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Below is the complete list of Ingredients, sorted by their grade. For the list of Ingredients sorted by their episode, see:

SS-grade Ingredients

Name Ep. Picture Possible Treasure Evolutions
Queen Bee's Sweat 1
Queen Bee's Sweat.png
Golden Goose Liver 1
Golden Goose Liver.png
Ice-cream Mountain's Sprinkle Snow 1
Ice-cream Mountain's Sprinkle Snow.png
Legendary Caramel Sword Hilt 1
Legendary Caramel Sword Hilt.png
Slate that Foresaw the Destruction 2
Slate that Foresaw the Destruction.png
Ultra-powerful Bean 2
Ultra-powerful Bean.png
Glistening Rainbow Shard 2
Glistening Rainbow Shard.png
100 Year Old Magic Tree Sap 2
Moonlight Evening Primrose 2
Moonlight Evening Primrose.png
Starlight Passion Flower 2
Starlight Passion Flower.png
Melting Power Ring 3
Melting Power Ring.png
Fiery Phoenix Tear 3
Fiery Phoenix Tear.png
Chipped Royal Family Seal 3
Chipped Royal Family Seal.png
Bubbling Magma Chocolate 3
Bubbling Magma Chocolate.png
Magma Whale's Beard 3
Magma Whale's Beard.png
Dragon's Burning Hot Breath 3
Dragon's Burning Hot Breath.png
Volcanic Crystal of Abyss 4
Volcanic Crystal of Abyss.png
Golden Sand from a Magic Hourglass 4
Golden Sand from a Magic Hourglass.png
Poisonous Leaf of Immortality 4
Poisonous Leaf of Immortality.png
Magic Golden Seal 4
Magic Golden Seal.png
Galaxy Powder 4
Galaxy Powder.png
New-born Star Piece 4
New-born Star Piece.png
Moonlight Dream Essence 4
Moonlight Dream Essence.png
Myth Carved Scared Biscuit Piece 5
Myth Carved Scared Biscuit Piece.png
Autumnal Jelly Dew 5
Autumnal Jelly Dew.png
Golden Squirrel's Eye Jewel 5
Golden Squirrel's Eye Jewel.png
Legendary Ruby Raspberry 5
Legendary Ruby Raspberry.png
Thousand Year Old Sugar Pearl 5
Thousand Years Old Sugar Pearl.png
Milky Way Soaked Ammonite 5
Milky Way Soaked Ammonite.png
Sugar Swan's Feather of Life 5
Sugar Swan's Feather of Life.png
Infinite Bubble of Bubble Universe 5
Infinite Bubble of Bubble Universe.png
Clapper from Heaven's Gold Bell S1
Clapper from Heaven's Gold Bell.png
38 Year Old Caribbean Liquor S1
38 Year Old Carribean Liquor.png
Wing from Sea Goddess Sculpture S1
Wing from Sea Goddess Sculpture.png
Ice Clam's Icy Pearls S2
Ice Clam's Icy Pearls.png
Sea Fairy's Frozen Tear Drop S2
Sea Fairy's Frozen Tear Drop.png
Golden Sea Serpent's Scales S2
Golden Sea Serpent's Scales.png

S-grade Ingredients

Name Ep. Picture Possible Treasure Evolutions
Amazing Sunflower Seed 1
Amazing Sunflower Seed.png
Colorful Sugary Cobwebs 1
Colorful Sugary Cobwebs.png
Golden Maple Syrup 1
Golden Maple Syrup.png
Over-whipped Cream 1
Over-whipped Cream.png
Witch's Magical Kindling 1
Witch's Magical Kindling.png
Mixed-flavor Cotton Candy 1
Mixed-flavor Cotton Candy.png
Ultra-high Density Sugar Crystal 1
Ultra High Density Sugar Crystal.png
Abyssal Fish's Glass Fin 1
Abyssal Fish's Glass Fin.png
Red Chisel Chip 1
Red Chisel Chip.png
Gold Leaf from the Choco Chateau 2
Gold Leaf from the Choco Chateau.png
Broken Throne Fragment 2
Broken Throne Fragment.png
Broken Crystal Ball 2
Broken Crystal Ball.png
Steel Rose Thorn 2
Steel Rose Thorn.png
Big Honey Snail's Honey Slime 2
Big Honey Snail's Honey Slime.png
Golden Lake Mist 2
Golden Lake Mist.png
Double Knotted Vine 2
Double Knotted Vine.png
Pineapple Jam of Legends 2
Pineapple Jam of Legends.png
Lotus of Wisdom 2
Lotus of Wisdom.png
Pocket Thunder Cloud 2
Pocket Thunder Cloud.png
Legendary Tribe's Liquor 2
Legendary Tribe's Liquor.png
Crimson Crystal 3
Crimson Crystal.png
Hellhound's Iron Claw 3
Hellhound's Iron Claw.png
Angry Glacier Blast 3
Angry Glacier Blast.png
Crater Dwelling Lava Flower 3
Crater Dwelling Lava Flower.png
Lightning Struck Baobab Fruit 3
Lightning Struck Baobab Fruit.png
Chocolate Fondue Biscuit 3
Chocolate Fondue Biscuit.png
Broken Gold Cross 3
Broken Gold Cross.png
Floating Blue Gem 3
Floating Blue Gem.png
Rough Dragon Scale 3
Rough Dragon Scale.png
Demon Blood 3
Demon Blood.png
Cloud Angel's Wing 4
Cloud Angel's Wing.png
Mandrgora's Honey Ginseng 4
Mandrgora's Honey Ginseng.png
Time Stopping Powder 4
Time Stopping Powder.png
Wind-Up Doll's Golden Winder 4
Wind-Up Doll's Golden Winder.png
Time Binding Magic Band 4
Time Binding Magic Band.png
Fragment of Mirror Reflecting Destruction 4
Fragment of Mirror Reflecting Destruction.png
Unicorn's Rainbow Horn 4
Unicorn's Rainbow Horn.png
Rainbow Jelly Frog Egg 5
Rainbow Jelly Frog Egg.png
Fossilized Amber 5
Fossilized Amber.png
Gold Honey Dipped Honeycomb 5
Gold Honey Dipped Honeycomb.png
Shining Rainbow Star Fruit 5
Shining Rainbow Star Fruit.png
Red Sugar Cube 5
Red Sugar Cube.png
Blue Sugar Cube 5
Blue Sugar Cube.png
Giant Jelly Tree's Sacred Leaf 5
Giant Jelly Tree's Sacred Leaf.png
Candy Planet's Sugar Ring 5
Candy Planet's Sugar Ring.png
Electric Eel Gill S1
Electric Eel Gill.png
Soul of a Gray Whale S1
Soul of a Gray Whale.png
15g of Arctic Aurora S1
15g of Arctic Aurora.png
Salt Crystals from the Black Sea S1
Salt Crystals from the Black Sea.png
Red Lionfish's Splendid Fin S2
Red Lionfish's Splendid Fin.png
Frozen Flower Petal S2
Frozen Flower Petal.png
Deep-sea Firefly's Glow Dust S2
Deep-sea Firefly's Glow Dust.png
Somehow Frozen Aurora Piece S2
Somehow Frozen Aurora Piece.png

A-grade Ingredients

Name Eps. Picture Possible Treasure Evolutions
Magic Stone Ornament all
Magic Stone Ornament.png
Witch's Scented Oil 1
Witch's Scented Oil.png
Tickly Cat Whiskers 1
Tickly Cat Whiskers.png
Rainbow Earthworm 1
Rainbow Earthworm.png
Nutritious Pumpkin Honey 1
Nutritious Pumpkin Honey.png
Poisonous Frog's Belly Skin 1
Poisonous Frog's Belly Skin.png
Caramelized Tree Bark 1
Caramelized Tree Bark.png
Giant Octopus Sucker 1
Giant Octopus Sucker.png
Hermit Crab's Home 1
Hermit Crab's Home.png
Green Tea Cliff Edge 2
Green Tea Cliff Edge.png
Soul Shackle 2
Soul Shackle.png
Color Splashed Grapes 2
Color Splashed Grapes.png
Dungeon Candy 2
Dungeon Candy.png
King Parrot's Crowned Beak 2
King Parrot's Crowned Beak.png
Monkey's Red Butt Hair 2
Monkey's Red Butt Hair.png
Piece of Burnt Scroll 2
Piece of Burnt Scroll.png
Giant Dragonfly Wing 2
Giant Dragonfly Wing.png
A Sugar Flower Petal 2
A Sugar Flower Petal.png
Bloodstone 3
Blazing Fire Poker 3
Blazing Fire Poker.png
Rare Tiny Organism 3
Rare Tiny Organism.png
Scorching Hot Spring Water 3
Scorching Hot Spring Water.png
Baby Dragon Doodle 3
Baby Dragon Doodle.png
Salamander Tail 3
Salamander Tail.png
Golden Button 3
Golden Button.png
Sticky Purple Slime 4
Sticky Purple Slime.png
Lucky Crystal 4
Lucky Crystal.png
Nightmare Extract 4
Nightmare Extract.png
Lonely Wizard's Tear 4
Lonely Wizard's Tear.png
Nependeath Lips 4
Nependeath Lips.png
5 Colored Pepper 4
5 Colored Pepper.png
Rainbow Ink 4
Rainbow Ink.png
Steel Gear Piece 4
Steel Gear Piece.png
Cotton Candy Sheep's Hidden Horn 5
Cotton Candy Sheep's Hidden Horn.png
Milk Dipped Biscuit 5
Milk Dipped Biscuit.png
Jelly Snake's Tongue 5
Jelly Snake's Tongue.png
Shiny Ribbon 5
Shiny Ribbon.png
Baby Jelly Dino's Pacifier 5
Baby Jelly Dino's Pacifier.png
Ground-up Sturgeon Bones S1
Ground-up Sturgeon Bones.png
Captain's Eye Patch S1
Captain's Eye Patch.png
Vengeful Pirate Ghost S1
Vengeful Pirate Ghost.png
Handful of Ice Salt S2
Handful of Ice Salt.png
Goblin Shark's Red Tooth S2
Goblin Shark's Red Tooth.png
Frozen Sea Breeze S2
Frozen Sea Breeze.png

B-grade Ingredients

Name Eps Picture Possible Treasure Evolutions
Floating Dandelion Seed all
Floating Dandelion Seed.png
3-Leaf Clover all
3-Leaf Clover.png
Sturdy Stone all
Sturdy Stone.png
The Last Strawberry 1
The Last Strawberry.png
Hedgehog Spike 1
Hedgehog Spike.png
Hollowed Out Pumpkin 1
Hollowed Out Pumpkin.png
Shiny Snail's Shell 1
Shiny Snail's Shell.png
Dried Bat Wing 1
Dried Bat Wing.png
Sticky Sundew 2
Sticky Sundew.png
Chameleon Tongue 2
Chameleon Tongue.png
Shattered Chandelier Piece 2
Shattered Chandelier Piece.png
Sweet Sugar Cane 2
Sweet Sugar Cane.png
Choco Dung Beetle's Food 2
Choco Dung Beetle's Food.png
Chocolate Magma Block 3
Chocolate Magma Block.png
Giant Sulfuric Volcano Egg 3
Giant Sulfuric Volcano Egg.png
Flaming Marshmallow 3
Flaming Marshmallow.png
Flame Glow Acorn 3
Flame Glow Acorn.png
Mysterious Maze Piece 4
Mysterious Maze Piece.png
Dried Flower Petal 4
Dried Flower Petal.png
Star Shaped Brass Cap 4
Star Shaped Brass Cap.png
Pink Waxcap Mushroom 4
Pink Waxcap Mushroom.png
Strawberry Jam Bead 5
Strawberry Jam Bead.png
Fruit Seed Biscuit 5
Fruit Seed Biscuit.png
Jelly Frog's Hind Leg 5
Jelly Frog's Hind Leg.png
Sour Jelly Bracken Piece 5
Sour Jelly Bracken Piece.png
Cocoa Butter S1
Cocoa Butter.png
Evening Primrose Moss S1
Evening Primrose Moss.png
Snapped Pearl Necklace S1
Snapped Pearl Necklace.png
Deep-sea Mussel Meat S2
Deep-sea Mussel Meat.png
Tripodfish's Third Leg S2
Tripodfish's Third Leg.png
Tentacles of Giant Jellyfish S2
Tentacles of Giant Jellyfish.png

C-grade Ingredients

Name Eps. Picture Possible Treasure Evolutions
Timber Board all
Timber Board.png
Simple Soil all
Simple Soil.png
Glutinous Rice Flour all
Glutinous Rice Flour.png
Picked Cherry Stem all
Picked Cherry Stem.png
Pastry Crumbs all
Pastry Crumbs.png
Real Wasabi 1
Real Wasabi.png
Fuzzy Mold 1
Fuzzy Mold.png
Sparkling Sugar Cube 1
Sparkling Sugar Cube.png
Dry Pine Cone 1
Dry Pine Cone.png
Dew Drop on a Petal 1
Dew Drop on a Petal.png
Hardened Wax 2
Hardened Wax.png
Burnt-out Ashes 2
Burnt-out Ashes.png
Lava Splatter 3
Lava Splatter.png
Heavy Tree Branch 3
Heavy Tree Branch.png
Rusty Brass Piece 4
Rusty Brass Piece.png
Part of Bookworm's Eyeglasses 4
Part of Bookworm's Eyeglasses.png
Cotton Candy Sheep's Wool 5
Cotton Candy Sheep's Wool.png
Candy Cane Leaf 5
Candy Cane Leaf.png
Kelp Caught on the Anchor S1
Kelp Caught on the Anchor.png
Chewy Starfish S1
Chewy Starfish.png
Broken Snowflake Candy S2
Broken Snowflake Candy.png
Blue Whale's Beard S2
Blue Whale's Beard.png