE POPs Concert Unlocked at start
Shining Glitter Cookie Shining Glitter Cookie.png Epic.png Concert Unlocked at start
Chess Choco Cookie Chess Choco Cookie.png Epic.png Chess Unlocked at start

2021 Updates

Class Special Power Unlock Requirement
Earl Grey Cookie Earl Grey Cookie.png Epic.png Hotelier Unlocked at start
Cookiemals Cookiemals.png Epic.png Rumble, Tumble, Soar Unlocked at start
Churro Cookie Churro Cookie.png Epic.png Churro Pillar Unlocked at start
Ice Juggler Cookie Ice Juggler Cookie.png Epic.png Circus Juggling Unlocked at start
Starfruit Cookie Starfruit Cookie.png Epic.png Constellation of Fate Unlocked at start

Returning Cookies


Cookies Special Power Unlock Requirement
GingerBrave GingerBrave.png Last BRAVE standing (nothing) Unlocked at start
GingerBright GingerBright.png Appearance of Candy Jelly
Strawberry Cookie Strawberry Cookie.png Basic Jellies → Strawberry Jellies
Skater Cookie Skater Cookie.png Faster Base Speed


Cookies Special Power Unlock Requirement
Zombie Cookie Zombie Cookie.png Revives Unlocked at start
Angel Cookie Angel Cookie.png Magnetic Aura Unlocked at start
Muscle Cookie Muscle Cookie.png Kettlebell Throw Unlocked at start
Ninja Cookie Ninja Cookie.png Shuriken Reach Land 3
Soda Cookie Soda Cookie.png Soda Surfing Unlocked at start
Rockstar Cookie Rockstar Cookie.png Music Jellies Unlocked at start
Devil Cookie Devil Cookie (OB).png Super Devil Unlocked at start
Cherry Cookie Cherry Cookie.png Cherry Bombs Unlocked at start
Alchemist Cookie Alchemist Cookie.png Alchemy Reach Land 4-2
Gumball Cookie Gumball Cookie.png Gumball Cannon Unlocked at start
Pistachio Cookie Pistachio Cookie.png Sacred Dash Unlocked at start
Vampire Cookie Vampire Cookie.png Bat Mode Reach Land 5-1
Cheesecake Cookie Cheesecake Cookie.png Coin Fireworks Party 990 CookieRunCrystal.png
Knight Cookie Knight Cookie.png Knight Blast Unlocked at start
Princess Cookie Princess Cookie.png Pink Heart Jelly Unlocked at start
Cheerleader Cookie Cheerleader Cookie.png Cheer Squad Earn 30 stars in Hero Cookie's Island of Memories


Cookies Special Power Unlock Requirement
Hero Cookie Hero Cookie (OB).png Hero Mode Unlocked at start
Skating Queen Cookie Skating Queen Cookie (OB).png Figure Skating Unlocked at start
Kumiho Cookie Kumiho Cookie.png Jelly Seduction Reach Land 5-2
Pirate Cookie Pirate Cookie (OB).png Pirate Ship, Ghost Ship Unlocked at start
Werewolf Cookie Werewolf Cookie (OB).png Werewolf Transformation Unlocked at start
Snow Sugar Cookie Snow Sugar Cookie (OB).png Snow Friends Reach Land 6-2
Wizard Cookie Wizard Cookie.png Magic Spells Reach Land 6-1
Tiger Lily Cookie Tiger Lily Cookie (OB).png Spear Throw Own 20 kinds of pets
Mint Choco Cookie Mint Choco Cookie (OB).png Violin Performance 1990 CookieRunCrystal.png
Fairy Cookie Fairy Cookie (OB).png Magnetic Shield Reach Land 2
Cocoa Cookie Cocoa Cookie (OB).png Cocoa Cup Unlocked at start
Pancake Cookie Pancake Cookie (OB).png Flying Squirrel Unlocked at start
Kiwi Cookie Kiwi Cookie.png Bike Blast Unlocked at start
Herb Cookie Herb Cookie (OB).png Photosynthesis Unlocked at start
Cream Puff Cookie Cream Puff Cookie (OB).png Magic Apprentice Reach Land 4-1
Peppermint Cookie Peppermint Cookie (OB).png Whale Surfing Unlocked at start
Orange Cookie Orange Cookie (OB).png Tennis Unlocked at start
Moon Rabbit Cookie Moon Rabbit Cookie (OB).png Rice Cake Bunny Unlocked at start
Macaron Cookie Macaron Cookie (OB).png Macaron Parade Unlocked at start
Carol Cookie Carol Cookie (OB).png Magic songs Unlocked at start
Red Bean Cookie Red Bean Cookie (OB).png Penguin Sled Rides Unlocked at start
Pink Choco Cookie Pink Choco Cookie (OB).png Heart Blaster Unlocked at start
Cherry Blossom Cookie Cherry Blossom Cookie (OB).png Cherry Blossom Blast Own 20 cookies
White Choco Cookie White Choco Cookie (OB).png Fencing Own 5 treasures
Adventurer Cookie Adventurer Cookie.png Adventure Unlocked at start
Blackberry Cookie Blackberry Cookie.png Ghost Helpers Unlocked at start
Red Pepper Cookie Red Pepper Cookie.png Fighting Spirit Unlocked at start
Lemon Cookie Lemon Cookie.png Lemon Shield Unlocked at start
Lime Cookie Lime Cookie.png Super Beach Ball Unlocked at start
Roll Cake Cookie Roll Cake Cookie.png Road Roller Own Pancake Cookie
Cinnamon Cookie Cinnamon Cookie.png Card Tricks Unlocked at start
Cotton Candy Cookie Cotton Candy Cookie.png Love Letters Add 25 Friends
Dino-Sour Cookie Dino-Sour Cookie.png Jellysaur Rider Unlocked at start
Peach Cookie Peach Cookie.png Bandit Takedown Own Plum Cookie
Prophet Cookie Prophet Cookie.png Prophet Reach Land 8
Apple Cookie Apple Cookie.png Bubbles, Bubbles! Unlocked at start
General Jujube Cookie General Jujube Cookie.png Cavalry Charge Unlocked at start
Onion Cookie Onion Cookie.png Haunted House Unlocked at start
Banana Cookie Banana Cookie.png Hula Hoop Performance Unlocked at start
Licorice Cookie Licorice Cookie.png Licorice Servants Unlocked at start


Cookies Special Power Unlock Requirement
Moonlight Cookie Moonlight Cookie.png Moonlight Magic Unlocked at start
Wind Archer Cookie Wind Archer Cookie (OB).png Wind Dash Reach Champions League
Sea Fairy Cookie Sea Fairy Cookie.png Wave Blast Unlocked by purchasing at the Breakout Shop
Fire Spirit Cookie Fire Spirit Cookie.png Flame Dash Unlocked by purchasing at the Breakout Shop